It’s that time again ladies and gentlemen, time to break down last week’s CW Superhero offerings! Which of the shows will come out on top? Will The Flash improve? Will Arrow falter? There’s only one way to find out (apart from watching the shows yourselves!) Read on!


Supergirl S2 Ep4 – ‘Survivors’

The title of this week’s episode tells you everything you need to know. By this point in the show we know of four ‘survivors’ from planets long dead. Kara Zor-El, J’onn J’onnz and now Mon-El and Me’gan M’orzz. These four our are the focus of the episode, but don’t worry there are plenty of other aliens hanging around too. Let’s go!

A brief flashback scene shows how Mon-El came to Earth, a former Daxamite Palace Guard, the prince he was guarding tricked him into the pod as they were running from the destruction caused by nearby Krypton’s explosion. Back in the present day there has been no response to his signal and the DEO want to keep him on base for observation and other’s safety.

Throughout the episode Winn is helping to test Mon-El’s abilities and we learn that while he is super strong and durable, he doesn’t have heat vision, freeze breath or flight like Kara, although he can turn on the Daxamite charm. Mon-EL manages to convince Winn to let him out into the outside world and they basically go on a bar crawl! Things inevitably go wrong when they get into a fight after Mon-El breaks some guys arm during an arm wrestling contest!


Back on the base, J’onn is pissed that the two went AWOL, but Kara calms him down and ends up bonding with Mon-El through their shared experience of being the last survivor of their planets. She was sent to Earth to look after and train Kal-El but never got to do it, now she can do it for him!


The main story in the episode centers around an Alien fight club run by one of National City’s elites calling herself Roulette.

Alex and Detective Sawyer are on the case, hunting down aliens caught up in this club (and having some very flirty exchanges while they are at it). The pair even dress up nice and infiltrate the club!

Enter the most recent ‘survivor’. While watching the fight club, the current champion is revealed to be none other than Me’gan M’orrz!! No wonder she didn’t want to ‘share the bond’ with J’onn earlier in the episode – is that code for doing the nasty?!


After barely escaping the fight club, Alex and Kara tell J’onn about Me’gan. Confronting her later, she gets very defensive about her past, previously saying a White Martian helped her get off Mars over 300 years ago, she doesn’t want to live in the past! She’s a bit of a Martian bitch if you ask me!

J’onn eventually apologies to her but Roulette takes them both and forces them to fight to the Death! J’onn refuses to fight her and manages to talk her down. So Roulette releases a big guy to do the damage! Supergirl arrives to save the day and using some fighting advice she picked up from Mon-El manages to win the day. Roulette is arrested but Sawyer has to let her go, apparently the order came down from on high! Corruption is rife in National City it appears!

Ending the episode, Supergirl and Mon-El are in a good place, J’onn apologises to Me’gan and tells her he’s there is she needs him. He might not want to ‘share the bond’ with her however as we see after J’onn leaves, she is a WHITE MARTIAN!!!!!!

Thankfully there was less of Kara’s human life this week, still trying to get Snapper to accept her reporting. At first he won’t but then she sticks up for herself, provides Supergirl as a source and he does. I’m bored of this already.


Poor Alex, Sawyer was flirting all episode and then reveals she has a girlfriend! Just when we thought Alex might actually be happy! I’m definitely in favour of the new angle they are giving Alex this season!


Considering the various different stories in this episode nothing much happened. The episode felt a lot longer than it actually was and the various ‘pep-talks’ and ‘finding yourself’ moments are getting a bit samey and can be used a finite number of times. I just want to see Kara and Mon-El teaming up together, Alex having some fun rather than being the stern, straight-laced Agent and much more of Winn, I love Winn!

A strong start to the series but it looks like the show is already losing some of it’s steam. The show would be much better if Kara goes full Supergirl and leaves he human life behind. I can only hope.


The Flash S3 Ep4 – ‘The New Rogues’

I’m going to keep this recap pretty short because I’m really starting to get bored of the Flash. The episodes are either too crowded or stretched out and it feels like the CW has learnt nothing from the last couple of seasons of sister show Arrow. Keep the core characters interesting, make sure the episodes tie into the over all story arc of the season and for the love of God stop adding evil speedsters every week! Let’s see what this week’s episode has in store!

Firstly, we get something we haven’t seen for a while on The Flash, a flashback to the particle accelerator explosion! This time we see Leonard Snart aka the future Captain Cold and some of his old crew  having a disagreement after a job. The explosion interrupts the fight, catching two of the crims in the wave causing one of them (who was had just been thrown through a mirror) to disappear. Know who he will be yet?


