It’s CW Superhero season again and this year we have 4 shows to recap every week! Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and of course Supergirl are all back and will be filling our television schedule for the next few months. To keep up with the sheer volume of comic book/Superhero TV shows I will be doing the recaps slightly different this time around.

Instead of having individual posts for each episode of each show, I’ll be doing a weekly round up of the episodes shown that week. My hope is this will be easier to digest for any readers and maybe even more entertaining!

Due to the difference in TV schedules between the US and the UK, not all of the shows will be in the same post. For example, this first post only includes episode 1 of Supergirl, Flash and Arrow as Legends of Tomorrow doesn’t hit UK screens until 3rd November 2016!

We will also be doing the occasional recap for other shows like Agents of SHIELD, Gotham and The Walking Dead, but they will be a lot more random! So before I bore you any more let’s get into the recaps!!!


Supergirl S2 Ep1 – ‘The Adventures of Supergirl’

So, Supergirl has a new home on the CW Network and right from the off it is an obvious improvement. The end of the first season was good and ties up some of the messy story threads but the new season opened a whole bunch of new and exciting ones!

Let’s go!

The pod seen crashing at the end of the last season holds an unknown alien, with Kryptonian qualities but this has no real impact on the rest of the episode so let’s put that aside.


The focus of the episode is the one and only Superman! Of course, we do have more than one Man in Blue in our geek world but let’s forget about that for the moment. Clark Kent aka Kal-El aka Superman makes his CW debut and immediately owns every seen he is in. Tyler Hoechlin is awesome both as the awkward loveable Clark and as the strong, confident Last Son of Krypton.

So we get to see the two Super-cousins working together saving a commercial space flight from crashing. Great to see the pair on screen together but they really only hold the ship as it falls, not very spectacular.


It turns out that the the ship was sabotaged to kill a single occupant, Lena Luthor, sister of the infamous Lex. It also seems that someone else in the Luthor family is behind the hit! An assassin called John Corben is the one making tings happen, including a drone attack which results in a collapsing building.


Kara and Clark have to team up again to save Lena, the public and stop the building falling! Alex and Lena team up to stop Corben, who then gets taken away secretly to project Cadmus and renamed ‘Metallo’!!! Another comic villain is on his way!

Jimmy and Kara finally get a chance to try to be together. Their first date is interrupted by the Venture space ship crash, and ultimately Kara isn’t sure she wants to be with Jimmy. After finally working out that the job she wants is to be a reporter, she re-assesses her whole life, and that doesn’t appear to include a romantic relationship with Jimmy!


A fresh new start to the show, CW looks good on Supergirl! It keeps the action and super heroes at the same time as the fun from the first season!! I look forward to the rest of the season!

Most of the episode is just set up for the rest of the season surrounded by a whole tonne of fan service and references so let’s go through them!

  • Kara calls the stranger in the pod “The Man who fell to Earth”
  • Winn is now working for the DEO and has even learnt Kryptonian!
  • Cat’s new assistant is called Miss Teschmacher!!!! A nod to the Gene Hackman Lex Luthor’s assistant!
  • Winn makes reference to the earthquake caused by Lex Luthor – a nod to Superman (1978)
  • Superman and J’onn J’onnz do not get on. They discovered Kryptonite together (J’onn named it) and J’onn refused to destroy it even though it could kill Superman.
  • Cat swoons for Clark, just like in the comics and The New Adventures of Superman.
  • Clark makes a joke about having super-telepathy, a reference to one of the many powers Supes has had in the comics.
  • One particular family in danger states they want to move back to Gotham!
  • John Corben is linked to kills in Corto Maltease and the Kasnian Distrcit? Possible Legends of Tomorrow link?


The Flash S3 Ep1 – ‘Flashpoint’

We can sum this episode up by just calling it ‘Dammit Barry!’ At the end of Season 2, Barry went back in time and stopped the Reverse Flash killing his Mother. This completely changes the time line and as Season 3 starts we see Barry living in his perfect life! Both his parents are alive, he’s still got his job with Central City Police Department but there are differences too. Iris doesn’t know him, Joe is an alcoholic and Cisco Ramon is the richest man in America!

We also find out that Barry currently has the Reverse Flash locked up in a container much like the one Zoom had Barry in during season 2. Both Barry and Thawne remember the previous timeline with the latter warning Barry that his previous life will cease to exist and he will eventually forget being the Flash!


Good things about the new timeline? We get to see Wally West as the Flash or ‘Kid Flash’, explaining he got his powers after being struck by lightning while driving a car with an experimental engine (Called it!). Barry and Iris start a ‘relationship’ normally! He asks her out and she says yes!.

