This episode was simultaneously fantastic and disappointing. If you have read any of my posts before you will know that I love crossovers and as the episode is titled after one of the earliest DC crossover comics, we know that two superheroes will be meeting on screen!

Who is the fastest? Supergirl or The Flash?!

Barry Allen takes a trip to National city through a dimensional breach (accidentally) and quickly realises that he is on a different earth.


Saving Kara from falling out of the Cat co building after being screamed at by ‘ex-assistant out for revenge Siobhan’, The Flash is surprised to discover that she doesn’t know who he is and that she is in fact a superhero herself!


All the scenes with Barry and Kara together are great. Their interaction is fun and engaging and the tone of each character is perfectly melded into the same episode. Barry trying to explain the multiverse to the team is really good as we see both Kara and Winn super excited to work with this new hero, but Jimmy being really jealous that Kara has a new ‘friend’.


What brings the episode down are the villains. Siobhan has decided to go full bad girl and when her dormant Banshee curse/powers activate and breaks Livewire out of the DEO containment cell (somehow, this is never really explained how!). The pair team up to take Supergirl down, complete with Siobhan getting the weirdest makeover ever. Is it all make up? It looks ridiculous.


Barry and Kara team up to take them down but their first fight doesn’t go so well, with Barry charging Livewire up with his own lightning bolt! Idiot! They have to retreat. Barry develops some earbuds that will protect them from Siobhan aka ‘Silver Banshee’.

Livewire and Banshee kidnap Cat Grant to draw Supergirl and The Flash out for another fight. The Flash gets blasted by Livewire and somehow Silver Banshee manages to punch Supergirl back! (How is she now super strong?!).

Worlds Finest

Seeing Supergirl has the upper hand against Banshee, Livewire fires a blast at a nearby helipcopter, Kara throws herself in front of it to protect them. This is witness by members of the public who then rush to her aid and try to fight off the villains. Livewire ends up being taken down by Firemen!!

Barry magically provides the National City police with a way to contain Meta-humans, and the team work out that if both the Flash and Supergirl run really fast and Kara boosts Barry by throwing him faster then he will break the barrier and return home. They have the race we have been wanting all episode (an homage to any of the Superman/Flash races over the years) and Barry is gone!


It’s all sunshine as Kara has had enough of waiting and makes her move on Jimmy, using an Infinite Earths analogy as a pick up line! They kiss but then Jimmy walks out of the apartment to join the rest of the city as mindless drones.  Non has activated Project Myriad!!!


So what else is important to note?

  • Cat grant knew Barry was the Flash all along, but still thinks Kara is Supergirl!


  • How did Siobhan get free Livewire from inside the DEO and how did she draw her to a specific location?
  • Lucy Lane is apparently fine with Jimmy now being in love with Kara!
  • Why didn’t the ice cream Barry got for the team melt when he was running?


  • Kara has restored some of it’s faith in Supergirl.
  • Silver Banshee looks ridiculous and the outfit has not relation to her powers, it doesn’t amplify them and appears to be all cosmetic!! So so bad!
  • Banshee can scream with concussive force, she does not have super strength or speed so Supergirl should have been able to take her down easily!

Seeing the Flash and Supergirl on screen together for the first time was great and I can’t wait for the crossover episodes in the new season. One thing the show is very hit and miss on is the villains, Livewire was fine in her own episode as she had character development, but as part of a team up with a weird looking, Black Canary rip-off was rubbish.

Neither villain was threatening and should have been taken out easily. The story was drawn out, probably just to give the two heroes someone to fight but the flash could Kara could have taken them on herself.


The show must do better! Move on!

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