We’re back again! In full swing for all CW superhero shows! But you don’t want to hear my rubbish introductions! Let’s make the Flash and……speed along? I’m sorry, it won’t happen again!


Supergirl S2 Ep3 – ‘Welcome to Earth’

Aliens, Aliens everywhere and not drop to drink….no wait, that’s not how the saying goes! Anyway, this episode is all about aliens! And not just Kryptonians or Martians, although they are as always very important to the show! Before I bore you with more ramblings and other painful attempts at humour, let’s jump right in!

The mystery pod guy escapes from the DEO almost straight away, so not a good start to the episode for the team. He even beats Kara up on his way out so appears to be a force to be reckoned with. It couldn’t have come at a worse time for the DEO as the President of the United States of America is soon to be visiting as part of her Alien Amnesty Act tour!


Even though J’onn J’onnz disgarees with the Act, in that Humans and Aliens don’t mix well, he accepts that it is a visit he must accomodate. The President arrives in National City, and is played by none other than Lynda Carter herself aka the original Wonder Woman!!! Awesome!!!!

The arrival is interrupted by some fire blast aimed at the President which Kara is able to deflect but the attacker escapes without a trace. It appears the mystery pod man was responsible so the DEO double their efforts to find him. Well mainly Alex does, and she has a new love interest…ahem…professional competitor in the form of Detective Maggie Sawyer, helping her see the human side to the aliens along the way.


So with new charcters all over the place, let’s deal with the main theme of the episode, acceptance and tolerance. In her new reporter job, Kara is dressed down by her boss and sent to give Lena Luthor an interview about the Alien Amnesty Act.


Luthor’s company is already capitalising on it and has developed an Alien detection device that they want in every public place. Kara is pissed at this and let’s her feelings show in the article she gives to her boss. He dresses her down again telling her she can’t show bias and tells her to write it again.

Winn traces the mystery pod man to an observatory, he was detected sending a message to the planet Daxam. After a brief fight, the man is taken back to the DEO where Kara again shows her bias, verablly abusing him purely for being a Daxamite, the enemies of her own planet Krypton!

With the Daxamite in custody everyone relaxes until the real alien attacker shows herself at another Presidential event. Supergirl fights her off but the alien kidnaps Detective Sawyer instead. When they track the alien down she reveals that she thinks the Amnesty Act is just a cover for Alien registraton. The subsequent fight doesn’t last long and it is the Detective that lands the final blow!

It takes almost the entire episode for Kara to accept that her personal bias affects her judgement and to make amends she apologies to the Daxamite, or should I say Mon-El (comic fans rejoice!). Kara explains that his world is dead, just like hers so he too is a refugee on Earth.


Oh yeah, and Jimmy stakes his claim as the new Cat Co. CEO after Snapper undermines him infront of the troops! Go Jimmy! It’s good to see he’s not a wet blanket but those scenes were boring. Sorry Jimmy!


To finish off the episode is typical Supergirl ‘Wha….?!’ style, President Wonder Woman makes reference to her other jet (of course it’s the Invisible Jet!) and we see that she herself isn’t human!!

Seeking out comfort at the Alien Dive bar, J’onn enters for a drink in full Martian get up only to find that the barmaid is in fact a Martian herself, the last Daughter of Mars!! Or shall we call her Miss Martian?! Is the CW network trying to set up a live action Young Justice spin off show?! I hope so!!!

Supergirl has raced into the top spot of my favourite CW shows and looks to stay there, especially if it keeps introducing new characters like Detective Sawyer. Kara’s himan life stuff is becoming tiresome and too reminiscient of Clark Kent. I hope in upcoming episodes we see more a focus on her super side.  And how awesome was it seeing Lynda Carter?!?!


The Flash S3 Ep3 – ‘Magenta’

I’m going to say right from the start that I didn’t like this episode of The Flash. Even though there were some really good visuals and one particular plot point I have been waiting for, it felt too busy with not much focus on any one character. Also not a lot happens in the episode really, but before I tear it down completely, let’s break it down.

The most interesting part of the episode is learning that Jesse Quick now has her speed! Earth-2 Harrison Wells and Jesse open a breach (somehow) and come back to Earth-1 so that the team can assess Jesse’s abilities, or rather so Wells can get the team to convince Jesse not to use her speed.


Cue some speed tests and Wells trying his hardest to put her off being a hero, Jesse getting mad, other members of the team trying to talk to her and ultimately Wally being very Jealous! Even to the point of trying to jump start any dormant powers he may have by stepping out in front of a speeding car! Which of course doesn’t work!


In the end when Barry needs help with this week’s Meta, Wells relents and tells Jesse to go help him.

