Finally! The episode I’ve been waiting for all season! And explanation in to what happened with the real Hank Henshaw, Mr Danvers and J’onn J’onnz!

The important parts of the episode can be boiled down to Colonel James Harper and Major Lucy Lane (yes that Lucy Lane) interviewing Alex and J’onn J’onnz about what happened to the original Hank Henshaw.

As J’onn tells the story we flashback 10 years to when Mr Danvers was recruited by Henshaw into the DEO. They are on a mission hunting down the Martian Manhunter but Danvers doesn’t want them to kill him.


While hiding in the jungle, J’onn saves Mr Danvers from a snake and they start to bond. He tells Danvers of his origin and Danvers tells him about his new daughter Kara.


Henshaw attacks and in the resulting scramble, Danvers jumps to the defence of J’onn and throws Henshaw off a cliff but receiving a knife to the stomach in the process. With his dying words, Danvers asks J’onn to protect his daughters so he takes Henshaw’s place as the head of the DEO .

The Colonel decides to take both J’onn J’onnz and Alex to something called Project Cadmus. Supergirl has been trying to listen in to the questioning all the time and at first was blocked by some anti-super human tech but was able to hear that they are being taken away.


Kara tells Jimmy that Lucy is back in town and asks him to talk to her. He has heard of alien experiments happening at Project Cadmus. He arranges a meeting with Lucy at Kara’s apartment where she reveals that she is Supergirl, but Lucy doesn’t want to help.

It’s all about flashbacks in this episode as we see Kara on her first day at school and Mr Danvers telling her she needs to hide her powers after she helped the someone in a car crash. Then fast forward to her interview at Cat Co. She almost lost the job until she used her X-ray vision to get the upper hand.


After Kara appeals to Lucy for help, the pair attack the truck transporting Alex and J’onn and free them. As J’onn wipes the Colonel’s memory he get feedback showing that Mr Danvers is still alive at Project Cadmus! Alex and J’onn will go and get him back!


Oh and before I forget, the ex-assistant Siobhan discovered she has banshee like abilities after falling off the top of a building, during a conversation with Winn. She screams and cushions her fall.


So, anything else in the episode worth noting?

  • Lucy is now head of the DEO
  • Kara and Lucy are really good on motorbikes!
  • Kara’s glasses are lead lined to supress her vision abilities, given to her by Mr Danvers


  • There is such a thing as too many flashbacks – Arrow inspired episode!
  • How does the Colonel have anti-Martian tech? They have never caught one before
  • The original Hank Henshaw was just mean!
  • The city still distrusts Supergirl

The whole episode was basically a bonding one, showing the connections between J’onn and the Danvers girls, and it sort of explained why J’onn is so protective of Alex, but has he been watching her since she was like 12?! There was a lot of filler with all the Siobhan scenes but that will be expanded upon in the next episode. Let’s move on!

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