After the Teaser last week which was more than a little vague, we now have the first full trailer for the new Mummy film, starring Tom Cruise, and it is……still confusing. Take a look!

So the gist of the movie is that and ancient mummy is found and ‘accidentally’ resurrected? The she unleashes horrors on the world, including what looks like a swarm of birds, a sandstorm and maybe a flood?

Tom Cruise is in the middle of all of this and the trailer hints and him maybe having some kind of abilities or maybe he has been imbued with the essence of the mummy. At one point we see the plane he is in fall out of the sky and crash, quickly followed by Cruise waking up inside a body bag in the morgue! What’s that about?

Why has this mummy returned? Why is she pissed? What does Russell Crowe’s character Dr Jekyll have to do with this? He seems to know about the ancient princess. It’s the first trailer so of course there are going to be more questions than answers. At the moment this film looks like it’s going to Ancient Mission Impossible. I don’t have high expectations for this and seeing as its the first in Universal’s new Monster Universe, I’d think they would try really hard to make this the best they can!

Welcome to a new world of Gods and Monsters!!!

What do you think of the trailer? will you be going to see the film? Let us know in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Egyptian Impossible! The Mummy Full Trailer

  1. I’m excited to see what happens, I bet there’s a cool story underlying all of this. I just hope Universal achieves what their plan is for this other than jumping on the shared universe bandwagon.

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    1. I’m hoping so. I am concerned about what the end game is for these movies. Are they working towards a monster justice league? And I’m not a fan of johnny deep, wth him playing the invisible man in a future film I’m not sure if I can stomach it

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      1. The way it sounds to me, is like they will make all of these “new” films, and attempt a film in the vein of “House of Frankenstein” or “House of Dracula”.

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