Things quickly unravel as Barry starts to lose his memories from the previous timeline as the new world settles into place. The more he uses his speed the faster he forgets. The world is also worse off for those closest to him, perfectly shown by Wally being seriously injured when the two of them fight this episodes bad guy speedster Edward Clariss aka ‘The Rival’. He finally admits to himself that he needs to reset things back to how they were so he travels in time again and lets Thawne kill his mother!

Returning to the same time he left, Barry soon learns that while most of the world he left is back to normal there are smaller but no less important differences. Joe and Iris are estranged and don’t talk and we also hear a mysterious voice calling out to this timeline’s version of Edward Clariss!


Not a bad start for Season 3 but not the full Flashpoint I was hoping for. The huge changes seem to have only lasted 1 episode and the biggest issue is that Barry shouldn’t have been the Flash! But I suppose they tried to get around that by saying he was going to forget he was the Flash! I’m optimistic about the series and interested to see where the ripples of Barry’s time travelling take the show!

Anything else interesting?

  • The news in Central City is broadcast on channel 52! Love the subtly!
  • Barry is not shy about using his powers in full public and without a disguise!
  • Wally doesn’t know what flanking is!
  • Barry and Wally facing off against the Rival is very reminiscent of the battle between Anakin Skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi and Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones, “I’m taking him now!”
  • Why do Barry’s parents not know who Iris is? Before the averted murder, Joe West was a close family friend and neighbour and he already had a daughter then!
  • The Reverse Flash has a previously unseen ability, speed shaving!


Arrow S5 Ep1 – ‘Legacy’

Arrow has a lot of work to do if it’s going to recover from it’s disappointing fourth season! It’s good to see then that the show has reverted to some of the original themes that made the first couple of season really good! Let’s jump right in and see what Arrow has in store!

So first off Oliver is still Mayor of Star City, albeit not a very good one. He’s absent from a lot of his official duties due to defending the city as Green Arrow on his own. This is taking up a lot of his time as all his old team members, except Felicity, have gone their separate ways.


Felicity, however, has a plan to help! She wants him to recruit a new team, including some new vigilantes who have started popping up around the city! Oliver is resistant to this and even puts an Arrow in the knee of a hockey mask wearing have-a-go-hero!


Secondly, a new force has entered town, Tobias Church (Chad L Coleman), a new gang leader who quickly takes control of all the rival gangs and brings them together under his sole leadership. He decides that his best chance at taking over the city is to take down the one protecting it. In order to do this he kidnaps Mayor Queen and calls the Green Arrow out!


This plan of course doesn’t work as Speedy comes to Oliver’s rescue. This is where we get a sense of the darkness returning to Oliver. He has decided that killing is back on the table. Snapping the neck of a guy just for knowing his secret (a nod to the very first episode in season 1) and then shooting dead a few other guys on their way out! This behaviour prompts Thea to quit the vigilante team completely.


Oliver decides that maybe he does need help and uses his position as Mayor to create a police task force that will help fight crime and corruption with the Police. Their first mission is to capture Church and save some hostages. This goes a bit wrong when one of the super cops trips a laser wire and causes the building to explode. Oliver just makes it out with some spectacular trick arrow skills!

These events and a flashback to Laurel’s dying request “Don’t let me be the last Black Canary”, prompt Oliver to form a new vigilante team and he’ll need one, especially considering a new masked archer has entered the city and has already started killing his super-cops!


So what else was there in the episode to keep us interested?

  • Anarchy is back and being a nuisance again. Trying to blow up half the city before Oliver puts and arrow through both of his arms!
  • The trick arrows are great fan service! First a computer hacking arrow, then a grapple and finally a parachute arrow! Awesome!
  • The Black Canary has a memorial, but is perhaps one of the worst fake statues ever shown on screen!
  • Quentin Lance has already broken up with Donna Smoak and is drinking again! Well done!
  • Where the hell did Felicity’s new boyfriend come from? Maybe a result of Flashpoint?!
  • Who is the new masked archer? Safe to assume it’s someone important to Oliver’s past, it always is!
  • This season’s flashbacks are all about the Bratva, or more specifically Oliver’s induction into their ranks. He is going to be thoroughly tested! All this just to deliver a message from a dying woman!!

I have hope after seeing the season opener. I like the fact that Oliver is willing to kill those he has to and I’m interested to see how the new team will come together. Oliver doesn’t work well with others! How long can Oliver be the Green Arrow and the Mayor? Do we really need a new masked archer? Bad guys are aware that a bow and arrow is quite an antiquated weapon? In the same light, why does the new big bad have to be a gang leader who punches people do death? I can’t stop seeing Brick aka Vinnie Jones every time Church comes on screen.

By no means an excellent episode but there are parts which hint at a return to form. Hopefully the showrunners have learnt from the mistakes of season four and get back to the real Arrow. I’m going to stick with it and find out. To win the fans hearts back, the show is going to have to become, something else!

So there’s your first CW weekly roundup! What did you think of each show? Which one came out on top for you ? Let us know in the comments below.

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