Calling herself Magenta, the new Meta has extremely strong Telekinesis, which she uses at first to try and kill her asshole foster father. Fighting with a split personality disorder, the ‘Magenta’ side is trying to take over completely. We learn that she is another person to have received their powers from Alchemy.

Wanting to finish off her foster father after the failed first attempt, Magenta tries to drop a Tanker ship on the hospital he is in. Barry races to the rescue and creates an wind funnel to hold the tanker up. Jesse takes over so he can talk Magenta down.

So Alchemy is calling people who had powers in the other time line and restoring their abilities somehow, and for what?

Whilst all this is going on we get a very boring few scenes of Barry and Iris trying to date. Their first date bombs and gets interrupted by the arrival of Wells and Jesse. Their second date goes much better when they accept to try it as the people they are, but Barry still has to race off! It’s something we have seen in every Superhero show, being a hero gets in the way of love.


Some interesting things to note in the episode. Wells and Jesse have not been affected by Barry’s time messing, this is quickly explained away by saying ‘different Earth different timeline’ (I’m not sure that’s how it would really work but I’ll let it go!).

In this new timeline, S.T.A.R. Labs has a Speed Lab, specifically designed to test speedsters which is pretty cool. All of Team Flash have panic alarms in their phones because they kept getting kidnapped, a useful change!

Julian Albert is starting to suspect something is off with Barry and the show is trying to make you think he has his own secrets. He behaves strangely at times, deliberately provoking Magenta into using her powers and asking Barry if he is scared of ghosts. What is he hiding?


At the end of the episode we see Wells finally accept that Jesse can help people and gives her a superhero suit! Finally we have a good speedster! Enough of these evil ones!!!

As a I said at the beginning I didn’t like this episode. Three episodes in now and the show is struggling with consistency. I understand the desire to keep the audience guessing about the plot but we need to start getting some answers or at least tie up some of the messy arcs that are now in place. Magenta was a bit of a nothing bad guy and was taken down with talking. Maybe there just wasn’t enough action in the episode for me!

Come on Flash, pick it up!


Arrow S5 Ep3 – ‘A Matter of Trust’

I’m worried about Arrow. After Season 4 it dropped to the bottom of the CW show rankings in my opinion. The first couple of episodes of the new season showed promise but the latest installment might be a return to familiar but disappointing themes. I can see where they are going with some of the story arcs but I don’t think the new cast is up to the job. Hopefully I’m wrong!

This episode is the new Recruits first day out on the streets as part of the new team. Oliver shows them one of his interrogation techniques by dropping a guy from the roof of a building after receiving the information he wanted! Oliver is getting darker each episode!


The lesson here was that information is key. Wild Dog is itiching to hit the streets to find out more about this Stardust drug and where it’s coming from but Oliver doesn’t think they are ready yet.

Of course, Wild Dog ignores Oliver’s warnings and sniffs out a Stardust production factory, bringing Evelyn Sharp along for the ride. It inevitably goes wrong when Wild Dog goes in all guns blazing and ends up ‘killing’ the gang leader by dropping him into a vat of chemicals (Joker origin anyone?) Oh this guy is also played by Cody Rhodes aka the wrestler Stardust!


Oliver, is pissed, The new District Attorney is pissed as it screwed up a huge case against these gangs he had been working on. But don’t worry, the guy isn’t dead. He merely obtained super strength and can no longer feel pain!

Realising that this mess was partly his fault, Oliver puts his trust in his new team and lets them help him take down the new super drug boss and his guys. The new team actually work well together, although Curtis is still by far the weak link and needs to learn to fight. That aside, his Fair Play jacket and T-mask is almost a perfect copy of his comic counterpart.

The team succeed and Oliver recovers from another beating to cut all he tendons of the drug boss effectively paralising him. Oliver now trusts his team and to show this, he brings them into the Arrow Cave for the first time. They all look on in awe, even Curtis who has been there hundreds of times!


So what else was going on in the episode? Diggle is now locked up and awaiting trial. He tells Lyla everything about what happened with Andy and then meets his new cell mate…Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot…isn’t he dead? Well, yes it appears so. Dig is struggling with some major baggage and Deadshot appears to be a hallucination! At least he got to pour some of his heart out to someone! Dig feels he needs to serve his sentence as penance.


Thea has messed up! She has a running battle with a news reporter who tears her, and Oliver’s office apart over the appointment of Quentin Lance as Deputy Mayor. She tries to make things better but ends up making it worse and is only saved when Oliver publicly takes the fall for her.  It’s good to see Thea is still doing something but I ‘m not interested in the political side of this show!

