The hype train for 2017 Comic book movies is well under way. Now it’s the turn of Thor to get in on the action.

At SDCC 2016 we got a little sneak peek and something that will be featured in Thor: Ragnarok, Gladiator Hulk Armour!!! This obviously got many people, myself included, very excited as it suggested a possible Planet Hulk story for the new Thor Film.

Well now we have further confirmation. The first poster for the film has been revealed. While not an official release, it does give us a few bits of info!

Firstly, the colour scheme is very bright! It almost has a Guardians of The Galaxy feel to it. Will this film have a lighter tone to the previous Asgardian adventures?

Secondly, as we figured, Hulk is wearing the Gladiator armour and swinging that huge hammer! Who or what is he fighting that necessitates the wearing of armour?!

Talking of Hammers, where is Mjolinir? Thor is without his trademark weapon and instead is brandishing two blades. This might support he gladiatorial battle scenario. Forced into fighting something by someone else would be a lot easier if he was deprived of his hammer.

Lastly, the helmet is back. We haven’t seen Thor in his helmet since the first film! And it looks like it too has received an upgrade. I really hope he’ll be kicking ass whist wearing it, completing his look.

So what do you think of the poster? Let us know in the comments below.

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