We’re back and firing on all cylinders this week. Which show will come out ahead of the others? Find out below!


Supergirl S2 Ep5 – ‘Crossfire’

The CW shows seem to be thrusting moral and sometimes political messages at us more than usual. Supergirl, one of the only popular TV shows around that has a strong female lead character is doubling down on its messages this week. It’s all about Anti-gun violence and sexuality! Two things you wouldn’t expect to be dealt with at the same time but they give it a go. Let’s see how they do!

The big threat this week is alien weaponry. Some small time bank robbers have gotten hold of some off-world tech and are wreaking havoc across the city. Some of the weapons are so powerful they are able to knock Supergirl flat!


Shortly after one of these attacks, Cadmus makes another broadcast across the city about the ‘Alien Menace’ being a danger, but of course we find out later that it is the nasty Dr woman from Cadmus who is giving the criminals these weapons! The effects of these weapons are pretty good, especially the anti-gravity gun!


So who is going to stop these bad guys? Well Supergirl of course although she needs to learn to dodge!! Not everyone is happy to just stand aside and let her get on with it. Jimmy Olsen is sick of being a sidekick to all these super powered people. He wants to make a difference so he puts his fists into it! Firstly getting beaten down, then when he goes after the robbers with a baseball bat and mask his interruption results in the collapse of a building!

Winn discovers what he is doing and gives him the inevitable telling off before later in the episode agreeing to help him otherwise Jimmy is going to get himself killed. Mix in some sentiment about Jimmy’s Dad’s camera being destroyed and it inspiring him to try and make a difference and we’re given the parts of the episode which are the most engaging. I’m glad they have give Jimmy something to do instead of being eye candy for Kara.

Lena Luthor is back on the scene as well. She invites both Kara and Supergirl to a gala which it turns out was a trap for the alien weapon wielding rascals! She and Winn end up working together to activate some device that destroys the weapons. And just when the robbers agree to accept a deal in exchange for information on where the weapons came from, the Cadmus lady kills them all with brain implants!

Oh and I probably should mention that the creepy Cadmus lady is Lena’s mother!!! Yeah didn’t see that coming!

What about Mon-el? Or should I say Mike! Kara has dressed him up and got him a job at Cat Co. I don’t need to tell you that it doesn’t go so well. He is new to this planet and is lack lustre attempt to integrate is actually quite funny at time. Reciting his fake Social Security number to strangers and thinking he has the power to attract women are genuinely entertaining.

Kara has another moment of overcoming her preconceptions after some advice from Alex when she realises that Mike is not her. He needs to make his own decisions and she just needs to be there for advice. it’s a good thing really since he got fired from Cat Co!


So on to Alex. Her relationship status may be changing very soon! What started out as flirty competition has turned into friendship leading on to possibly more! Alex is seeing Maggie in her off hours and even tries to be her shoulder to cry on after Maggie tells her she’s been dumped.


Her attempt to cheer Maggie up gets interpreted as her asking for a date! Maggie assumes she is in to women which Alex says she’s not and leaves rather embarrassed. By the end of the episode, Alex has started to look at things differently and tells her that maybe there was an element of truth in what Maggie said. Does she like women? Looks like Supergirl is exploring sexuality on the show too! It’s about time!

I actually really, really enjoyed this episode. it was fun, had plenty of action and most of the core characters got their own strong moments (and thankfully no Snapper!!!). Kara’s ‘Operation Doubtfire’ moment was good, Winn and Jimmy’s jealousy of ‘Mike’ was expected but funny and as I mentioned earlier, Jimmy is becoming a great character! Let’s see how his journey to being a hero continues next week!


The Flash S3 Ep5 – ‘Monster’

The Flash is at it again! No, not changing the timeline (yet) but we have an episode where the members of Team Flash are more interesting than the villain! Last week we had a potentially fascinating but ultimately disappointing introduction to Mirror Master, and this week we have….well let’s just get into it shall we?

Let’s start with Caitlin. She has her own story this week. Worrying that her powers are getting stronger she goes to visit her mother, who is conveniently the leading expert on Cryo Medicine. They are not very close (apparently the mother grew ‘cold’ after her husband died) but after Caitlin angrily freezes an entire desk, her mother agrees to run some tests.

It turns out that Caitlin has the ability to absorb energy and after a brief encounter with one of her mother’s disgruntled employees, she is told that if she continues to use her powers it will be increasingly difficult to reverse! She is starting to slip into Killer Frost!


