Trailers Trailers everywhere!!! We as geeks are very spoiled this week! First Assassin’s creed, the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and now…..LOGAN!!! Before I bore you with one of my usual introductions let’s get straight into it!! Take a look!

The overwhelming feeling that I got after watching the trailer was sadness. I know pathetic right. Firstly I was disappointed that I wasn’t blown away by what I saw. I though the trailer was meh and  didn’t grab my attention. After some  time to digest I realised that the sadness was the intention of the footage!

It means to make you feel like this is an end, not just for mutants or for the characters in the film, but for Hugh Jackman too. This is going to be his last film as Wolverine, It is the end of a very long era. I’ve had conversations on social media with people where I have discussed the time for X-men to move away from having Wolverine as their go to character but it is still sad to see him go.

The trailer plays on that sadness. The world is broken, lost and dangerous. Mutants are dying out or have already gone. The ones that are left are in hiding or captured for experiments, ruthlessly hunted by Pierce and his goons. Does Professor Xavier introduce Logan to a young girl who ‘Is very like him’? So that he can protect her and she him? What will Logan sacrifice to keep her alive? Let’s dissect the trailer’s most interesting part of the trailer!


A battered and bloody hand, shaking, presumably belonging to Logan. Has he just popped his claws and dealt with some people. it would explain the blood around the knuckles. The shaking? We know his healing factor isn’t as effective as before, is the pain setting in?


A very sad, very old looking Logan. If you had any doubt that we would be seeing some form of Old Man Logan in this film then those doubts have been put to rest. The story won’t be the same due to character rights, but the aesthetic of the character is there! IS Logan waiting for someone? Or just looking out of the window thinking of better times? Why are all the mutants gone?


Looks like a younger Logan here, in the shadows of a funeral drinking heavily. Is this before the mutant world begins to end? Who has been buried? As we don’t entirely know what the timeline situation is like it could be anyone. Logan looks to be taking it hard so maybe Jean Grey? Rogue? Or someone completely different.


Scars. Something we are not used to seeing on Wolverine. Logan is covered in them. Again, his healing factor is diminished possibly due to age or some condition? He has been in some serious scrapes and has recovered every time. What gave him these horrific scars? Or have his years of fighting finally caught up with him?


Logan is not the only one hiding and vulnerable. Professor Charles Xavier is still alive but barely. Visibly ancient and possible suffering from some kind of mental illness, as side effect of his mutant power perhaps? At first I thought he was in the ruins of Cerebro but later scenes show he is inside a derelict water tower.


Meet Laura, the focus of the film and Logan’s purpose. At the beginning of the film he does not know her but he will protect her at all costs. She is very like him, according to Xavier. This must be X-23. A mutant weapon, created from the DNA of Wolverine. What will Logan do to protect her?


Still fairly well dressed, is this when Logan meets Charles again after a long time? Is this when he is given the mission to protect Laura? He doesn’t look particularly happy about it!


Meet Caliban, played by Stephen Merchant. Another mutant who has managed to survive. He has been caring for Xavier, keeping him alive, but for what purpose? Could he be working for someone else? Was he the one that found Logan and Laura? He had the ability to sense and find any mutant…don’t trust him!


Where is Logan taking Xavier? There is a chase of some kind and I don’t think they will come out of it unscathed! Xavier looks very worried, is Pierce on their tail?


Ah, the dog tags. I might be wrong but didn’t these say Wolverine in previous movies?! Are these new ones? Did Rogue still have these? Is that why he is looking at them sadly, the last remnant of a lost friend?


Donald Pierce, played by Boyd Holbrook. The bad guy (or one of) of the film. Keeping his cyborg characteristics of his comic origin. He is leading the hunt for surviving mutants. Hot on Logan’s heels for most of the movie. Will he get his prize?


The bonding is evident. She cares for him but is hiding something from him. He cares for her and feels bound to her. But he is old, and tired. How far can he go for her?


At some point, Pierce gets his hands on Laura. Logan is surrounded and out numbered but he is a fighter. Popping his claws ready to take all these guys down to save her. Has Pierce goaded him into a fight? Or has he done something terrible in front of him to provoke such anger? Will the old berserker return?


It wouldn’t be a Wolverine film without an obligatory jumping claw stab! Is Logan chasing these men to get someone back? Or have the men come for him? They are going to wish they hadn’t pissed him off!


Logan isn’t the only one who can kick ass! It’s a quick shot but this looks like Laura laying into these men. Displaying the innate skills she has as a weapons! Agile, violent, unpredictable, formidable! This must be X-23!!!


Maybe Caliban can be trusted. It looks like he is being tortured for information. Are they forcing the location of Laura out of him? Will he relent and give up the information?


Who the hell is jumping off the top of a building? Is this Logan back in the day? Someone escaping some mutant experiments? I have no idea what is going on here!


To me, this is the most interesting shot of the trailer. Logan has to use his claws to block those of another! Who do these claws belong to? The easiest assumption would be X-23, could this be their first meeting and she is attacking him out of fear? Or has she been turned against him somehow? What would drive her to try and kill the man protecting her?


Days are dark for Logan. Even in the sunlight, the darkness finds him. Wearing a blood soaked T-shirt and with a solemn looking Laura holding his hand (wearing sun glasses for some reason), has Logan just buried someone close to them? He’s holding a shovel and looking at the ground. Has Charles gone? Caliban? Or someone else?


Closing out the trailer is the film logo. Simple, but bold. Watching the trailer again whilst writing this post has made it hit home a lot harder. I felt really emotional at times, largely due to the Johnny Cash song, but the trailer is so bleak, so sad. There are going to be tears when this film is released, i guarantee that!

I am liking this footage more and more, I’m looking forward to seeing Wolverine’s sign off, it will be sad but I’m sure he will go out like the hero we all know he is!

Just in case you thought I’d gone a bit soft, I’m going to leave you with one more image. This one comes from the Red band trailer and is indicative of the possible R-rating of the film.



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