The flashbacks aren’t worth going into in much details. In short Oliver is told that he needs to trust the Bratva and they need to trust him. Apparently this comes in the form of him letting them cut him repeatedly and trusting them not to kill him. Weird, yes but they are the Bratva!

Just when it looked like the new Team Arrow could work well, bloody Felicity comes along and ruins it all by telling Rory aka Ragman that she was responsible for the destruction of Havenrock, his hometown. Who cares that she was struggling with the guilt? She seemed fine until a survivor showed up! He seemed pretty upset as he left! But we can’t dwell on it for long as Lyla arrives and tells Oliver that she wants him to break Dig out of prison!!!

And what’s the deal with super-nice-convenient new boyfriend of Felicity Detective Billy Malone telling the Arrow that Prometheus is out to ge him? He has no motivation for this, or maybe the show is trying to make you think Malone could be Prometheus? My money is still on Tommy Merlyn!


The new team is okay I guess. When working properly together they can be great, Curtis needs to work on his combat skills but the others have it down! Especially Ragman who appears almost invincible! The Mayor Queen side of things isn’t interesting and I’m convinced those scenes are there only to justify giving the new team more spotlight. Is the show working towards the Green Arrow retiring? I wouldn’t rule it out if the show survives past this season. I need engagement and sadly Arrow is not achieving that yet!


Legends of Tomorrow S2 Ep2 – ‘The Justice Society of America’

So this week we have a clash of superhero teams! The Legends are confronted by the Justice Society of America and of course a fight ensues almost immediately. The JSA members in action include Commander Steel (discount Captain America), Obsidian (or Mr Blackout as I call him), Vixen (a different one), Star Girl (discount female Capain America with a magic staff) and Dr Midnight (who apparently can see in the dark with special goggles! Seriously what is his power?)


The fight doesn’t last long and the Legends are down. Taking them back to their Paris HQ Rex Tyler aka Hourman doesn’t know them. The version they met in 2016 must have been from his future. Regardless, the JSA don’t believe the Legends are from the future, even with Dr Heywood revealing that Commander Steel is his Grandfather, showing him his own dog tags!

The driving force behind this episode is the team reluctantly working together to try and capture a Nazi who has somehow gotten hold of some kind of amulet. Sent on their way by the JSA, the Legends realise that time has changed when Heywood’s dogtags vanish! Gideon then informs them that the JSA are killed on their last mission!


The leadership of the Legends is important in this episode. Rex Tyler appears to be a typical 1942 sexist, assuming that Professor Stein in the leader of the team! Stein smugly assumes control of the team but things go badly on his first mission in charge. Infiltrating a Nazi saturated club as a singer, things are going well until Ray refuses to salute the Fuhrer and punches a Nazi instead. Cue obligatory bar fight!

The JSA save the day and reluctantly accept the Legends help to retrieve the amulet. We learn several things in the last act of the episode. We saw early on that the Reverse Flash is in town and gave a sample of a Super Soldier Serum to the Nazi in exchange for something? What is he up to?


Dr Haywood is a Hemophiliac, making it very risky for him to be in combat! Sara is the mother hen to the team and is looking out for everyone. Vixen and Ray start the typical ‘hate you at first but grow to love you’ relationship. Oh and the Legends CGI budget needs raising!


During an attack on a convoy transporting the amulet, the lead Nazi takes some of the serum enhancing him into a huge super strong monster which looks like it belongs on the set of Total Recall! Professor Stein can’t handle the pressure of command, especially when he has to decide whether to cut and run from the attack, leaving Ray and Vixen to be captured.


The rescue mission goes as expected, Ray and Vixed work their eay out from the inside using their fists and some of Ray’s cunning. While the Legends and JSA combine their government funded bombers and super powers to attack from the outside. Sara takes command of the team as Stein steps down and even the super Nazi gets taken out!


The mission isn’t without its casualties. Commander Steel and Dr Haywood are struck point blank with a bomb and due to Heywood’s condition they can’t stop him from deteriorating. That is until Ray comes in with a sample of the serum stolen from the Nazis, which he has somehow had the time to amend the formula of. Administering the serum saves Heywood’s life!


Rounding things off, Commander Steel and Dr Heywood finally bond over their shared genetics and heroics and I predict Heywood will soon be developing some super powers! Just in case you thought the episode ended with too much of a positive note, the Reverse Flash rears his time travelling head and kills Rex Tyler for screwing up his plans! Didn’t see that coming!


I was right after the first episode, this show is so much fun and ridiculous all at the same time. It doesn’t matter that the plot of each episode is very thin or that the effects at times are questionable, I was thoroughly entertained the entire time and can’t wait for the next episode. Give me more super heroes and powers and more fights in strange situations and i’ll be happy!

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