I’ve been waiting a while to do this post as we seem to have been steadily getting Justice League photos, videos and news over the last few weeks. So in no particular order here’s the latest info (mostly official) that has been circling around the internet!

Let’s kick things off with a behind the scenes sizzle reel!

Lots of cool stuff in this footage. The overall theme of this video is to clearly show that the cast and crew are having fun on set, Jason Mamoa especially!

We seen Batfleck in his ‘Tactical’ Batsuit inside what we assume is the Flying Fox ship. Gal A couple of Amazonians training by catching something very heavy, Ezra Miller being very smiley and the whole Justice League team descending into (presumably) the Batcave.

Oh, and Superman is just there! Not in a black suit, just there! We have no context for his presence, other than the worst kept secret of the film, he comes back!!! But it’s good to see him included!

Zack Snyder has been releasing a whole bunch of photos recently so let’s have a look at those too!


So first we have the ‘Tactical’ Batman suit! I thought all of his suits were ‘tactical’?! This is the suit that many people have been criticising. Some people don’t like the armoured suit look, it looks more like the Nolan Batman suit that the Snyder one. I don’t mind the body armour, it suggests the Bat is going to be coming up against something or someone formidable!

Most people hate the goggles! It makes the suit look like a previous Snyder superhero, Nite Owl 2 from Watchmen. I’m going to assume that he can take the goggles off so I don’t mind the cowl that much. I’m going to reserve judgement until I see the suit in proper action.



This photo is exciting! It’s our first official look at Commissioner James Gordon played by JK Simmons.

This shot could have been ripped right off the pages of a comic, it just looks perfect. The Bat Signal, Gordon looking to the sky as he waits for Batman, holding a file which presumably contains some information that he shouldn’t be releasing!

I love that it’s in black and white and the reflection in the water shows everything in prefect detail.

JK Simmons looks like he was born to be Gordon! The trench coat and hat combination are ace and you can just make out the Gordon moustache! I think he is going to be amazing!!


Zack is no stranger to the camera himself, and he always likes to have little hints in the photos which he pretends are accidents but are blatantly very deliberate! This time we have a very well dressed Zack, wearing a Batman gauntlet (which is pretty cool), looking over some story boards.

Some clever trickery reveals that the story boards appear to show Deathstroke talking to a bald person. We can assume from this that Slade Wilson is going to be chatting with Lex Luthor at some point in the film. Maybe Lex hires Slade to attack the Justice League, or they are just making a deal of some kind! Whatever is going on I don’t care, Deathstroke is on his way!!!


Finally we have our first look at Mera, bride of Aquaman, played by Amber Heard. I love her look. She has been taken straight from the comics. Her full body suit and headdress are perfect. The hair is the perfect shade of red and the scale armour perfectly match that worn by Aquaman. I don’t think she’s going to have a very big role in the film but its great to see that even minor characters have the right look. I can’t wait for the Aquaman film now!

So there we go, plenty of stuff to get your teeth into. I’m sure there will be loads more photos, videos etc coming soon. Maybe even a trailer before Christmas! Be sure to keep an eye on the blog when ill eventually catch up with all the news at some point! I do have a life to work around too you know!

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