Woop Woop! It’s CW Superhero time again! What are our heroes up to this time? And who will win the week? If you want to know what are you doing still reading this sentence? Look down!!!


Supergirl – S2 Ep7 – ‘The Darkest Place’

I was worried that Supergirl was starting to loose steam right up until about half way through this episode. I’m going to say it now, I predicted something in the episode over a season ago!!! Want to know what it is? Read on!

There are two separate stories this week, one featuring the Guadian and the other Mon-El. As I prefer Guardian let’s talk about him first. Team Supergirl are all now regularly frequenting the alien bar (for some reason) and Kara expresses her dislike of the Guardian. Winn and Jimmy are not subtle about their support for him.


Guardian is out fighting crime most nights and we see him stopping a robbery in a pretty cool action sequence. He leaves the criminal strung up for the police only for another masked Vigilante to appear and gun him down! Later Jimmy finds out that people think Guardian is killing people, there is some CCTV that makes it look like he did it!

Winn is freaking out that it will all collapse on them and wants to shut it down. Jimmy won’t let him instead suggesting they try and trap the other vigilante. Busting a drug deal, Guardian is confronted by the new guy but their fight gets interrupted by the Police.


Alex suspects that Winn knows about the Guardian and forced him to tell her! Now knowing that Jimmy is behind the mask, Alex asks Maggie to back off the hunt for the Guardian. Meanwhile, Winn has found the guy he thinks is the other vigilante, he is hunting down criminals who have escaped justice in some way.

Guardian goes to find him and instantly gets surprised, outmatched by the firepower his helmet gets knocked off. Quickly recovering, Winn helps Guardian to take him down just as the Maggie arrives. She lets him go after realising the other guy was the real baddie. After learning what Guardian did, Kara changes her mind about him, maybe he is doing some good.


The last time we saw him Mon-El had been kidnapped by Cadmus! He’s not sitting about though, quickly making an escape attempt he makes it out of the cage and the room only to be knocked flat by J’onn J’onn, is it him?


Cadmus issue another City wide broadcast demanding Supergirl gives herself up or they will kill Mon-El. Obviously Kara flies straight off only to be confronted by the real Hank Henshaw!! (Called it!!!) Only he’s not like he used to be, he works for Cadmus and is now Cyborg Superman!!! Superstrong a durable, he beats Supergirl down.


When she wakes up Supergirl is locked in a cage made of Nth Metal (from Thanagar – nice Hawkman/Hawkgirl reference). And finally the head of Cadmus shows herself to Supergirl. Kara realised she is Lena Luthor’s mother who goes on to explain that Superman and other aliens are the bad guys who betrayed her son! Shooting Mon-El with a lead bullet (lead is poisonous to Daxamites!), she threatens to kill him unless Kara drains all her energy.

The Darkest Places

Again, selfless as she is she agrees and they take a sample of her blood. Kara and Mon-El are feeling pretty helpless but they are rescued, by Jeremiah Danvers!!!!! He manages to take the bullet out of Mon-El and gives them a way out but has to stay behind himself. Later, Kara tells Alex about her father prompting her to lead a DEO strike team to the building they were being held, only to find it empty.


The episode ends with Hank Henshaw walking into the Fortress of Solitude and using Kara’s blood to activate the dias to learn about something called Medusa! What is he up to?

J’onn is struggling. Ever since being revived by the Martian blood transfusion, he has been seeing visions of his family and White Martians, he hasn’t felt right. He eventually figures out that Megan must be a White Martian and demands she show herself to him. When she does he is enraged and tries to kill her! She will not fight him and reverts to her human form, she is not like the Martian’s he knew, she wants to die as a human.


Sparing her life so she can suffer with the pain of what her race did, Megan tells him her blood was infected with a bio-weapon. He is slowly turning into a White Martian!! Well that’s not going to end well is it!!

Lastly, Alex and Maggie. Alex is still pissed at Maggie and is completely honest about how humiliated she feels after coming out. They’re not friends anymore but after Maggie pours her heart out to her later, saying that she can’t have her life without her, things improve, although Alex is clearly still upset.


The second half of the episode was great but it took a while to get going. I love that both Jeremiah and Hank Henshaw are back and I love that the show has finally brought Cyborg Superman in! I was a bit disappointed when they made Hank J’onn in season 1 but they have corrected it now! I don’t like the Martian storyline. It’s not very interesting although the full on Martian vs Martian was pretty cool. As long as the Alex/Maggie arc stays interesting and they don’t keep it in the ‘will they/won’t they’ camp, I’ll be happy. Its crossover week next week, how will the CW bring Supergirl into the mix?


The Flash S3 Ep7 – ‘Killer Frost’

This week it’s all about Caitlin! The title suggests her transition finally happens and it sure does! Has she gone all the way or can she return from the brink? Let’s find out.

Savitar, the God of Speed is beating the stuffing out of Barry at the same time as running so fast around the city that he appears to be in several places all at once. Barry just can’t catch a break! Alchemy uses this distraction to escape while the team are focused on Barry.

