The Second biggest comic con event of the year has been and gone but we are still left with plenty of goodies to pour over. I’m working my way through the various panels in a much more comfortable way than those who queued up for the Iron Fist panel for 9 Hours!!

One of the biggest reveals at NYCC 2016 was the first teaser for Marvel’s Iron Fist Netflix show. Check it out below!

K’un-Lun saved him. Lei Kung trained him. And now, Danny Rand is back to fight for what’s his.

I don’t know about you but I am bloody excited by this trailer! I will even go so far to say that I prefer this trailer to the entire of the Luke Cage series. I do understand that the trailer is designed to get the blood pumping and make you want more, but none of the Luke Cage teasers made me feel like that.


There are so many cool and interesting clips in the trailer. We look to be getting a variation on Danny’s origin, instead of losing his parents on a hike in the mountains, there will be a plane crash. I have a feeling that his father’s business partner will still be responsible for his parents death, hence the reasons Danny returns to New York to fight for what is his!


The footage has the same sort of feeling as the early Daredevil clips. Lots of fighting, with the hero being outnumbered but this difference with Iron Fist is that we don’t see any evidence of him being out fought. He is taking people out left right and center with some awesome moves and yes, we see him channeling his Ki or Chi or whatever into his fist, and it glows!!!! Just like in the comics!!!


I think this show will be the closest to the comics as any of the Netflix shows. Daredevil was pretty close but already we have seen the actual ‘Iron Fist’, the chest tattoo, the monks of K’un L’un and some kick ass action. I’m not going to go into what I think the story might be because at the moment I don’t care. I just want to see more of Danny punching down walls and destroying his enemies! ‘IRON FIST!!’


Marvel’s Iron Fist is released on 17 March, 2017 exclusively on Netflix.

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