It’s finally here! Crossover week. I’ve been going on about it for ages so now let’s break down each episode from the shows and see if its a fantastic thrill ride or just a whole mess of characters. Let’s jump into the CW Superhero universe!


Supergirl S2 Ep8 – ‘Medusa’

Let’s get this out of the way from the start. If you are expecting this episode to be all about crossover with the other shows you will be very disappointed. Aside from a couple of fleeting moments, the only crossover happens right at the end of the episode, so this is just business as usual for the most part.

It’s Thanksgiving in the Danvers household which means all the main characters descend on Kara’s apartment for dinner and an under-cooked Turkey made better with heat vision!


Everyone wants to reveal a secret, because for some reason the best time to do this is at a big family gathering. Winn and Jimmy want to reveal they are Team Guardian, Alex is going to come out to everyone but Mon-El charms the family instead. It’s a be thankful competition! Eliza Danvers tells Kara that Mon-El likes her, something she has started to suspect herself and just before Alex gives her big news, a breach appears above the table but disappears just as quickly. Yeah get used to that.

Later, after a hooded figure releases a gas in the alien bar which kills all the patrons, Mon-El (who was in the bar but isn’t killed) confronts the mysterious person and thinks it’s J’onn J’onnz. We of course know its Hank Henshaw aka Cyborg Superman. Mon-El gets beaten down and wakes up quarantined in the DEO just in case he is a carrier of an infection.

Kara is trying the reporter thing again, she goes to see Lena Luthor and asks about her mother. She is really not subtle about her intentions and even references Cadmus. This only prompts Lena to call her mother to ask what she is up to. Is Lena involved?

Kara goes to the Fortress of Solitude after Winn figures out the disease is Kryptonian in origin. She finds out the project Medusa was a bio-weapon designed by her Father to kill non-Kryptonians. Mon-El is more resistant to it because he shares DNA with the Kryptonians. Now the whole Danvers family is involved as Eliza is working to find a cure for the disease!


Not being able to hide his condition any more after he starts  changing in front of Kara, J’onn tells her about his white Martian infection. But it’s not a priority now. The DEO learn Cadmus is going to use an L-corp device to disperse the virus across the city to kill all aliens. Confronting Hank Henshaw at L-corp, Supergirl saves Lena but is over-powered by HH. Another breach appears to distract HH who shoots Maggie Swayer with an eye blast!


Supergirl and Lena fall out over her distrust of aliens but SG pleads with her to not be like her mother. Seemingly showing her true colours, Lena offers to help her mother. Helping to release the virus just as Supergirl and J’onn J’onnz arrive a fight ensues. Supergirl chases the rocket but it detonates before she can stop it! Meanwhile J’onn mutates into a huge Green/White Martian and fights Hank Henshaw.

Supergirl flies down out of the sky to smash Henshaw out and then they realise that the virus isn’t doing anything. Turns out, Lena swapped the virus out to trick her mother into being arrested by the Police she called. Wrapping things up nicely, Eliza has adapted Medusa to cure both Mon-El and J’onn of their respective conditions., because it’s just that easy.


Love is in the air. Kara and Mon-El are playing the ‘I like you but I can’t tell you I do’ game. They both like each other and even share a kiss though it appears Mon-El can’t remember is due to his illness, but the look he gives her tells you he knows. Why did he lie?! This is the most believable pairing Kara has ever had!!


Things are looking up for Alex and Maggie too! Alex comes out to her mother who isn’t phased and loves her however she is. When Alex stiches a topless Maggie up after her brush with Hank Henshaw, she thanks her for pushing her into accepting who she is. And then right at the end of the episode Maggie finally tells Alex she wants her!! KISS!!! At bloody last!!!

Just a couple of things to finish. There is a very brief scene of some aliens looking for Mon-El of Daxam. Who are they? What do they want with him?