Trying to help, HR suggests Caitlin and Cisco go help Barry. ‘Vibe’ opens a breach to transport them to Barry’s location and Caitlin blind fires her freeze powers at Savitar though they still can’t see him. Savitar disappears and for the moment Barry is safe. Using her powers like this has pushed Caitlin over the edge, she has started her downward spiral.

Tricking Joe West out of an interrogation so she can torture an acolyte for the location of Alchemy, when this doesn’t work she kidnaps Julian Albert so he can create an algorithm to locate Alchemy or his followers. She is badass when using her powers, although her ‘ice-breath’ looked a bit ridiculous.

Barry manages to find her and Julian and with the rest of Team Flash listening in, Caitlin reveals she wants Alchemy to take away her powers. She is so angry at Barry for causing this and even lets Cisco know that his brother Dante was alive in the pre-Flashpoint timeline. The Police arrive and though Barry helps protect her from them, she stabs him in the leg with an icicle so he can’t follow her.


Caitlin finds her way to one of Alchemy’s acolytes only for him to tell her theat Savitar showed him the future, she will be glorious as Killer Frost. Tracking her down, Cisco confronts Caitlin and his vision comes true, they fight as Vibe and Killer Frost! The Flash arrives to help but Caitlin takes him down with a freeze kiss before Cisco knocks her off her feet!

Locking her up in the pipeline, the team are full of despair. Caitlin is broken but they need her help! Wally is in trouble, or at least Joe thinks he is. He really needs to lighten up! Still encased in the cocoon, Joe feels helpless and Barry is blaming himself again (rightly so I might add). Not being able to stand around any longer Joe attacks the cocoon with a saw and lets Wally out!


It works but Wally isn’t right, he is vibrating and speeds off! Well at least we know he got what he wanted but his biochemistry is out of whack. This is where Caitlin comes in, Barry tries to appeal to the good person in her and lets her go in the hope that she will help. If she doesn’t help and wants to leave she will have to kill him but of course she can’t bring herself to do it and steps back from being Killer Frost.


Making a compound to help Wally, Barry finds him at his old childhood home and administers it. He is now in sync with the rest of the world. Everything is good again, Wally is super happy that he has speed and is straight into his testing in the Speed Lab. Unfortunately, though they managed to work together, Cisco and Barry are not okay. Cisco is hurt to his core, they are not friends anymore!


Things are well and truly falling apart for Barry. He goes to see Julian recovering in hospital with the intention of asking him to keep quiet about Caitlin. Julian agrees on one condition, Barry must quit. He is unfit to be a CSI. Seeing no other option and yet again putting his family and friends before himself, he agrees.


Just a small note to finish the episode. Julian Albert is Alchemy. But it doesn’t look like he wants to be, Savitar is forcing him to do things, coercing him? Controlling him? Who knows. It was a stupid reveal though, one that was predicted as soon as the character was announced and adds nothing to the show. I was hoping for a double bluff but maybe they are going down the route of Julian actually being a good guy and he will sacrifice himself or something. I don’t know. It’s a good thing Malfoy is a good actor!


Prepare for everything to be put on hold, it’s crossover week next week!


Arrow S5 Ep7 – ‘Vigilante’

What’s something Star City doesn’t have enough of? ‘Masked Vigilantes’ I hear you cry! Want one more? Well read on!

Remember when I said that Arrow was starting to feel like Season 1 again? Well this episode doubles down on that! The only difference is that Oliver is effectively fighting himself. There is a new mask in town and he has more ‘deadly’ methods! We see this straight away as some people traffickers gets wiped out and left in the ‘Police Dump alley’.


Oliver wants to stop this new vigilante but some of Team Arrow don’t share his desire, the guy is taking down bad guys. Working his Mayor Queen charm, Oliver asks the reporter to leave the Vigilante story alone so they can deal with it. She agrees on one condition, that they go out for a drink ‘as friends’.

A bank robbery summons Team Arrow but on arrival they find one robber severely wounded, ‘Vigilante did this’. They know next to nothing about this new ‘crime fighter’ so the Team canvass the city. Using the nice guy Curtis approach with Wild Dog and crazy and guy Spartan as back up, they get some info from the gun shop owner who sold Vigilante his ammo, while Evelyn (in a super sexy red dress) tricks one of the robbers crew into the grasp of Ragman for interrogation.

When Team Arrow arrive to stop another robbery by the same crew, Vigilante is there too. Basically repeating the ‘If you’re not with me, you’re against me’ scene from Revenge of the Sith, I really wanted to scream “Only a Sith deals in absolutes”. A quick fight ensues before Vigilante escapes.


Oliver thinks he is the reason there are other vigilantes around. What he is trying to do isn’t working, it is only making it worse. Finding the ringleader of the robbers, Oliver arrives just in time to save him from a hail of Vigilante bullets with a new trick arrow, this time bullet-proof mesh!

Needing some reassurance, Oliver goes for that drink and not so subtly asks for advice on his Vigilante problem. She tells him whatever he wants to do, he needs to do it the right way and things will work out. It might take longer than he wants but as long as it’s the right way it will matter.

