Remember that great X-men movie Trilogy? You know the one…yeah, no not that one… oh wait, there isn’t one! While some of the mutant adventures have been great, X2 and Days of Future Past in our opinion, the franchise has never maintained consistency in quality.

After the muted response to X-men Apocalypse, the third Film in the with the current cast, it didn’t really come as a surprise that something was going to shake it all up.

Apparently, Simon Kinberg has expressed that the X-men universe is to be reconfigured. Put this together with the expiring contracts of stars such as James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender and the fact that Hugh Jackman has finished filming his last Wolverine project, a reboot looks almost confirmed!

There are still rumours hanging around that the next Film will be a re-telling of the Dark Phoenix saga, something that Fox have already gotten wrong!!

So where will things go following a reboot? Deadpool is still on track to be part of the wider X-men universe so will he be getting an X-force movie including the Merc?

Could we see things return to the start and have Charles setting up his school again but this time have it mirror something more liked the X-men Evolution animated TV show?

If they are going to do the Dark Phoenix saga again I honestly think a different actress is needed for Jean Grey, if for no other reason than Sophie Turner’s American accent is horrendous!! It’s a difficult story to tell, X-men The Animated did a pretty good job with it so if they do something like that I’d be happy.

But maybe it’s time to move away from the core characters like Wolverine and Jean Grey and focus on some of the other thousands of mutants in the universe. And of course they could always go into space like Bryan Singer suggested when talking about the future of the franchise.

How else would they do the full Phoenix saga without the celestial origin of the Phoenix Force? Will be see the Shi’ar Empire? The Starjammers?


Wherever the series goes it has to do something different than before. One good Film in every trilogy isn’t good enough to sustain a franchise. If all else fails, give the rights back to Marvel and see what they can do with it!

What do you think of the rumoured reboot? Last ditch attempt to save the franchise? Let us know in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “X-men Universe Reboot?

  1. I would love the rights to go back to Marvel along with the FF but that’s for another topic. I’d say they should incorporate the intergalactic moments if they are going to do the Dark Phoenix Story justice. If anything the X-Men movies seem to hit bum steers as there are too many mutants to throw into a 2 hour format, and they tend to leave out essential mutants in the movie storylines.

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