I really didn’t like this episode. Lena Luthor is not an interesting character and I hate how the show keeps trying to make you think she could be evil then turning it on it’s head. I’m sure she’ll be a bad guy in the end. Also stop with the ‘Will they won’t they’ romances. Just have the people together or don’t. The J’onn vs Henshaw fight was quite good but other than that the episode was lack lustre. Step it up Supergirl!

The episode ends with a breach appearing in Kara’s apartment as Cisco and Barry jump through! This is the crossover part! Whilst very happy to see Kara they need her help. What is so threatening they need Supergirl? We’ll find out in the Flash!!!!



The Flash S3 Ep8 – ‘Invasion!’

Now we finally get into the meat of crossover week. The only problem I have with these episode is that there is so much going on and there are so many characters that I could talk for ever, so I’m going to try and be as brief as possible.

So what starts the crossover? Aliens of course. It’s something that hasn’t been done on The Flash before so it was about time. During a normal day at S.T.A.R. Labs the team detect a meteor heading for the City. When he arrives at the impact sight he finds not the rock expected but a crashed ship that starts spewing aliens!


Lyla and A.R.G.U.S. are on the case, secretly telling Team Flash that these aliens are called The Dominators and it’s not the first time they’ve been to Earth. Apparently during the 1950s, they came to gather intel and then left. This time, after receiving a transmission from the aliens saying they aren’t a threat but they will kill anyone who resists, Barry goes recruiting for people to help with the crisis!

The Flash kidnaps Team Arrow (saving them from being killed by Vigilante in the process), with Thea deciding to pick up her weapons straight away, gone is the reluctance shown early in the season! The Legends of Tomorrow Jump Ship arrives as Barry and Oliver wait outside an abandoned S.T.A.R. Labs facility, which just happens to look exactly like the Hall of freaking Justice!!! Finally, Barry and Cisco bring Supergirl back through a breach.

The Team introduction scene is great, not just because all of the characters are on screen together but Kara is cute and funny, Oliver is impatient and brash with Barry being understated and nervous. John Diggle is always brilliant in the crossovers, struggling to deal with the fantastical powers around him.

The Dominators call out for the human leader and set up some kind of device, so our heroes have to prepare for a fight. Electing Barry as their leader, the team decide (with a lot of suggestion from Oliver) to test themselves against Supergirl as the Kryptonians had encountered the Dominators before.


The training begins with Supergirl easily fending off the whole team, some of the characters have their own interactions which are quite entertaining. Iris didn’t know Oliver Queen was the Green Arrow, Cisco tells Ray it’s about time the Atom suit had an upgrade. Ray tells Barry that Snart sacrificed himself, Wally turns up to help but Iris doesn’t think he is ready yet, and finally Stein and Jacks tell Barry about the future message. Old Barry warned that a war was coming and not to trust anyone. Barry tells them (and Oliver) about Flashpoint and some of the changes he caused.


Cisco finds the secret message and forces Barry to tell everyone. They are all pissed, Diggle especially after learning he originally had a daughter, but Oliver tells them they can’t deal with this now, the President has been taken by the Dominators. Barry is sitting the mission out as the others don’t trust him with Oliver saying he won’t go without him. The rest of the team don’t feel the same so they set off on the rescue mission.


As soon as the heroes find where the President is being held they spring a trap! The President is killed and the device activated taking over the minds of everyone!! Meanwhile, Oliver is trying to bring Barry out of his shame spiral, the future newspaper article about the flash has changed authors and Oliver tells him that he would do anything to go back in time and save the ones he loved. Change happens, they just have to deal with it. No time to dwell on this as the rest of the team turn up for a fight!!


Oliver are more than outmatched and even with the assistance of Wally (who gets wiped out by Supergirl almost immediately they cannot stand against them. Keeping the others distracted, Barry tries to draw Supergirl away to trick her into smashing the mind control device. The Supergirl/Flash chase was great and Barry’s plan works as he vibrates his body so Supergirl passes through him straight through the alien device, shutting it down.

Through embarrassment or shame? the rest of the team now trust Barry and they are going to need to work together as Oliver, Diggle, Sara, Thea and Ray are all abducted by the Dominators!!!