Setting a trap for Vigilante, Team Arrow lay in wait. Unfortunately, the new mask isn’t stupid an manages to take Artemis down and captures Curtis. Calling Arrow out, Vigilante thinks Oliver is a half measure and doesn’t understand what needs to be done because he hasn’t lost enough. That was the wrong thing to say to Oliver! Wrapping Vigilante around a pillar with a bolas arrow, Oliver goes to take off the mask but it is booby trapped with a flash bang, allowing him to escape!

So what else do we know? Deputy Mayor Lance has resigned due to his alcoholism and the risk he poses as a pawn of Prometheus. Thea still won’t give up on him and  sends him to Rehab. If he is using Lance as a pawn then he knows the Arrow is Oliver Queen! Diggle lost control because he is sick of being a fugitive, but don’t worry a birthday party for his son will make it all better. The new DA is a psycho! Very unprofessional! And it’s pretty obvious by now that he is The Vigilante.


Only one thing to say about the flash backs, Oliver really needs to stop trusting people. Kovar tells him the Bratva have been using him for their own ends. What better way to prove this during Oliver’s ill-fated escape attempt when the head of the Bratva arrives and confirms he has made a deal with Kovar! Good to see Oliver getting his ass kicked by Dolph!!!


I should probably mention that Artemis/Evelyn is working for Prometheus! Why? We don’t know but at least they are finally doing something with her character rather than keeping her as the moody recruit. I wonder what their plan is?


It will have to wait because it’s crossover next!


Legends of Tomorrow – S2 Ep6 – ‘Outlaw Country’

The Legends have been all over time this season already so it’s about time (pun intended) they returned to a familiar place. The episode sees them back in their spurs and Stetsons in the Old West so, Yee Hah!!! Let’s get going!

Another random Time Pirate is found by some outlaws in 1874 Liberty, Colorado, searching near a mine for something, using a device,  he claims to be extremely valuable. The outlaws rob and kill him, taking the spoils for themselves.


The Legends detect a Time-quake in the Old West so they go to investigate! Arriving at the source of the aberration, somehow they have magically found some horses, they find the scarred face bounty hunter, Jonah Hex with a noose around his neck about to be executed! Nate/Steel rescues him from his captors, complete with a pretty awesome bullet catch.

After bring Hex back to the Waverider they find out that American History has changed, much of the country has been claimed by someone called Turnbull (the outlaw at the beginning of the episode), and he has been putting people to work in the mine to retrieve something.

Sara decides to draw Turnbull out so they can capture him. Using Mick as a violent distraction the rest of the team wait outside as Heatwave goes into the saloon to stir up some trouble. Unfortunately this doesn’t work as Turnbull and Mick actually get along! Meanwhile Ray, Jacks and Nate have posed as Tax collectors to get information on Turnbull’s dealings.


Stealing the outfits of some of Turnbull’s men they infiltrate the mine to find the ore being mined is Dwarf Star! The exact same mineral used to power Ray’s suit (convenient). Hex has grown impatient with Sara’s plan and confronts Turnbull himself to collect his bounty. In a typical Sara ‘I told you so’ moment, he gets surrounded by Turnbull’s men and a fight ensues! Oh yeah, Turnbull has managed to refine some of the ore into bullet which are more than a little explosive!


Nate and co. arrive to assist in the battle and being over confident with his abilities, he steps in front of one of Turnbull’s mega bullets aimed at Mick and takes it in the gut, his powers don’t work!

Retreating to the Waverider Hex explains that Turnbull was the one that sacked the city of Calvert just after Rip left the Old West. Now it’s time for the whole team to share their emotions! Hex only just escaped the burning, he and Sara bond over their shared mission for revenge. Vixen says that Mick is more than the animal he pretends to be. Nate tells Ray that getting powers stopped him being afraid, he and Ray share the fear of being weak but bravery is acting regardless of fear.


The Legends come up with a plan to cut of Turnbull Country by blowing up a rail transport link with the train carrying the Dwarf Star ore. The episode ends quite neatly, Nate pushes his fear aside and jumps in front of the train bringing it to a stop while Mick and Vixen fight their way out of the mine they blow up! Even Hex has success as he captures Turnbull alive.

The only other thing about this episode to note is that Professor Stein has been getting visions of a mysterious woman. He doesn’t know who she is but he knows that he loves her. Has his past changed? Who is this woman? But no time to dwell on that, Sara says their friends in 2016 need their help!!

A self contained story with no real impact on the main arc of the season but some interesting development for the team. Ray is surely now able to rebuild his Atom Suit with some of the Dwarf Star ore so his story over the last couple of episode was pointless. He will have his powers back and the show will forget about his personal development. And even though they have all been really busy with Turnbull, Ray has somehow managed to build a suit for Nate (based on a sketch Nate showed him) Why does he need a suit?! Mick and Vixen appear to be inexplicably growing closer as she tries to show him his good side. This is a romance that no one saw coming or even wants!


It’s very clear that this episode was just filler before reaching the crossover episode. The story suffered, but it was still fun to watch.

And the winner is……….Supergirl, almost entirely down to the fact that Cyborg Superman is officially here!!!! And I called it!

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