So we pick up immediately after the ending of the previous episode. Alex is going at Supergirl with all has, still being controlled by Non via Project Myriad. Kara refuses to fight back and is suffering for it. J’onn J’onnz is too wounded to offer any help so instead he flies in Alex’s mother to appeal to her true self to fight Myriad’s control.

Of course it works and the fight is finished. Supergirl broadcasts her message of hope across the whole city and people start to break out of their trance. It isn’t long before Non and Indigo realise that Myriad has failed. He is furious and being the puppet master again, Indigo fuels his anger. She tells him the only way to win now is to kill everyone except Supergirl. Let her suffer.


They amplify the effects of Myriad so instead of controlling the people it will eventually destroy their brains. Supergirl knows she has to go to the source of the signal to stop it and knows there is a high chance it will be a one way trip.


As with all shows of this type, things are put on hold while Kara says her goodbyes to everyone she cares about. She has made her peace with her likely death and is ready to face Non.


It is then that General Lane reveals the remains of Fort Roz are still in the place where it crashed. The military cloaked it to hide from the world and this is where Non has been hiding. Off Supergirl and J’onn go to find it.

Confronted by Non and Indigo at Fort Roz our heroes launch into the shortest but one of the best fights of the season. Supergirl and Non battle it out and locks heat vision, Kara is uses her rage to over power Non and burns his eyes out!

Meanwhile, J’onn gets an Indigo blade in the stomach and in return he rips Indigo in two!


With no way of stopping the Myriad signal and time running out Supergirl decides her only option is to fly Fort Roz itself into space, the only problem is she won’t be able to get back! While flying up she makes Alex promise to have a good life and then floats helpless in space……


…..until Alex rescues her in Kara’s old pod!


Back on Earth it’s all smiles. National City is safe, J’onn has been released from Military lock up and reinstated as head of the DEO. Lane also gives Maxwell Lord a Kryptonian power core, presumably to continue his anti-Kryptonian research.


Kara gets promoted by Cat Grant and given her own office, she wants her to decide what she wants to do and not just be an assistant, oh and also calls her KARA!!!


Our friends all gather for a family dinner, Jimmy gives Kara a present of a photo of herself and they share a kiss that actually lasts.


A noise draws them all to the window and they see something streak through the sky! Kara does the classic shirt opening run and accompanied by J’onn they race to the impact point.


Another Kryptonian pod has landed! Who is in it?!?!?! Find out next season!


What else jumped out during the episode?

  • I wonder if they paid someone to be in Superman’s boots as he lay on the table or if they were body-less?


  • Alex tells her mother that Mr Danvers is still alive and at Project Cadmus. I’d like to point out they only know this from a vision that may or may not have been true!
  • Supergirl clearly has no problem killing when it needs to be done. She literally burnt Non’s eyes out of his head!!!
  • Clark chat returns! The least secure form of communication in this modern age. Thankfully he will be appearing in person next season!
  • With an apartment that has such huge windows, you would think Kara would be more careful about wearing her glasses or strutting around in her Supergirl outfit.
  • Surely the DEO should have known about Fort Roz still being where it landed if they were tracking criminals who escaped from it. Did they think it just disappeared when the military came in?!

So then end of the season is here. A typically cheesy happy ending with a cliff hanger and one that at the time wasn’t definitely going to lead anywhere as the show had not been renewed for another season. It was an action packed episode, with plenty of tension but also a few touching moments. Kara showed she was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the planet. Superman would be proud!

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