The original Ghost in The Shell Anime movie is two things, confusing and beautiful. A live action adaptation was inevitable at some point, especially considering the recent surge in fan support for Japanese animation.

Ghost in The Shell will be difficult to do justice in live-action. The visuals involved in the original are hard to believe at time and they do things that even modern CGI would struggle with.


Based on a Manga series, a cyborg policewoman and her partner are tasked with hunting a mysterious and powerful hacker called the Puppet Master. I won’t go into a full description of the movie here because it is definitely one you need to watch to fully appreciate, but if you like Neo-Japanese future settings, with advanced technology that is so embedded in our world that almost everyone has some kind of cybernetic augmentation, go out and get it!!!

The live-action remake, starring Scarlett Johansson as The Major, originally received some criticism for not casting an Asian actor in the lead role, and although those complaints are still there, the film is gaining support as it draws closer to its 31 March 2017 release.


Parmount Pictures released 5 teasers for the film, all about 10 seconds long each and giving no context to any of the visuals. The only thing we can take from these is that the aesthetic tone of the film is going to be just as stunning and strange as the animated film, and looks to be dealing with the same issues.

Take a look at the teasers below and tell us what you think? Is this going to be pushed to the side by all the huge comic book blockbusters in 2017? Are people going to compare it to Johansson’s recent Lucy which almost completely bombed? Let’s wait and see!


Ghost in the Shell Movie – coming to theatres March 31, 2017.

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