Forgive the lateness of this news story, I do have a life….and I’ve finally been catching up with the end of Supergirl Season 1!!!

If you follow Stephen Amell on any social media you will know he loves teasing future episodes and events for Arrow. The most surprising tease comes in the form of a simple photo hinting at the return of the super bad guy in the 100th episode of Arrow.


So Deathstroke is coming back! We have no idea how he will be returning or why but I’m going to assume it will be in the form of some kind of flash back or if the Legends of Tomorrow team are involved again then time travel could play a part.

Arguably the best villain of Arrow’s entire run, it’s great to see the character returning, even if it is only briefly. Will we see Wilson and Oliver square off again? Is it even Slade Wilson in the armour? I guess we will have to wait and see,

In the mean time, let’s be satisfied with more images from Amell teasing the 4-way CW show crossover episode!


We don’t have long to wait to see all our CW heroes on screen together! Hopefully the musical aspect of the episode won’t ruin it!!!

Excited for Season 5 of Arrow? Let us know in the comments below!

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