Well we are back in full swing now! All but Legends of Tomorrow have returned to UK screens with mixed results.

The general consensus is that The flash was disappointing, Supergirl was fun to watch and Arrow was surprisingly good! Will Legends bring something new to the table? It is the show that most people are indifferent about. Some fun bits but not much cohesion or substance. With the addition of some new team members and a new story arc perhaps the show will be able to compete with it’s CW siblings!

Let’s get going on week 2 of the CW Superhero Round up!


Supergirl S2 Ep2 – ‘Last Children of Krypton’

Supergirl and Superman are back in action and this time we get to see them do some real city protecting! They both help to put out a fire with Superman creating a rain cloud by flying really fast above the fire (who knew he could do that?). Then they go off to stop a robbery and smash both ends of the getaway car. After the thieves bullets don’t stop the heroes they resort to punching which Superman is always confused by.


The Super-pair are having a lot of fun working together but J’onn J’onnz is not impressed, they need to focus on the job and follow protocol!

Metallo is let loose on the city and surprises both Superman and Supergirl with his abilities. After a brief scuffle where the Kryptonians find themselves outmatched with Kara injured, they retreat, but not before giving us a classic comic book pose!!

Cadmus make themselves known to National City and basically declaring war on the alien menace! To combat Metallo Winn starts work on some anti-Kryptonite suits for our heroes which he is very excited by!

J’onn and Superman still can’t get along especially when Kal-El learns that some Kryptonite was stolen from the DEO and this has fallen into the hands of Cadmus. Alex will later trace and draw out the mole only to be captured by Cadmus. But don’t worry Kara saves her of course!

Superman and J’onn travel to the Fortress of Solitude to analyse a sample of Metallo. His robotic skeleton is made of Prometheum and Winn traces his location. When the heroes confront him he reveals another Metallo has been let loose in Metropolis.


Using the new anti-kryptonite suits our heroes take the fight to the two Metallos with help from Martian Manhunter and a Kryptonite-suit wearing Alex! Both fights are impressive with the bad guys getting the upper hand until J’onn phases through one guy to remove the Kryptonite core, and Alex impales the other!

Smoothing things over, J’onn gives all the Kryptonite on Earth to Superman to do with as he sees fit as he returns to Metropolis. All the super stuff was really good, and I’m hoping Super will make a return to National City soon to kick some ass. I love seeing the two Kryptonians together!


So on to the human stuff! Kara’s new boss ignores Cat’s orders and refuses to let Kara work for him. She hasn’t earned a job. Not being able to stand up for herself Kara goes to Cat for help who also refuses and says she must do it herself before dropping the bombshell that she is leaving Cat Co for a while.

All these changes cause Kara to panic but as usual she gets pep talks from her nearest and dearest and picks herself up. At one point she was going to move to Metropolis with Clark which Alex was not happy about at all! With Cat gone, Jimmy is the boss and Kara stands up for herself and manages to convince her boss to give her a chance!


The episode was a bit cheesier than I would have liked and some small details were overlooked, like, even though Alex was wearing an exo-skeleton, she would have been destroyed by any of the punches Metallo was landing on her! Both Kara and Clark can get changed really quick in public places with no one noticing! Where is a phonebooth when you need one.


Oh and before I forget, the mystery pod man woke up! He had been draining energy from the DEO but suddenly opens his eyes and hands only to close one around Kara’s throat! Who is this guy and what does he want?!



The Flash S3 Ep2 – ‘Paradox’

As the title of the episode suggests this week is all about Barry dealing with the problems caused by his reckless time travelling! He has reset the original time line so both his parents are now back in the ground but things are not quite the same.

We learn that Iris and Joe are estranged because he didn’t tell her Francine, her mother, was still alive,. Cisco’s brother Dante was killed by a drunk driver and John Diggle now has a son instead of a daughter! (This perhaps finally explains where the John Diggle Junior character featured as the new Green Arrow in Legends of Tomorrow: Star City :2046 came from!)


One of the biggest differences is that Barry now has a partner (that he hates) at the CCPD, Julian Albert, Meta Human Specialist played amazingly by Tom Felton. Keep an eye on this character, he will be very important as the season moves on!


