The Superheroes are back in town! Let’s break it down!


Supergirl S2 Ep6 – ‘Changing’

The title of this episode suggests that some things are not going to be the same or that people will be ‘Changing’.  The villain of the week, Alex and Jimmy are the focus of these changes so let’s see what they’re up to.

To keep things short , the villain this week is an alien parasite. It was discovered in a frozen wolf in Norway that had died over 5000 years ago! One of the scientists that finds it quickly gets infected by it, well we assume he is and we are way ahead of the other characters in figuring it out. The DEO investigate the disappearance of these scientists and take the one survivor back to National City.

Their initial tests don’t find anything and they let him go apparently because he is just really passionate about stopping climate change. Maybe they just don’t want to hear him talk about it! We see as he leaves the DEO that he is clearly infected with something which crawls from his mouth to his ear!


When Winn finally finds footage of Dr Jones killing the other scientists by sucking them dry, Supergirl goes after him. Just after Dr Jones has killed his boss (who just fired him for no apparent reason) Supergirl gets her energy drained too! This makes the Doctor super strong and impervious to bullets! He escapes when Supergirl is down.

While all this is going on Kara is still trying to get Mon-El to train with her and follow in her footsteps. He doesn’t want to be like her, he has his own job.  When she finds out he has taken work as a debt enforcer she is pissed! He’s a typical Daxamite and Kara is so disappointed.

Jimmy can’t stand aside any longer, he needs to help. He almost falls out with Winn by demanding his suit. Winn puts him in his place by telling him if the suit isn’t ready he will die! But never fear, the suit is ready just in time for the big boss battle!


When Supergirl and J’onn J’onn try to trap Dr Jones, he ends up drawing energy from both of them, mutating him into a huge super-strong monster! Both of the heroes are down, while Supergirl is recovering slowly, J’onn needs a blood transfusion from a Green Martian.


Now it’s time for Alex rally the troops! She tells Megan that she has to help J’onn, she is the only one that can and she reluctantly agrees (will there be some side effects because we know she isn’t a Green Martian!). She then verbally bitchslaps Mon-El by saying the city needs a hero and Kara believes in him!

The final fight sees Mon-El trying to stop the mutant parasite, he does very badly but is saved by ‘Guardian’ an armoured Jimmy Olsen! He manages to hold his own until Supergirl arrives. She tricks the monster into absorbing energy from some nuclear material which proves to be too much for him causing him to explode!

Jimmy and his lead lined suit leaves the scene to celebrate with his fellow Superfriend Winn. J’onn is back but is still fragile and Mon-El, bolstered by his newfound heroics is kidnapped by Cadmus!!!

Other than kicking everyone in the backside, Alex is going through her own changes. She has acknowledged that she is into women and Maggie suggests coming out to her family as a first step. If she does then they can go for a drink. Alex tells Kara that she has feelings for Maggie but she doesn’t seem okay with it, she is trying to understand.


Later, Kara apologises for never giving Alex the opportunity to explore herself. It’s always been about Kara’s secret. She knows what it is like to keep a part of yourself secret. They then delve into ‘girl-talk’ about Maggie, which gets interrupted by the parasite atack. Kara just says “I’ll get the alien, you get the girl”

Unfortunately, things don’t go to plan for Alex. Proudly telling Maggie she has come out to Kara she asks Sawyer for a drink and kisses her! Maggie pulls back and says they can only be friends causing Alex to leave quickly. The episode is rounded out with Alex crying into Kara’s shoulder, she is so humiliated!


Poor Alex! I wasn’t a huge fan of this episode but it wasn’t bad. I’m glad that Jimmy is finally suited and on the streets kicking ass. He looks pretty cool and with the assistance of Winn has got plenty of gadgets! Alex’s emotional development is enthralling. I am rooting for her to find happiness and when Maggie realises what she is losing by turning this woman away she will kick herself. Now that the show has dealt with Alex’s sexuality I hope they don’t keep forcing the issue, it should just feel natural.


Why has Cadmus taken Mon-El? Why is everyone now drinking in the alien bar? Just how strong is Mon-El? Loads of questions which I hope will be answered soon.


The Flash S3 Ep6 – ‘Shade’

The title of this episode refers to the Meta-human of the week but that is by far the least interesting thing we see this week. Let’s delve into the world of the Flash to see what Barry has messed up this time!

Let’s start with Caitlin. Still keeping her secret, she steals a pair of power dampening cuffs Cisco has been working on. After Cisco accuses HR of taking the cuffs Caitlin comes clean and tells him it was her. She reveals her powers to him and he is horrified! She asks him to vibe her future to see if she becomes Killer Frost. He sees them fighting each other in their full Meta-human forms but he lies, telling her she will be fine.


Joe has finally asked Cecil out on a date to an open air cinema and Cisco invites himself on it. Suspecting he is trying to get away from her Caitlin invites herself along too. She asks Cisco to be honest with her so he tells her what he really saw!


