It looks like Marvel is well and truly trying to stake its place in the TV world! Over the last few months we’ve had announcements of various properties coming to the small screen.

Legion, a series centred around David Haller, Charles Xavier’s son, Cloak and Dagger a teen mutant vigilante show and Hellfire, a show focusing on the Infamous Hellfire club, a group of elite powerful mutants and The Runaways, all slated for release over the next couple of years. Though Hellfire has since been scrapped, the other shows are still on track.

Now we have official confirmation that an Inhumans TV will be coming to abc next fall. The first two episodes will be screened in Selected IMAX cinemas in September with the remaining episodes on regular TV.

More Inhumans you say? Hasn’t Agents of SHIELD done Inhumans already?! Well yes, they have but it has mainly been focused around Skye/Daisy/Quake and a few other Inhumans as they discover Terrigenesis. 

The new show is said to feature Black Bolt and the Inhuman Royal Family! So there will be a whole bunch of new Inhumans to see but the arrival of this show creates lots of questions. 

Will there be a crossover with AoS which will presumably still be on the air by the time this is released? What does this mean for the fate of the MCU Inhumans film that was removed from the Phase 3 slate? Where will it be set? On the moon? When will it be set? Will there be another planet wide Terrigenesis event?

It’s far too early to know what’s going to be happening in the show but it’s fun to speculate. One thing I hope the show manages to get is a large budget. If Marvel is going to compete with the DC superhero shows then they either need to pack a big punch or make the show like nothing else.

The Netflix shows have helped Marvel get a foothold in the TV arena but DC still dominates. Is this he start of a Marvel/DC small screen war?! Let battle commence!

What do you think of this announcement? Think TV is the best way to do justice to the Inhumans? Let us know in the comments below.

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