A Monster comes to Central City! Instead of a new Meta-Human, an enormous creature rampages through the city, causing widespread panic and vanishing as quickly as it appeared. It turns out that it was just a hologram controlled by some bullied kid but that isn’t what we’re interested in, the presence of the monster forces revelations!


HR (Earth-19 Harrison Wells), other than being super nice and happy, turns out not to be entirely honest! (Of course! He’s a Wells!). Cisco already doesn’t trust him and after realising that all he does is talk and cannot actually do anything useful, Cisco goes hunting for evidence of an ulterior motive!


Fortunately, he’s not a bad guy. Being forced to confess to the Team, HR tells them he is just the face of STAR Labs on his Earth, an ideas man and came to this Earth to write a book. Cisco wants to send him back but they come to an agreement that if he can actually add something to the Team he can stay.

HR isn’t the only one having the truth revealed! Julian Albert and Barry are still not getting along. Julian grassed to Captain Singh that Barry wasn’t doing his job properly, but is sorely disappointed by the very light ticking off Allen gets. Barry tries to offer an olive leaf by asking to learn from him secretly as a way of getting close to Meta-human crime scenes). He even offers to give up the lab!


When Julian calls Barry to a one of the places the Monster appeared, B ends up saving his life. This is followed by a small but intimate conversation between the pair where Julian reveals he doesn’t like Metas because they squander their gifts. if he had powers he would use them for the greater good!


Julian is actually the one that figures out the monster is being controlled by someone and almost kills the person before the Flash stops him from putting down a kid! Julian opens up to Barry after this and they start to become the best of friends! He feels powerless and that’s why he behaves the way he does, to feel powerful! A good old drink with Barry Allen should sort that!

As I said, the villain was crap but the episode was pretty good, much better than some of the others we have had so far. It’s good to see Julian not being an absolute dick for a change and I can’t wait to see Caitlin’s evolution continue. I’m not sure I like the HR story, it’s probably about time they had a version of Harrison Wells that didn’t have a secret, or just keep the Earth-2 version, he’s great!!! Oh and as long as they keep throwing in Star Wars references I’ll be happy!


Arrow S5 – Ep5 – ‘Human Target’

A lot to get through this week on Arrow so let’s get straight to it!

Picking up from last week, Wild Dog gets tortured by Tobias Church. The whole of Team Arrow are out canvassing the city for information, even Diggle who is back in full and Lyla has got ARGUS on it too (seems like a waste of company resources looking for a vigilante!)


Of course, they eventually locate him and Oliver rushes to the rescue, withholding the information from the rest the recruits. Church has Wild Dog digging his own grave and does the old ‘bad guy reveals his plan to soon to be rescued captive’ routine, something about gaining access to Star City’s water ways.


The Green Arrow arrives and in the scuffle Church escapes. Although Wild Dog is safe, this counts as a huge set back, he revealed Oliver’s identity to Church! So the rest of Oliver’s story has him trying to protect those around him when being Mayor Queen and actually doing some politics! Boring I know!

Diggle and Wild Dog share some time this week as the latter is recuperating in the old HIVE base where John is now living. Diggle thinks WD may have seen or heard something useful when held by Church but Rene can’t remember anything! After sharing some stories about his own torture at the hands of his brother Andy the pair agree to try and re-live the experience to see what he can learn. And as it turns out, he remembers something very important, Church is bringing together all the major crime families!


Team Arrow disrupt the meeting with each member getting their own little fight. Artemis and Curtis swoon over ‘Spartan’, who is wearing a new and much better looking helmet, they then tackle Church’s own masked protector before being assisted by ‘Human Target’, more on him later. Wild Dog takes on Church then Oliver takes over and beats him down.


The episode ends with Church being taken away in a police convoy, only to be attacked by Prometheus. He decimates the convoy and as he approaches, Church offers him Oliver’s identity (his only bargaining chip!). Prometheus swiftly finishes the job!

Earlier on in the episode, Church has hired his own ‘mask’ to kill Mayor Queen. After he does some impressive political maneuvering and convinces the reporter that has been plaguing him to give him a chance, Oliver is shot down on the steps of his Mayoral Offices! Deputy Mayor Lance announces Oliver’s death on TV.


Recovering from a genuine *gasp* moment, we see that the death was a decoy! A man calling himself ‘The Human Target’ took Oliver’s place as a precaution. He has to become the target to pass as them so he ends up knowing Oliver better than he knows himself, and he tells Oliver about Felicity seeing Billy Malone.


This results in a scene that I’m sure any remaining Olicity fans to cry (let’s face it most things do that). Oliver climbs up to Felicity’s apartment to ask why she didn’t tell him she was seeing someone. She was going to tell him when she knew what it was. Oliver wants her to be happy.


