The latest batch of promotional material from the Powers Ranger 2017 reboot give our first look at the Rangers’ Zords! Their giant mechanical battle bots! As with the original TV show they are coloured co-ordinated to each Ranger and look huge!!

We can only see a small portion of each Zord as the respective Ranger lounges in some incredibly awkward poses, which are the result of some terrible photoshopping!

We know that the origin of the Rangers power in the new film is going to be alien and the armour is going to be more crystalline inside of colourful lycra. It stands to reason then that the Zords will have a similar aesthetic.  Form the small sections visible, it does look like each Zord is going to be inspired by the original Mighty Morphin Powers Rangers and be based on the look of a Prehistoric creature.

You can make out the Tail and back leg of a T-Rex for the Red Ranger, the beak and folded wing of a Pterosaur for the Pink Ranger, the three horns of a Tri-ceratops for the Blue Ranger, the Tusks of a Mammoth for the Black Ranger and the clawed foot of a Sabretooth Tiger for the Yellow Ranger.

UPDATE: Courtesy of NYCC 2016 we have another bunch of posters with some cool action poses, this time giving us out best look at the armour for each Ranger. Take a look!!

It looks like the film is going to be relying heavily on nostalgia and I’m completely fine with that as I don’t think it has anything else to offer. I am slightly worried that it will just be a more child friendly version of Pacific Rim but I guess we will have to wait to find out.

What do you think of the Zords? Will you watch the film? Let us know in the comments below.

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