So the aforementioned criminal, Sam Scudder returns in the present day with a grudge against Snart and now has the ability to move through mirrors or any reflective surface. Welcome Mirror Master to the show! One of the Rogues from the Flash comics who hadn’t already been brought to life! An unlikable character, paired with his old girlfriend Rosalyn Dillon aka Top, who obtained the power to inflict incredible Vertigo on people, we have our villains of the week.


Bad guys aside, the Team Flash moments are far more entertaining. The biggest issue for Barry this week is dealing with the fact that he is dating the daughter of his adoptive father. Neither of them are comfortable with the practicalities of the relationship and seeing them try to talk about it was hilarious! All the awkwardness melts away at the end of the episode when Barry decides to get his own place (well past time for that!) This was the first time this season that I was interested in the Allen/West family dynamic! Keep it up!


Harry Wells is getting home sick, or at least he says he needs to go home to Earth-2 to fix the problems there. Team Flash want him to stay so he suggests they audition for a replacement from the Multi-verse! Cue another hilarious sequence of alternate Harrison Wells answering their message, each contestant funnier than the last but Harry passing on all of them. They pick the Wells from Earth-18 and he is possible the jolliest character ever!!! I certainly look forward to seeing him on the team!


It’s Jesse’s first official outing as a hero! Barry lets her tag along when he goes to confront Mirror Master and Top. A brief chase and Jesse ignoring Barry’s warnings, Jesse gets felled by Top’s powers meaning that Barry has to call off his chase with Mirror Master and save her. This distraction give MM the opportunity to trap Barry in a pane of glass!


The team figure out they need to slow down the molecules of the glass by cooling it so Barry can phase out, but even adapting a spare Cold gun that Cisco just happened to have lying around doesn’t work. As the others leave, Caitlin secretly uses her powers to drop the temperature, allowing Barry to slip out.

Back to the battle, Wally gives Jesse a bit of a pep-talk and after an earlier unexpected kiss, they open up to each other and have a lovely little snog! Jesse races off to help Barry with the bad guys. Using a Snart decoy to draw them out, Barry traps MM in a circle of mirrors and Jesse some how overcomes Tops vertigo and spins her into submission! Convenient.

So a much better episode that the others so far. Lots of fun and mostly exciting. Even the end of the episode made me want to see the next one right away. Before Wells leaves for Earth-2 he tells Cisco that their machine didn’t work so something else let Barry out. Cut straight to Caitlin going through her evening routine where we see her accidentally freezing things! Her transition to Killer Frost is beginning!!!!


This episode felt a lot like season 1 which is very much a good thing. Give me more of this!!! Oh and got to love the Mirror Master comic nod when Wells says the Earth-2 version used a mirror gun!


Easter Eggs and references are something this show always does fantastically!


Arrow S5 Ep4 – ‘Penance’

Remember that faith I had in the recovery of Arrow? Yeah, I don’t have that anymore. Spoiler alert, I didn’t like this episode. Very little happens and the stuff that does isn’t very interesting. Let’s get it over with.

So the Recruits are officially part of Team Arrow and inevitably aren’t performing very well. Oliver tasks them to bring down a lowly thug who has broken into a facility to steal something and they mess it up straight away. Wild Dog jumps the gun, Artemis misses her shot and Curtis gets beaten down. Oliver clears it all up with a single arrow to the perps leg and gives the team a few days off to think about their actions.


This conveniently gives Oliver some free time of his own to break Diggle out of prison. Felicity is against this, but as we don’t really like her this season who cares! Oliver, taking medical leave from the Mayor’s office, breaks into Palmer Tech to retrieve an experimental compound that can cut through anything (apart from its own container!) to use for the prison break.


Felicity tells the recruits what Oliver is planning so they try to stop him. I put emphasis on try because he effortlessly beats them down and goes on his way. Reaching the prison Oliver locates Diggle who doesn’t want out, he sees his sentence as penance for what he did to his brother. Oliver won’t take no for an answer and tells him to do his penance as Spartan!

Dealing with Tobias Church is still an issue and the team is one man down. Rory aka Ragman has left the team as he can’t work with Felicity anymore, but of course she goes to see him and gives one of her stomach turning apology/plea for sanity speeches and he rejoins the team!

The item the perp earlier was stealing was actually a bomb which Church intended to get placed in evidence so he could blow it up and steal a load of the weapons previously confiscated by the cops. While the new DA is interrogating the guy they arrested Church attacks the ACU. All seems lost until the Recruits arrive and save the day with Ragman showing he is virtually invincible! Curtis gets a knife in the back and because Wild Dog is much like Oliver, he stupidly confronts Church alone, loses and gets taken away to be tortured.

