@JackGeekstalkA match that was made in geek heaven we have an amazing and exciting casting announcement.

Emilia Clarke aka The Mother of Dragons aka Daenerys Targarean has joined the cast of the Han Solo stand alone Star Wars movie!


I don’t think anyone would argue that she is a fantastic actress and could possibly bring a feminine dominance and power to the film similar to that of Carrie Fisher in the original trilogy.


So who will she be playing? It’s a prequel film so it’s extremely unlikely she will be a younger Princess Leia or any of the characters we know from the existing films. It’s a good bet that she is going to be a potential low interest for the young Han but they might surprise us and have her play a rival or bounty hunter that Solo encounters.

I’m going to make a completely unfounded shot in the dark prediction; I think she will play a fellow cadet at the Imperial Academy that Han will have a small romance with before he gets kicked out.

Of course we have no idea of the plot of this film. There may be no Imperial Academy or love interest, I’m just basing this off some of the original Expanded Universe books where those kind of things happened.

Whoever she is playing I’m sure she will do a brilliant job. And she is joining a young and talented cast with Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover already confirmed to be playing Han Solo and Lando Calrissian respectively.

I’m still quite worried about this film, everyone wanted a Han Solo prequel but it will be very difficult to create one that fans will love. Is this a case of only Harrison Ford can be Han Solo? Time will tell.


What do you think of the casting news? Who will she play? Let us know in the comments below.

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