Everyone close to Barry has been affected by his time jumping in negative ways and he makes his job to try and fix it all. Firstly by trying to jump back in time again, thwarted only by the real Jay Garrick!! Pulling him out of the speed force and into a diner in 1998, he explains that no matter what Barry does the timeline will never be exactly the same. He can’t just have a do-over every time he makes a mistake.

Barry finally tells the team what he has done which causes a further rift with one member of the team. Cisco hates Barry for not going back in time to save his brother,. this is made much worse by the fact that Barry was willing to reset time for his own family!


Barry decides that time travelling isn’t the answer anymore and he has to move forward, just in time for ‘The Rival’ from the previous timeline to pop up and make a nuisance again! We see that someone calling himself Alchemy is able to restore the powers of those who had them in the alternate timeline.

The Rival challenges Barry and almost beats him until Cisco comes to the rescue with some awesome Vibe gauntlets! Things start to settle down as Iris and Joe make up, Cisco and Barry’s friendship starts to develop again and Iris and Barry finally get a kiss that he hasn’t erased…yet!


But what about Caitlin! She has ice powers!!! In this time line she is more like Killer Frost than ever and the rest of the team don’t know! Will she turn like Zoom wanted?


Who is Alchemy? It seems pretty obvious the show is trying to make you think it will be Julian Albert but I think that’s too easy. What does Alchemy want? How does he know about the previous timeline? How is he able to restore people’s powers? He says he is preparing this world. For what? Is he as evil as he initially appears? So many questions!


I can see that at some point Wally is going to seek Alchemy out to get his speed powers which will surely go wrong in some way but will be great to see Kid Flash again!

This episode was much better than the first and I’m glad the effects of Flashpoint haven’t been forgotten about already. I’m sure there will be more differences in the future but for now I like how the relationships of all the Team Flash members have taken a huge step back and Barry can only let things play out without trying to force things.

At least he and Iris are in a good place! But how long will that last?


Arrow S5 Ep2 – ‘The Recruits’

As the name suggests this episode will be delving deeper into new faces and new teams. We saw in the previous episode that Oliver is struggling to handle being ‘Cool Guy Mayor’ by day and Masked Vigilante by night! So what does he need to do? Why build a new team of course! After he accepts he needs help the rest of the episode is all about training!


Oh and not just in the present! The flashbacks this week give us a first proper look at the Bratva as Oliver tries to get amongst their ranks with a lot of help from his old buddy Anatoli. So before we get on to the training, let’s meet the Recruits themselves!

Wild Dog aka Rene Ramirez, appears to be the most talented recruit but also the one that is going to be the most difficult. Doesn’t work well with others, no respect for superiors and thinks he knows best…sound like any former playboy we know?


Evelyn Sharp, one time Black Canary copy cat and now the token female on the new team (I’m not including Felicity in this as she is already established and, well, she annoys me). A fairly bland character so far but maybe with some character development she could fill the apparently huge void that Laurel’s death created.


Now to a familiar face, after a beating while searching for Wild Dog, Curtis Holt has decided that he wants to be a fully fledged vigilante. For an ex-Olympian, he shows very little physical aptitude and I can’t see him doing well in a fight but his optimism and humour more than makes up for this! And I can’t wait for him to go full Mr Terrific!


So Mayor Queen is trying to raise his public opinion ratings by opening a huge medical clinic, funded by a company called Amertek who are more than eager to get on board. As with all companies in the Arrowverse , Amertek is as corrupt as they come. It turns out that they are on the verge of Bankruptcy because is was their missile that destroyed Havenrock, killing thousands!


When the medical event is interrupted by a super-powered Rag Man, the CEO of Amertek makes a deal with Tobias Church, $100 million for a enough ordnance to take over a country! Long story short, the new Team Arrow are undercover at the medical event and they screw up. Oliver’s harsh Bratva-style training isn’t working and the recruits don’t trust him.


In the end, after some motherly advice from Felicity, Oliver decides he has been doing things wrong and reveals his identity to the new team to gain their trust. This is, of course, after going out solo again to try and take Church down, only for  him to be punched down again and rescued by Rag Man, who suddenly chose to save a stranger over getting his vengeance!


And so we meet the final member of the new team. Rag Man. The last surviving resident of Havenrock, wearing some magical robes that give him quite a few abilities. Weird, yes, but will be interesting to see how he fits into the team.


