So it’s finally here! With the film only a few short months away we have got the first official trailer for Spiderman: Homecoming!!!

The internet went crazy the other day when the teaser was released and now I predict it’s going to go absolutely bonkers! Check out the trailer below!!!

So yeah that happened! I’m going to be riding high on the excitement for a while so forgive me if I go a bit over the top! Let’s break it down.

We are going back to high school and staying there for a while. Its what the Sam Raimi films should have done, keep Spiderman young, keep him in school. That I suppose was the problem with casting Toby Maguire as a teenager, he got old looking fast! No problem here though, Tom Holland looks and acts the part of a high school loser!

Set after the events of Captain America: Civil War we will undoubtedly see some flashbacks but it looks like Peter is craving the action and needs to use his powers to help people. Tony Stark whilst at first giving him un upgrade to help with his battle, now seems to be holding him back, telling him he’s not ready, not to go into a fight as there are other people who do that kind of thing.


But of course we know he will. Michael Keaton’s Vulture is the main bad guy presence in the trailer and it doesn’t seem like they are doing the ‘mentor-turns-out-to-be-the-bad-guy’ trope from the previous film iterations, thank god! Whilst the fluffy neck looks a bit silly, it’s an homage to the comic version of the character and I actually think his wings look awesome.

I’m assuming Vulture finds out who Peter is as we see our young hero injured and crawling at the same time as hearing Vulture threaten his family. Did Spiderman get in over his head? Of course! That’s what he does!

This film is going to be jam packed with references, not just to the MCU but to previous Spiderman films. As soon as the train comes through shot, thoughts instantly returns to the train fight with Dr Octopus from Spiderman 2. We also see Spiderman mask-less crawling across the ceiling in his room, possibly as a reference to when he was hiding from Norman Osborne in the first movie.


This feels very much in the same vein as Ant-man and Guardians of the Galaxy. The humour is everywhere and the action is there looking bloody brilliant, especially the short scene of him taking down the guys robbing a vault.

It’s simple but he shows his strength, reflexes and takes them down easily whilst quipping about their Avengers masks! Was this his first test of the new suit?

I’ve blabbed too much now but familiar themes will jump out at you thought this film I’m sure. The Police appear to be trying to catch him at some point, his friend finds out he is the Spiderman and he is hopelessly in love with a beautiful girl at school, although I’m pretty certain the love story will come from a different angle. Zendaya anyone?

The web-wing suit is there, an Avenger team-up will happen as we see Spiderman and Iron Man moving through the city together at the end of the trailer, and Spiderman will be a hero, first and foremost, who else will hold the cruise ship together?!


What did you think of the Trailer? Excited for the film? Let us know in the comments below!

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