It was a fun episode and was awesome to see our heroes fighting amongst themselves, but it was too busy, very crowded. That is always going to happen when you try to include everyone from 4 different shows though so I can’t blame them too much. There were a few other story threads laced in which will probably be expanded on in the rest of the crossover, Cisco seems to be getting more pissed off with Barry each week, Iris is really against Wally learning to use his speed, but HR secretly agrees to train him! And Professor Stein now has a daughter which he didn’t before!!! How did that happened? Flashpoint?

The Dominators haven’t been dealt with in anyway but there’s still two crossover episodes to go!!!


Arrow – S5 Ep8 – ‘Invasion’

We are well into the crossover now and as things focus on Team Arrow we see the continued improvement of the series. I’ll say it now, this is by far the best episode of the crossover event so let’s get right into it.

Our friends are in heaven! Oliver and Laurel are engaged to be married, Thea is a happy sister, Mr & Mrs Queen are alive and well and Sara is the excited sister helping to plan the wedding.


Of course all is not what it seems, our heroes are in fact held captive in a Dominator ship, being held in a dream like simulation. Instead of going into detail about all these difference, our heroes start to experiences memory glitches from their old lives.

  • Thea gives Oliver that weird rock that he gave her in season 1 – Glitch
  • Laurel is wearing a Canary pendant when talking to Sara – Glitch
  • Robert Queen is running for Mayor and wants Oliver to take over the company – Glitch
  • A hooded archer saves Oliver and his dad from a robber – Glitch
  • Oliver and Captain lance discuss ‘The Hood’ – Glitch

All of these glitches make Oliver suspect something isn’t right. He blows off his rehearsal dinner and goes looking for familiar things, finding his way to the Arrow Cave. Confront by Felicity Smoak and The Hood, who turns out to be John Diggle! Glitching like nobody’s business Oliver tries to explain things to Diggle but gets thrown out!


Eventually the others trapped in this world start to realise that something is off too. Oliver shows real love for Laurel and wants to leave with her, realising this fake life is giving them everything they ever wanted but it’s not his life. Diggle comes to find him and reveals he’s having these memory flashes too. As the pair start to work together the simulation throws a curveball at them in the form of DEATHROKE!


Not to worry though, Sara to the rescue, killing Deathstroke! The illusion is effectively shattered as the trio try and figure out what is going on. Ray Palmer and Felicity are engaged in this new world but Sara pulls him aside to explain things, he remembers things too. Fighting through their confusion the group (minus Thea who doesn’t want to leave) make to leave only to at first be confronted by their loved ones and then the Arrow Rogues Gallery!


Malcolm Merlyn, Deathstroke, Damian Darhk and some Ghosts confront our team and as Thea joins the group they battle it out. Each opponent is taken down in a really good full on action scene but the Dominators aren’t finished yet. Laurel (in her wedding dress) comes to Oliver begging them to stay. In what is perhaps Stephen Amell’s greatest scene, Oliver bares his soul, declares his undying love for Laurel but he still has to leave.


Finding their way to Smoak Industries (which happens to be the only way out of the simulation for some reason) the team break out of the dream and are back in the real world on the Dominator ship, in space!

Not to be phased, the Team work together to steal a ship and fly it back to Earth. A swarm of Dominator ships chase them but never fear, The Waverider saves the day, picking up the escapees and blasting away to safety. Discussing things later the team realise the Dominators were searching their subconscious for information, are they building a weapon?


Every part of the episode dealing with the simulated life was great! It was by far my favourite Arrow episode this season and the best one for a long time. The earth based scenes involving the Recruits, Felicity and Cisco were boring and over complicated for what they were trying to achieve. Seeing that their friends were captive on a ship through one of his vibes, Cisco decides to try and build a device to communicate with the ship. The problem being part of the device he wants to build has been stolen by someone called Dr Washington aka Cyberwoman. They track her down, fight and retrieve the item. Apart from learning the alien language has ancient influences, they don’t really gain anything out of it.

