Yes I know I am way behind with this!  But better late than never right? It has been months since season 1 finished on our screens here in the UK and Season 2 is very soon to be starting in the US so I though I should probably finish the recaps at least!

I’m doing things a little differently from now on as I feel my recaps have been a bit wordy and for those who have seen the shows they are just play by play accounts of the episode, and not very engaging to read. So form this point out the recaps should be shorter, and more interesting… least that’s the plan!

So let’s begin with Season 1 Episode 16 – ‘Falling’

This episode deals with something almost every incarnation of a Kryptonian superhero has had to face, Red Kryptonite. For Supergirl, we find out that this rock had been created artificially by Maxwell Lord who actually intended Non to stumble across it (see he can be a nice guy!)


Unfortunately it is our Kara that gets affected and it changes her attitude completely. She lets a gold stealing alien go instead of handing him over to the DEO, verbally bitch slaps anyone who questions her new confident, selfish behaviour, and even gets her rival at Cat Co, Siobhan fired when she tries to hand some information rejected by Cat to the Daily Planet.



Kara even tries it on with Jimmy, both he and Winn are worried about her, especially after Supergirl throws Cat Grant off a building, catching her at the last second and telling her she has the power to decide who lives and dies.

The new Kara is ruining her old life. The city thinks Supergirl has gone rogue, Kara quits Cat Co and she has alienated her family and friends. She starts to behave a lot like Astra and Non and even takes to wearing a new suit!


While the city loses it’s faith in Supergirl, the DEO and Maxwell Lord have developed an anti-Red Kryptonite gun and after a scene when Supergirl is flicking peanuts at bottles in a bar, a wonderful homage to Christopher Reeve’s performance in Superman III, the city try to fight back against her reign of terror. Supergirl takes them all down and is only stopped when Hank Henshaw aka J’onn Jones goes full Martian and beats her down.

Alex shoots Kara with the antidote gun and all is well again. Well it would be except the DEO arresting J’onn J’onnz, his secret is out. The Senator previously saved by the DEO feels betrayed and retracts her support from the DEO, Kara’s relationship with Jimmy is shaken and her ‘evil’ side hurt Alex with some of the things she said.


Cat Grant still has faith in Supergirl, and if she works at it she will regain the city’s trust!

So, to summarise:

  • Everyone knows that the real Hank Henshaw is dead and J’onn J’onnz took his place.
  • For some reason J’onn thinks giving himself up protects Alex and Kara?!
  • Evil Kara is just honest Kara!
  • Jimmy knows how Kara feels about him.
  • Kara harboured a resentment for Alex deep down!
  • Cat Grant appears on America talk shows with Sharon Osborne! Yeah the real one!
  • Kara is a super-powered pervert! Knowing full well that there was a couple in the closet getting freaky, she uses her X-ray vision to see through the door!
  • Kara didn’t need Winn to make her original costume! She made her own one in less than a day!
  • Why did Lord think Non would come to the aid of some fire fighters in order for him to be affected by the Red Kryptonite?


An inevitable episode but an interesting one. It was only a matter of time before Red Kryptonite came to the show but it was good to see Kara let her hair down and do what she wanted for a change. I have to say her new look when working in Cat Co was very nice, but she did go a little be too far when you know, terrorising the city and all that! Will Supergirl be trusted by the people ever again? Let’s face it, of course she will! It’s Supergirl!

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