The movie gets interrupted by the villain of the week ‘Shade’, a meta-human that can turn himself into a huge shadow! The Flash confronts Shade and a combination of Cisco hacking all the nearby cars to turn heir lights on (because all Cars have computers in now!) and Caitlin giving up the cuffs to use, Shade is down. Yep, he was beaten by light.


Later Cisco forces Caitlin to tell the team about her powers. She is so upset and it probably doesn’t help when Barry tells her that she wasn’t like this before Flashpoint. Caitlin ultimately apologises to Cisco for snapping at him and asks him to help her.

Now let’s talk about Wally. He has been having dreams of being Kid Flash, Joe tells Barry and hey both start getting worried Alchemy is calling out to him. The only way he can think to warn Wally is to tell him how he got hurt in Flashpoint. But Wally still wants it to happen!


Just when Joe gives Wally another ‘I trust you’ talk, Wally starts getting the painful visions and hears Alchemy calling him! HR suggests locking him up in the pipeline so Alchemy can’t get to him and Wally agrees to it.

The pain is unbearable and Iris can’t see her brother like that. While the rest of the team are dealing with Shade she lets him out. But he is not himself, he tries to Attack her so Iris has to knock him out.

When he wakes up Wally suggests being the bait in a trap for Alchemy. So off he goes with the Flash and a huge Swat team as backup. It doesn’t take long to find Alchemy so they spring the trap!

The successfully take Alchemy down and just before taking his mask off the whole team are taken down and the Flash is thrust up to the ceiling by an invisible force! Barry can see it though, he calls himself Savitar, the God of Speed!


Oh yeah and Wally picks up Alchemy’s magic rock and gets surrounded in a cocoon! Uh oh! Looks like he’s going to turn!

Other things to note; Julian Albert was suspiciously absent during the Alchemy trap and he is back to treating Barry like a dick! And HR suggest turning STAR Labs into a museum, a Flash museum nod perhaps?

The Wally story was the interesting part of this episode. It’s about time he got something to do rather than just being jealous of all the speedsters. I called it ages ago by the way! Caitlin is slowly turning into Killer Frost but still has a conscience. Will she go full cold? Time will tell. Who is Savitar?! Do we really need another evil speedster?! A fun episode but still a bit weak. Come on Flash, pick it up!


Arrow S5 Ep6 – ‘So It Begins’

Do you know what we haven’t had for a while? A proper murder investigation episode. Well now we have one! This episode felt a lot like one from the first two seasons. Filled with lots of questions but not so many answers. Let’s go!

The focus his week is finally on Prometheus. He’s been banging around for ages laying claim to Green Arrows kill and generally threatening people but he hasn’t actually done much. He now knows Olivers identity (if he didn’t already) and poses a credible threat to the city! Team Arrow have traced the recently deceased Tobias Church’s phone to one of the seemingly millions of abandoned warehouses in the city, only to find the words ‘So it begins’ in flames on the ground. Prometheus has declared war!


So begins an elaborate (and ridiculous) killing spree for Prometheus with Team Arrow trying to figure out what he is up to and why he is doing it. Oliver doesn’t want his recruits in harms way (awwww) so he keeps the developing threat a secret from all but Diggle and Felicity.

The first couple of deaths appear random, no motive and brutal throwing star kills. The Team can’t link the victims so Diggle asks Felicity to get friendly with her super nice guy boyfriend to steal one of the stars so they can test it. She is so not subtle about doing it and Billy is starting to suspect her. He knows she is hiding something but has more pressing concerns. Oliver’s favourite reporter has leaked the Throwing Star Killer story and it causes widespread panic across the city.


Seeing no other choice, Oliver calls the whole of Team Arrow in to restore peace to a riot in the city. People are indiscriminantly shooting into the dark (because that’s what you do when you know a murderer is around, you shoot shadows!). Peace is restored after Oliver basically tells the idiots off!


It’s time for the recruits to be upset with Oliver again. They are unhappy he hadn’t told them about Prometheus and when Felicity figures out that all the victims names are anagrams of people Oliver had on his kill list from season 1, they are horrified that their mentor was a serial killer! Wouldn’t you be? As a show of faith, Oliver apologises for not telling the Team everything and gives them all potential targets to protect. Evelyn is particularly upset with him and is doing this for herself not him.


And of course because she was the one that was the most outraged, it is her target that Prometheus goes After on a subway train. She turns off her comms and attacks him! Quickly losing the fight, Oliver arrives to save her and the target but is unable to stop the train from exploding! Evelyn thanks him and Oliver says he is trying to be a better person, asking her to give him a chance.


Before we round up the episode let’s deal with the flashbacks. Bratva Oliver is still alive and jumps straight into the war between Bratva and Kovar! Pretending to be an American playboy buying a casino he attempts to blow up the building (owned by Kovar) but is captured instead.  Kovar has been looking forward to meeting him! No small thing that Kovar is being played by Adolph Lundgren!!


