Well Astra and Non’s plan is finally revealed in this episode! It’s taken all season and I’m not entirely sure why it took the Kryptonian’s so many years to work up to this point but their plan comes to fruition.

The reason Jimmy Olsen walked away from Kara’s kiss at the end of the last episode to join the rest of the city is because Project Myriad has been activated! It is designed to save the world from itself. By taking over the minds of the population it makes them work to solve the Earth’s problems together rather than wasting time on other things.


We also find out, through a rather handy Alura hologram in the Fortress of Solitude that Myriad cannot be stopped. Astra tried to activate it on Krypton because the planet was dying, and it was this that got her sent to Fort Roz.


Firstly, Non commands the DEO to release all their prisoners (except the White Martian!)and they almost succeed by Supergirl contains them. The military quarantine National City so it is up to Supergirl to fix things. She hasn’t been able to find Superman and goes to Cat Co to check on her friends. They are all mindless drones, except Cat Grant!

Superman sends a text to Kara telling him he is on her way but as soon as he reaches the city he is affected by Myriad.


Luckily Maxwell Lord has developed some tech that counter the effect of Myriad and has protected his mind as well as embedding the tech into some earrings that he had already give Cat!

Lord thinks the only solution is to kill the Kryptonians and on the other side of the fight, Indigo, who has been resurrected by Non, is encouraging him to kill Supergirl. She is the only one that can stop them.

While all this is going on Alex and J’onn are on the run and see a news report of the situation in National City while they are hiding out at Mrs Danvers house. Alex explains to her mum about J’onn and he explains the promise he made to Mr Danvers. J’onn wants to go and help Supergirl but stops Alex, she insists she goes too and J’onn will try to use his powers to shield her mind from Myriad.


Non confronts Supergirl to display how powerless she is. He mind controls Jimmy, Winn and some other woman called Kelly to jump off Cat Co. She only manages to save her two friends (of course). Non wants her to live with loss like he has.

Lord’s plan is to use the Kryptonite bomb he has been developing to kill the Kryptonians. It will choke them but will also have a lot of collateral damage. What other choice does Supergirl have?


Alex and J’onn arrive to fight. Indigo beats Alex down and J’onn gets the upper hand before Indigo threatens to kill Alex if he doesn’t stand down. Stabbing J’onn in the gut cuts his concentration enabling Myriad to take control of Alex.

After another one of Cat’s inspiring pep-talks, Supergirl will broadcast her own signal to instil hope in the city and over come Myriad’s control. Apparently hope is stronger than mind control!

Unfortunately Non has other plans! He has sent Alex, in some crazy Kryptonite powered suit, a reference to Lex Luthor’s power suit perhaps?, to fight Supergirl! How can Kara stop her without hurting her? I guess we will find out next time!


What else was worth watching in the episode?

  • One of the prisoners released from the DEO, Maxima, apparently had her marriage proposal turned down by Superman!


  • The DEO now have Kryptonite bullets as standard and Kara took Lucy out with her own space ship!


  • Where was Superman when Kara was looking for him?
  • J’onn J’onnz disguise was a lot better than Alex’s bad wig!
  • Cat Grant makes a very derogatory remark about her real life husband Harrison Ford.
  • Mrs Danvers was fascinated by J’onn, not frightened!
  • Indigo tried to persuade Non to take over the universe with Myriad! I wish they had just made her full Braniac.
  • J’onn should have been able to take Indigo down easily!
  • Where did Non get the Kryptonite suit for Alex from if they are shut out of the DEO?

This episode was little more than a set up for the finale. I like how hopeless the fight seems and that Kara is considering using Lord’s bomb as there appeared to be no other option. The ‘Hope’ broadcast tactic seems very flimsy and I don’t see how this can break Myriads control at all! The fight between Alex and Kara will be good as Alex will be trying to kill her outright! Which sister will be triumphant? As if we don’t already know! it’s not like the show is called “Alex Danvers”

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