Now that the new team is formed lets round up the rest of the episode. Diggle is comfortable back in the army, explaining to a green soldier that he doesn’t have to decide what’s right or wrong as he can rely on the chain of command. This of course comes back to bite him in the behind as his CO frames him for a nuclear arms sale gone wrong! If he gets out of this (which we know he will) he will have no reason to stay in the military! Convenient.

Thea is keeping Mayor Oliver afloat, just and is the one running things for him. Even offering the job of Deputy Mayor to Ex-Police Captain, current Alcoholic, Quentin to Lance in a bid to save him from himself.


And finally, if you were worried that Tobias Church was just another bland gangster enemy then the show completely undermines the threat he poses by having him taken down by the new dark archer, calling himself Prometheus and laying claim on Oliver Queen! Who is this guy? Is it too obvious to be Felicity’s previously unseen and conveniently nice guy new boyfriend? Do we even care any more?


Awful stunt doubles aside, the episode was entertaining and the link between the flashbacks and the present was great. It’s good to see the show actually thinking about the relevance of the flashbacks and not just having two random storylines trying to fit together. Not a bad episode but not fantastic either, still better than season 4 at any rate!


Legends of Tomorrow S2 Ep1 – ‘Out of Time’

So what can we say about the first episode of Legends of Tomorrow season 2? Well….it was entertaining but maybe not because it was good. Season one wrapped up its ‘Stop Vandal Savage, Stop the Time Masters, Save the World’ story arc and then left use with a cliff hanger threat from some stranger called Rex Tyler. Let’s see where, or when, things pick up!


I’m going to try an summarise the plot of the episode but it was somewhat disjointed so forgive me if it doesn’t make sense. The first new character of the season, Dr Haywood comes to Oliver Queen for help. He knows he is the Green Arrow, because of reasons, and knows about the Legends because he is a self confessed time detective. He has been noticing irregularities throughout time.


Apparently the newest major time change has been an Atom Bomb going off in New York City in 1942, 3 years prior to its historical invention. Oliver and Dr Haywood find the wreckage of the Waverider underwater and Heatwave in stasis.


He explains the team went to 1942 to prevent the A Bomb being used (even though Rex Tyler told them never to go there apparently).During their mission the kidnap Albert Einstein (the apparent ladies man of the 1940s) to stop the Nazis forcing him to make the bomb.


Turns out it was Einstein’s ex-wife that helped the Nazis, or rather helped Damian Darhk!


Talking of Darhk, Sara has been searching through time for him and is intent avenging Laurel! Needless to say this gets the team into trouble when they try to stop the bomb being used. Ray fails to disarm the bomb and fries his suit, Heatwave gets shot and Sara, blind with Rage almost gets killed by Darhk.


The only way to save the day is to throw the Waverider into the path of the atomic torpedo that the Nazi Submarine piloted by Damian Darhk fired at New York! But not before Rip scatters the team throughout time to protect them and goes down with his ship! All except Heatwave because of his injury, this explains why he is still on the ship.


So back in the present, Dr Haywood and Heatwave travel through time hunting down their team mates, Ray was being chased by a T-rex, Jacks and Martin Stein were wizards in a Medieval Court and Sara was about to be burned during the Salem Witch trials!


Now the team are back together, and they have a new colleague to replace Rip, because he seems to have died? No body means no death! He’ll come back! Dr Haywood helps them rectify the Einstein problem and will presumably stick with the team for the majority of the season.

The episode ends with some interesting reveals. Damian Darhk has a partner, The Reverse Flash (in 1942), what is he doing there?! And the Legends are confronted by a team calling themselves the Justice Society of America (The Geek inside screams with Joy!). What have the Legends got themselves into now?

As I said at the beginning, this was entertaining but not necessarily good. I found myself smiling a lot at the jokes, the bizarre scenarios (Sara seducing the future Queen of France while the rest of the team fight for their lives while dressed as Musketeers was a personal favourite moment) and enjoying the brief Avengers reference with Sara saying to Ray “What are you without the suit?”.


I’m looking forward to the rest of the season, especially because all of the characters seem to have started getting some real development. it’s shaping up to be fun but ridiculous!

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