Yes I know I am mega late to the party with this post! Most of blog time has been devoted to the CW superhero shows of late but I’m starting to catch up now!

There will be a million articles about the later Wonder Woman trailer to grace our screens but here’s another one! Go on, read it, you might read something a bit different!

Take a look at the trailer below!

So what do we think? A lot of things we have seen in the previous trailer but a lot more action and a lot more of Diana talking! I’m still not quite sure about Gal Gadot’s accent. I understand the Mediterranean twang to it but for some reason in my head Wonder Woman has always been more regal, posh speaking.

We see evidence of the different views Diana has with her fellow Amazonians and her mother. She wants to help the world of man whereas they want to keep to themselves. Regardless they will be drawn into the conflict, we see some soldiers/Amazonian battle with losses on both sides?

Without waffling too much I think he action in this film will be incredible. Some of the set pieces we have had glimpses of look beautiful and intense, some are confusing.

What is Doctor Poison up to? Why is she trying to kill a high ranking military official, is he Ares the God of War like the rumours say? Can Wonder Woman fly in this film? If not how is that platform she is on flying? Will her lasso make people tell the truth? I have so many questions.

Outside of the combat I’m not sure the film will be great. After being twice stung by DC this year I’m going to go into this a little more wary, ready to be impressed but prepared to be disappointed. Come on Diana, do us proud!!

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