Okay then, let’s get the flashbacks out of the way. Oliver is officially part of the Bratva now but not all the members are happy. One of them even traps Oliver with the help of a rather attractive woman in red. A fight ensues but a larger Bratva member comes to Oliver’s aid. Turns out, this was Christopher Chance aka The Human Target! He was hired to protect Oliver!!

So a rather lack lustre episode but I’m glad that Church is out of the picture. I’m hoping Prometheus comes to the fore now and actually directly poses a threat to Oliver rather than being some random figure in the darkness. I wish the show would stop trying to make me care about Felicity and Billy. He is not an engaging character, making him work with Oliver in the ACU does nothing for me and is clearly just an attempt to put some tension between two characters who have both slept with the blonde hacker! I DON’T CARE!!

The flashbacks and the present day will soon become closer than ever before after Oliver’s favourite reporter has gotten hold of a photo of him taken when he was in Russia! How will he explain this one?! Roll on next week and for the love of God, bring out Mr Terrific in full, using his T-spheres, it’s well past due!


Legends of Tomorrow S2 Ep4 – ‘Abominations’

We know at this point that Legends of Tomorrow is going for a fun but ridiculous angle to the CW Universe. So far we have seen Cowboys, Samurai and Nazis so it’s about time we got around to Zombies! How will the team cope when faced with the undead! Let’s go!

The main focus of the episode is the team trying to stop the spread of a future bio-weapon which turns people in zombies during the American Civil War. As I’ve talked about before, the CW shows like to drive moral, social and sometimes political messages into their stories, this time is that racism and slavery are bad!


Jacks volunteers to go on the mission but Professor Stein tries to stop him in case he encounters some of the extreme racists and slave owners around at the time. Jacks of course goes anyway just saying he’s experienced racism before.


The Team jump into action straight away  battling Zombies but ultimately failing to save a man called Henry Scott, who turns out to have been integral to the victory of the General Grant and the Union. Jacks agrees to take up Scott’s mission to deliver confederate secrets. Oh and during the fight Mick gets bitten!


At this point the team splits up. Professor Stein takes Mick back to the Waverider so that he and Ray can try and create an antidote. These scenes are genuinely hilarious as Ray’s vaccine just makes things worse, turning Mick into a mindless killing machine.


Stein has a phobia of Zombies which he has to overcome to help stop Mick. While Ray is trying to find some purpose without his Atom suit. It all works out as Stein manages to spray Mick with an antidote that works! After recovering, Mick recognises that Ray is a bit lost and asks him to be his new partner by giving him Captain Cold’s gun! Aww new besties!


While all this is going on, Jacks and Vixen infiltrated a confederate house party to try and find the secret plans. They witness terrible treatment of the slaves with both of them struggling to hold themselves back from intervening lest they change the timeline. Jacks even gets chained up in the barn with some other slaves for ‘disrespecting’ the owner of the house.

Not caring about affecting the timeline anymore, Jacks tells the other slaves about his mission and they tell him about all the things they have to endure, he is horrified. Vixen to the rescue! She storms into the party, releases Jacks and they free the slaves (one of which recognises Vixen’s amulet from her own village)


Back to the party just as the Zombies arrive! Jacks and Vixen try to help while looking for the plans (which are of course behind a painting!). The dick slave over refuses to help Jacks and gets taken down by Zombies, instant karma! Our heroes escape after burning the house to destroy the undead.


Meanwhile, Sara and Nate Heywood have gone off to find General Grant to warn him about the zombies. When at first he doesn’t believe them, Sara presents him with the head of one. Just in time too, the Zombies start arriving. Sara comes up with a plan to get them all at once with some awfully convenient nitro glycerine nearby.


Heywood aka Steel draws the zombies away with a flare (much like Jurassic Park) causing them to swarm him and the nitro as he blows it up, after activating his powers of course! General Grant thanks Sara and gives her a leadership pep talk, and Jack for delivering the Confederate plans. Jacks gives him name as Henry Scott, thus keeping the timeline intact.


A fun episode as always but a bit unhinged in places. It will be interesting to see where Mick and Ray’s partnership goes and if he builds another suit! Jacks and Stein are keeping future Barry Allen’s message a secret from the rest of the team but us as well! What did it say?!?! Sara is doing great in command of the team even if she does have to deal with the idiotic Heywood who seems to be having trouble with his powers, except when it matters and then there’s no problem. Keep the humour and ridiculous scenarios coming and ill be happy.

Another week complete and the winner this week is Supergirl! Who will come out on top next time?

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