This aside the emotion through the simulation was great, it was really good to see returning characters and I truly believe Oliver and Laurel would have made a great couple if fate hadn’t conspired against them.  The personal struggle each of our heroes displayed was touching and you know what, Stephan Amell can act!! Only one episode of the crossover to go!


Legends of Tomorrow S2 Ep7 – ‘Invasion’

You know that feeling when your’re riding high and then something brings you crashing down? Well that is how this episode felt. It not only was a disappointing crossover, it was probably the worst Legends episode so far. Before I fall into a pit of disappointment let’s get into it, and don’t worry I’ll keep it brief.

We finally find out why the Dominators are here! Meta Humans are a threat to the universe. It takes a long time for our team to come to this realisation but that is the basis of the whole episode.

So what can the Legends do to help? Nate takes Cisco and Felicity back in time to capture one of the Dominators in 1951 to learn what they want. So the two science nerds go with Nate, Vixen  and Mick back in time but get left on the ship. Long story short, the Legends capture a Dominator only to be captured themselves by some government suits.


When being held in the same room, the Legends have a nice little chat with the alien who tells them they are here to assess if humanity is a threat. The Government people interrupt this chat and carry out the stereotypical ‘alien torture’ procedure to ‘learn’ about them, and also tells the Legends that he thinks Meta-humans are a threat to the planet.

Inevitably the Legends are rescued by Cisco and Felicity and just to show they are better than the suited bad guys they rescue the Dominator too. So enough of the past stuff! The leader of the Government agents in 1951 turns out to be the evil looking Government official that has been popping up throughout the crossover.

He tells Barry and Oliver that Flashpoint brought the Dominators. They have detected that Meta-humans have reached a threat level and need to be dealt with. The agent made a deal with the Dominators, everyone will be safe if Barry surrenders himself.


So the last half of the episode is very busy so in summary:

  • The alien that the Legends saved in 1951 spares their lives but cannot save Barry.and tells them they have a weapon to destroy all Metas.
  • Cisco realises that by rescuing the alien in the past he changed the future, he had good intentions but it went bad, just like Barry!
  • Because everyone trusts Barry again they won’t let him turn himself over; He and Cisco are now friends again.
  • The Dominators release a huge Meta-bomb which starts falling.
  • Professor Stein (and his daughter which he has now come to love and doesn’t want to erase!) developed a weapon to incapacitate the Dominators.
  • A huge roof top fight ensues with all heroes going toe-to-toe with the aliens while Barry runs around and places the devices on them.
  • Cisco and Sara in the Waverider slow the bomb down with a tractor beam while Supergirl and The Flash places devices on all the aliens across the country.
  • Firestorm is badass and transmutes the bomb into water!!!!! Just as the devices are activated and the aliens are down!

The end of the episode is all about patting each other on the back, being celebrated as heroes but the World and tonnes of fan service. Ray says that Kara kinda looks like his cousin (a reference to Brandon Routh once having played Superman himself), Felicity says it’s like looking in a mirror. Kara calls Barry and Oliver ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’, a possible dig at the Marvel universe. Cisco made Kara a device which will create a breach for her whenever she wants.


Professor Stein asks Jacks not to tell the rest of the team that his daughter didn’t exist, he is still planning to change his time line, has nobody learnt from Flashpoint?! And finally, Oliver and Barry go for a drink and decide that even though without their powers their lives would be normal, they wouldn’t be full. Awwwwwww.


It didn’t feel like a Legends episode really, it just felt like the network had realised they needed to finish the crossover storyline but didn’t have the time to do it so they crammed it all in. From this point on I’m not really going to include this as part of the Legends season. At least it wasn’t as bad as the ‘crossover’ episode of Supergirl!!!

So out of nowhere, Arrow wins this week! I have renewed respect for Stephen Amell and hope that the series carries on with some of the development the Arrow characters got. There’s not rest for the wicked, next week is mid-season finale week!!!

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