Get off my back! It’s been a busy week!! Yes I know last Rogue One Trailer has been out for ages and yes I know there are a million trailer breakdowns out there already, but it’s my turn! And I think adding my particular touch of Star Wars obsession mixed with eternal hope for another good Star Wars story, will draw people to this break down in their droves!

Or you know, people could just over look this post completely, and that’s fine, I love talking about this stuff….so it’s fine, honest *cries into Star Wars napkin*

*sniff* Ok then, here we go!! The final trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story!

OMG!!!!!! SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!! I have decided from this point on I will not watch any more trailers, TV spots or featurettes for the film. I don’t want to risk seeing a huge spoiler for something. I’m already as hyped for the film as I can get and I know very little of what’s going on in the film! I like that!

Let’s speculate!


Nothing much to say from this first shot. Pretty sure this is an Imperial ship on it’s way to meet Galen Erso, Jyn’s father. No idea what planet this is but what has made the huge mark across the sky?


Unless you haven’t seen A New Hope, this shot should scream homage! A Moisture vaporator-like machine and a simple garbed man looking into the distance of a wasteland of sorts. This is Galen preparing to meet his visitors.


And the visitors approach. Director Krennic flanked by his Death Troopers. Why does on officer need so much security when approaching an isolated settlement which only a couple of inhabitants? Is he expecting trouble?

“Everything I do, I do to protect you, tell me you understand” What is Galen about to do to protect his daughter? He clearly knows he is going to do something terrible, or that he is just going to leave her. He wants her to understand why he is doing these things. He is not an evil man.

Galen and Krennic face off. Neither looks happy to see the other. Krennic has need of Galen’s knowledge of energy manipulation. He will not take no for an answer.

Young Jyn spying on her father’s meeting? Does someone get shot? She jumps, just before it cuts back to present day Jyn. A dream? Or a nightmare?

Jyn is behind imperial bars. What has she done to be incarcerated? We know from a previous trailer that she is a rebel before she joins the rebellion. Does she go out of her way to disrupt the Empire in any way she can? It’s unclear how long she has been locked up but ultimately we see her liberation! Some rebels break her out!


One of my favourite shots of the trailer. Took me a second watch to actually realise this wasn’t just a bunch of rocks. A collapsed giant Jedi statue. Presumably this is on the planet Jedha, the ancient force sacred planet. How much Jedi history will we see in this film? I don’t think the Jedi themselves will be heavily featured, if at all, but the lore is certainly there.


During Jyn’s initiation, Captain Cassian Andor explains that her father is in deep. He is closely involved with the creation of the Empire’s new super weapon.


How long has Galen been working with the Empire, is this a flashback or present day? He seems proud to be wearing the uniform. Is he displaying his work to Krennic or someone higher? Has he been indoctrinated by the Empire?


Every shot of the Death Star we have seen so far has been beautiful. Gareth Edwards can do scale like no other director I have seen. The huge shape of the station in a high orbit around this planet, partially blurred by the atmosphere is just breath taking.

Jyn knows they must get to her father and stop him if they must. Rescue is the desired option but finding a way to shut down the Empire’s greatest weapon is their goal. Has the team of misfits just suffered a loss? They look broken, upset and worried. Even as they infiltrate a secure area by giving their code name, Rogue One!


Why does it seem like Krennic is trying to persuade Darth Vader to let him use the weapon? If the Empire is reluctant to use it what was the point of building it? Maybe the station isn’t at full operation but Krennic wants to use it anyway. We might see an indication of this later!


The rebellion gathers around a hologram of the Death Star. Many are worried that they cannot fight the power the Empire has. Is this a mission briefing or their first look at the station? Maybe this is very late in the film and the team have succeeded in retrieving the plans…..unlikely. You can see Cassian, Jyn and a couple of the other team members in the shot. I’m confident not all of them will survive the film.


I’ve no idea what planet this is, probably inside the walled city on Jedha. But this shot is awesome. an AT-ST picking off rebels in the streets. Enough said!

Jyn inspires her men to continue their mission, Chirrut Imwe seem rather happy about something that nobody else does! The emphasis on this being a war film is perfectly displayed by the man close quarters shots and feeling of vulnerability as men on foot go up against the Imperial war machine.


Another interesting shot. Cassian, Jyn and K-2SO infiltrate a facility. Is this how they obtain the plans to the Death Star? Even in their Imperial disguises, they don’t look like they belong, especially together. What is Jyn wearing? It looks like a TIE pilot flight suit and a gunners helmet. Maybe she has had to piece together an outfit from several sources.

Now the action starts! Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus take one a whole group of Stormtroopers and come out on top. Is this before or after they are part of the rebel team? There is a crashed X-wing behind Baze so maybe this is during the huge fight that is ure to happen before the end of the film.


We’re going to see a few different ship battles during the film. This one appears to be a bombing run, maybe on the same planet where Jyn’s father Galen is held? It’s good to see some Y-wings back in action. This is most likely a decoy to draw Imperial troops away from a rescue mission. The bombs don’t seem to be striking anything in particular.


Two things: 1. This giant bowcaster is awesome, 2: He is blind, who the hell is he shooting at?!


At risk of  being universally hated, this looks an awful like a Trade Federation battle station! Forget I said that! A return to some classic Star Wars space combat with X-wings attacking some kind of space station. Is this a construction yard for the Death Star? Are the rebels trying an attack on several fronts at once?


K-2SO is going to be a new fan favourite. Voiced by Alan Tudyk and with a flawed sense of humour re-programmed Imperial Security droid is going to get his mechanical hands dirty as we see him controlling a ship to shoot lasers at some approaching Stormtroopers,


This is the shot I was talking about earlier. This looks like the planet Jedha, and the walled city being absolutely obliterated from above! I’m thinking this is a test of the Death Star superlaser. It’s not quite at full power yet which is why the planet seems intact, but the blast can still wipe a small section out of existence. Who is the person in the foreground?


Does Vader have his own smoke machine? Almost all of his screen appearances have been shrouded in mist! He looks pissed, which is strange to say about a man whose face is completely obscured. Has Krennic mess up? The way Vader is pacing towards him suggests someone is about to feel grip of the force! Maybe this is Krennic telling Vader that the plans to the Death Star have been stolen!


How can our rag tag team of rebels survive this assault. They are but a few men, with some ships, no heavy weapons, up against an Imperial occupied world!! The AT-ACT ‘s we see here must be carrying something important. One of them has already opened and released its cargo. Were they carrying troops instead of Cargo? An ambush perhaps?


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I’m still not sold on the title, mainly because I desperately want a film based off the old Rogue Squadron books., but it looks less and less likely this will happen as the years go by.

The trailer was awesome, nobody can argue with that. There are a lot of familiar Star Wars themes and homages to previous films but mixed with just the right amount of new things. It feels like Star Wars, it looks like Star Wars. The fans are going to be very happy!

What do you think of the trailer? Let us now in the comments below.

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