It seems like I’m always playing catch up! I blame the superhero shows taking up all my time!

Better late than never here’s what I think of the latest Kong Skull Island trailer!

So first things first, Kong is huge!!!! This is our first proper look at the giant ape and he is bigger than ever. Much bigger than the Peter Jackson King Kong and with good reason!

Kong is not the only creature on this island. There is a whole menagerie of creatures all of them enormous! From the  horrifically named Skull Crawlers to massive spiders and what looks like bison, the island has its own gigantic ecosystem.


Before I completely use up all of size based synonyms let’s move on. The trailer has a lot more humour than I was expecting. It felt similar to the Suicide Squad trailers, the visuals are action packed and shocking but the music and voice overs are almost comical at times particularly with Creedance Clearwater starting things off.

Will this film be a comedy horror or a monster movie with a comic edge? Is comedy what recent monster movies like Godzilla and Cloverfield have been missing? Surely the presence of John C Reilly means the humour is going to be on the forefront a lot. It does intrigue me.

I wonder how many times characters in the film will say things like Kong is King or Kong is in charge or His majesty the ape. Are they able to say King Kong? Are there contract restrictions?


So it looks like the humans are going to piss Kong off by dropping bombs on the island. I’m assuming their presence will also draw out some of the nasty creatures. Some of the action in the trailer makes me think Kong might fill a similar role to that of Godzilla in its most recent film.

While not an ally of mankind, the giant lizard was a protector of the planet. It seems safe to assume that Kong will end up fighting a whole bunch of the creatures. Maybe to protect the humans or Brie Larson in particular or maybe just as a show of dominance.


It’s a really good trailer. The plot seems fairly obvious but I can’t quite work out how it’s all going to fit together. I’m still not sure about Tom Hiddleston, I don’t know if he can pull off the ‘action hero’ role but I’m willing to give him a shot!


So what do you think of the trailer? Will you be going to see the film? Let us know in the comments below.

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