It’s holiday trailer season! And even though the franchise has been universally panned over the last couple of instalments, Transformers: The Last Knight has shown its stuff for the first time! You wanted more Michael Bay gigantic robots right?! Take a look!

So this film appears to be all of the past Transformers films smashed together with the added touch of Arthurian legend. Humanity is now officially at war with the metal men (I can’t even remember why anymore), Optimus Prime has left Earth and is seen floating lifeless through space, and yet another bunch of huge strange ships are closing in on Earth.

Bumblebee is still fighting, Marky Mark Whalberg is still around and even Josh Duhamel comes back to join the fight! All seems dark and dreary for the humans, especially when Optimus Prime comes back but not as a friend, he fights Bumblebee and goes to stab him! Is he being controlled? Is he sacrificing his friend for something? How many times can Optimus die in these films?!

We are going to be seeing some ancient history here suggesting that the mythological dragons were actually transformers of some kind? Is the trailer suggesting that Transformers have actually be involved in much of human history? The more films that film the franchise, the longer they have been around!!!

The important thing is the Transformers still look beautiful, the action I’m sure will be great but the film will be the same substance-free action fest with forced emotion from the human stars and ridiculous plot holes. it took me two years to get around to watching Age of Extinction so I’m not going to be rushing out to see this one!

What do you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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