Only the flashbacks are left. Again, what started well is losing its steam. Oliver has one final test before he can be Bratva. He pretends to be drunk to get arrested and thrown into jail to confront one of Kovar’s contacts. Showing his dark side, Oliver threatens the man’s family in order to obtain some crucial information. Knowing his cover will be blown, he kills the guy! And now he has apparently passed the final test. He is Bratva!


A very rushed episode. It felt like they needed to fill some time while Diggle was being brought back onto the team so they gave the recruits a lot more screen time. Unfortunately, the characters are not strong enough to hold the episode on their own or together. There was quite a lot of set up for future episodes with a hint at the DA working with Team Arrow after saying he has faith in the way they do things, so maybe the show could improve again.

What was with that ridiculous prison extract? Did Lyla (as head of ARGUS) just commandeer a huge jet to pull Oliver and Diggle off the roof (The Dark Knight style). Seriously!?!


Legends of Tomorrow S2 Ep3 – ‘Shogun’

All the CW shows are getting a bit serious with all the city-wide or planet-wide threats! So let’s look at the time-wide threats! The Legends are back with another completely ridiculous but fun episode all about Samurai! Let’s go!

Starting at the beginning Vixen, one of the JSA, snuck aboard the Waverider and starts taking out the team. Believing that Heatwave was the one that killed Rex Tyler, she tries to take him out too. A brief fight is interrupted by a newly powered Nate Heywood or shall I say the soon to be named Citizen Steel?! He now has the ability to turn his skin to steel which gives him super human strength and durability. Of course he can’t control these powers so Ray offers to train him, surely Sara or even Rory would be a better teacher!


Trying to force Heywood to manifest his powers, Ray shoots him with his suit’s blaster. Not realising his new strength, Heywood accidentally blows a hole in the ship while they are mid time jump and gets sucked into the the time stream! Ray goes after him but the WaveRider is too damaged to pursue.


The pair crash land separately in Feudal Japan. Heywood gets rescued and cared for by a random woman called Misako, while Ray is captured by some Samurai. Heywood learns that Misako is due to marry the local tyrannical Shogun and the rest of the episode immediately becomes obvious, but let’s break it down anyway.

Heywood takes it upon himself to protect Misako and stop the arranged marriage (you know despite the many warnings about messing with the timeline). He is far too confident in the new abilities and they don’t work when he needs them to, resulting in him being seriously injured by the Shogun’s men.


The Shogun is now wearing ray’s suit and discovering its capabilities, prompting Ray’s escape from his cell and reunion with his Waverider teammates to move from an assault to a retreat! The Team find Heywood (and interrupt a kiss with Misako) and decide to create a trap for the Shogun when he comes to claim his bride.

Ray is the most interesting part of this episode. The thing that made him a hero is being used against him and his friends and he now has to train Heywood how to destroy it if they are to win. He is sad but knows it has to be done, don’t worry though, Misako’s father is on hand to be the usual CW pep-talk merchant and tells him that it’s the man inside and not the armour that makes a hero.


The team confront the Shogun and his men, each having their own little scuffles. Sara is a badass as always taking down a handful of guys before engaging in an awesome katana battle with the Shogun’s number 2 and of course coming out on top! Mick fights a bunch of Ninjas and takes them all out right before being the hero for Sara and Vixen before they are overrun! See, he’s a nice guy really!


And finally the love story comes full circle. Misako gets in between a beaten Ray (who is now wearing the armour of Misako’s father’s son? Her brother?) and is rescued by Heywood, or should I say Steel! His powers in full flow he manages to get the upper hand and destroys the Atom suit, with the Shogun still inside. Yay! Time for a Heywood/Misako snog!

Back on the Waverider, Jacks and Professor Stein have found a secret compartment that Rip never told them about. It appears at first to be a small armory but there is a message for Rip from a future Barry Allen, one that he made Rip swear never to tell the rest of the team! Of course being at the end of the episode we have no ideas what this message is.


So to sum up, Sara is comfortable as the leader of the team, Vixen is warming up to Mick after he saved her life. Ray feels useless and Heywood…ahem…Steel is starting to learn about his powers. If only they could give the whole cast a decent story rather than always leaving one if not two of them on the Waverider to basically sit it out while the others have fun! That being said the show is still really fun. It is the one CW show that feels most like a comic book. Each episode is pretty much a contained story with some tendrils extending across the season but I’m having an absolute blast watching the show. Where or when will our Legends find themselves next?

So what did you think of this week’s CW Shows? Think you know where each story is going? Let us know in the comments below.

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