Lance is now the mystery man! All episode Thea suspects he has taken up drinking again, he’s always late and never answers his phone. She finds out eventually that he never quit in the first place and doesn’t want to be helped. The episode ends with Lance presumably waking up from a heavy drinking session but finding his arm cut and one of the throwing stars on his coffee table!!! Is he Prometheus?


Put this together with Felicity finding out that the stars are made of Oliver’s old arrows meaning Prometheus has access to SCPD’s evidence lockup, and Lance becomes suspect No. 1

Yeah okay I’ll talk about Felicity and Billy if I have to. She tells him she is working for the Green Arrow and he is surprised but excited about it. There, I’ve done it. No more to be said!


As I said at the start this episode felt like it had been plucked from one of the wart seasons. Not fantastic but miles better than season 4! Even down to seeing Oliver firing arrows into tennis balls and having a heart to heart with Diggle about ‘doing the right thing’. It’s like no time has passed at all. Hopefully the next few episode will retain this feeling.

My last rant on the matter; if Billy turns out to be Prometheus I am going to be livid. The show hasn’t been subtle about trying to make you think it’s him but he is a nothing character. There will be no emotional weight behind the reveal if it is him. I’ve still got my money on the return of Tommy Merlyn! Come on Tommy!!

Legends of Tomorrow S2 Ep5 – ‘Compromised’

After the excitement of Civil War Zombies in the previous episode, it’s time to slow things down a bit. Or at least that’s what these shows normally do, Legends however is different. Some big baddies are back again and the team are in yet another ridiculous situation. Let’s find out what they’re up to!

It’s Miami 1987 and Damian Darhk is up to his old tricks making secret trades for some ancient artefacts. The deal gets interrupted by the FBI (probably thinking is some kind of drug deal) but they are quickly mown down by the Reverse Flash! It’s been 45 years since they last spoke but Thawne still offers ‘true power’ to Darhk. What are they up to?

Nate Heywood’s Time quake detector has ‘detected’ something going on in Washington DC 1987. Apparently there is about to be a meeting between the leader of America and USSR to end the Cold War so if something interrupts this the consequences will be dire!

Vixen takes Nate to contact the current generation of the JSA but they find the training facility abandoned. Well not completely abandoned, Obsidian is watching them. He surprises them and when turning back to his human form Nate knocks him out! After waking up he tells Vixen and Nate that the rest of the JSA never returned from their final mission in 1957. Vixen begs him to help them stop whatever Darhk is doing.


The rest of the team meanwhile have infiltrated the White House on a public tour to see if they can find the aberration. Mick has been coaching Ray to be his new partner, which hasn’t been going very well, although Ray can do a surprisingly good impression of Captain Cold. Mick tells him to find his pain and use it. Mick ultimately tells him not to be like Snart, he needs to be himself.


They spot Damian Darhk wandering the White House as a government adviser prompting Sara to go on the hunt! Before they can get to him the team is confronted by White House security. Ray accidentally crossed his cold gun stream with Mick’s flamethrower and causes a huge explosion. They have to be rescued by Firestorm after he transmutes some bullets which looked incredible!

The team are pissed that Sara is still putting her revenge above their mission but there are pressing issues. The young Martin Stein has got involved. Something has changed in Martin’s past meaning he is appearing in places that he didn’t originally. Stupidly, young Stein interrupts a secret meeting Darhk is having with a KGB agent (arranging transfer of another ‘package’). Darhk can’t let him live so stabs him and leaves.


The team take young Stein to heal back on the Waverider but his young wife Clarissa will be waiting for him. With the help of Obsidian, the Legends are invited to an exclusive party, doing the classic Legends strut we see in almost every episode. Professor Stein keeps Clarissa busy while the team wait for Darhk.


The track him to the KGB deal and attack! Nate/Steel is really good in this fight albeit very similar to Colossus from the X-Men franchise. Obsidian and Vixen chase Darhk while the others are occupied with the former taking a bullet for Vixen. Ray and Mick have found a bomb in the party room and Ray has to science his way out! Dismantling the cold gun he disarms the device!


Sara confronts Darhk, and instead of killing him she just issues a threat. Killing him will upset the timeline but his ultimate plan will fail and those he will lose the ones he loves. Before he can respond the Reverse Flash zips in and takes him away. Thawne is not happy with Darhk and decides to change his plan, using his time sphere he takes Darhk through a portal! Where or when will they show up again?! Wherever he goes he won’t have the item Sara stole from him!

This was probably one of the weaker Legends episodes so far. Sara was being an idiot before overcoming her craving for revenge, and I don’t like Vixen at all. I can’t tell whether its the actress of if her lines are just poorly written but whenever she is involved my interest ebbs. Even giving her an old colleague and developing her emotionally doesn’t help. If she is going to have a romance arc they need to pick which one of the male characters they are going to link her with, so far she’s had a ‘moment’ with all of them except Stein!

The young Stein aspect of the episode was boring but I have a feeling the consequences are going to ripple through other episodes. It seems Martin’s original interaction with himself in the past has had a subtle influence, changing his history. What else has changed?

The winner this week is Supergirl! But only barely! Arrow had improved.

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