It’s time for an EXCLUSIVE!!

We have been lucky enough to have had a few minutes with Award winning and super talented actress, Aesha Waks! She has countless projects under her belt including numerous independent films, such as Arresting Gena where she starred as Gena opposite Sam Rockwell.



A lot of people will have seen her latest comic related performance in Gotham Season 1, episode 4 ‘Arkham’.


Aesha was kind enough to answer a few questions and give us an insiders look into the industry that we, as movie lovers, all love!


Jack and the Geekstalk (JG): As a Movie/TV blog, most of our followers will have recently seen you in the Gotham TV show, can you tell us a bit about your character and her involvement in the story?

Aesha Waks (AW): Sure. My character was a 1950’s style secretary, sitting behind an old school typewriter who works at the Gotham Lanksy building. When Detective Gordon enters the scene, most Lanksy employees were too intimidated or shocked to speak to him when he asks for the whereabouts of the episodes suspect. My character speaks up and tries to help to the best of her ability. I think of her as an independent modern woman in an old fashioned setting. There was something just a bit different a bit outspoken and daring about her and I connected with it.


JG: What was it like to work on a comic book inspired TV show? Did you know much about the source material before you signed on?

AW: I’ve always (just like your readers) been a huge Batman lover so of course I had a big idea of what I was getting into with his backstory. This was a different type of project that I signed onto, it was more surreal to be in than most indie films I star in.

JG: How did your acting career begin? How did you get involved in Gotham?

AW: My acting career began at 5 when I guest starred on Romper Room and sang the national anthem with some other classmates at Shea Stadium in front of all those people, you would think I would be nervous? Not at all, I got this rush that I became addicted to so young and the urges to be creative publicly only have gotten stronger. I got involved with Gotham through a great agent I know named Marius.

JG: You’ve been involved with a variety of projects over the years. What has been the best thing you have worked on?


JG: You have starred opposite big names like Sam Rockwell, Marissa Tomei and Stephen Lang who have all since worked on comic book / superhero themed movies. Who would you love to work with?

AW: Bane of course, Tom Hardy.

JG: What would your dream role be?

AW: I just did my dream role in Sean Buttimers film Smoke Screen playing contract killer Emma Pierce. She was fierce but the script was packed with dark humour, my fave! I would love to continue doing action films like this and bring it into the comic world with my background.

JG: People might be surprised to know that acting is not the only thing you are involved with. From Modelling to being a published author, what is your favourite industry to work in?

AW: My fave is acting!



JG: What current or future projects have you got in the pipeline?

AW: Right now [a] super talented artist from France named Crow is slated to draw and publish my new comic named Jane. Crow also has in mind to turn Smoke Screen into a novella comic and it’s so exciting! I was lucky enough to have brilliant Smoke Screen writer/director Sean Buttimer be a contributing writer and it really added an edge. As you also know I just published my second book on The names are The Model Body Plan and the second, The Wild Rantings of a Teenage Girl. I will also be working alongside the YMCA in coaching clients into shape while turning my own body into a more Linda Hamilton type shape to prepare for some upcoming action auditions/projects/sports modelling., while promoting my book. My biggest dream now is to a get a full nights sleep! Sean Buttimers film Smoke Screen, the action film I was talking about before just wrapped and is now in editing do for sure keep an eye out for that.

JG: And lastly, we ask everyone that contributes to our site, what is your favourite film?

AW: Wuthering Heights

I want to say a huge thank you to Aesha for giving us the time and being so open to our amateurish interviewing techniques!. It’s great to hear the passion she has for her work and the excitement for everything she puts effort into! All of us here at Jack and the Geekstalk look forward to seeing Aesha pop up on our screens more in the future.

Be sure to check out Aesha’s website to find out all about her and what she is up to. I would recommend you all go and watch, if you haven’t already, Arresting Gena and keep an eye out for Smoke Screen coming next year!!! Aesha’s performances are flawless, passionate and unlike any other actor out there!

It was a joy to talk to her and we will be waiting impatiently for Smoke Screen’s release!!!

Don’t forget to look her up on Twitter as well @AeshaHashWaks

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