At last! Officially Wolverine 3 details are being released!! Let’s start with the minor things. The films is being released on 3rd March 2017, which is shaping up to be a massively busy month for us geeks! On and the title will be ‘Logan‘, hinting heavily at the rumoured comic story line Old Man Logan.

Next, a few character details have been confirmed. The villain (or one of the the villains) will be Donald Pierce, played by Donald Holbrook (Narcos).

The following is according to The Wrap an not strictly official yet. Stephen Merchant will be playing Caliban (played by a different actor in the recent Xmen: Apocalypse). Richard E Grant will be playing Dr Zander Rice and most importantly Sienna Novikov will play Laura a.k.a. X-23.


If true the appearance of X-23 is great! And plus, I called it while back!! I will not go into the reported plot details as it will spoil the film for many if true and to be honest it sounds a bit wishy-washy for me. I’m not entirely happy with the details I’ve read so I’m hoping for something a bit different. The Wrap article I’ve linked has the full details so give it a read if you want to know.

For me the most exciting reveal is the new poster!


A simple but thought provoking poster. That is clearly Wolverine’s aka Logan’s hand with his adamantium claws out, but why is his arm covered in cuts and bruises? Is his healing factor diminished by old age or illness? Who does the other hand belong to. It’s a good bet that it is the girl who has been seen in the set photos released and very, very heavily rumoured to be X-23!


I love this poster, it gives you just enough information to peak your interest from the film even though the previous two Wolverine solo films have been far from satisfying. This poster, along with the below photos that have been released, show the dark, violent tone of the film and it’s making me fell like this could be a rival for the best Xmen film yet.

I might be reaching a bit but I am now super excited for this film. I am more intrigued to see how they interpret the Old Man Logan story when Fox own the rights to so few of the characters that are featured in the book. What do you guys think of the confirmed details? Want some more? I’m just going to leave this script page here….


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