With Season 3 of Gotham imminent, it’s about time we talked a bit about what we want from the show. The first two seasons have been quite strong with peaks and troughs like any show, but a much darker interpretation of comic stories that the brightly coloured CW networks shows.

The series is full of easter eggs, references and characters from Batman stories and the wider DC universe but there is always more they can put in. Some of the inclusions so far have left a lot to be desired, and personally I’m not a huge fan of infamous Batman villains being established in a world where Bruce Wayne himself is barely into puberty.

Some of the character mistakes will be rectified in Season 3 (ahem…Poison Ivy being recast!)  but as a long time Batman fan there are so many more things I want to see.

Here’s 10 things we want to see in season 3!

A Joker

Jerome was heavily featured in season 2 with many of the recognisable Joker-ish traits, and it was a surprise when he was killed off rather abruptly. Now we know that death is by no means and ending for the show as several characters have returned to the land of the living, there have been rumours that Jerome may have been resurrected and escaped on the Prison Truck along with other inmates from Dr Strange’s labs.

I don’t think they should include someone who definitively is the Joker but lace the show with more references. Maybe throw in nods to his Red Hood origins or present multiple possible Joker candidates.

The Dollmaker return?

When he first appeared it looked like the show was setting him up to be a major villain of Gotham. His sparring with Fish Mooney and the horrible experimentation on his prisoners was a pleasure to see. We never really saw what happened to him during Mooney’s escape, other than being surrounded by a group of very angry inmates!

It makes sense to bring him back now that Fish is going to be growing her power base, she will need a nemesis who is a threat to her. The Dollmaker could be the psychological threat which could put her off her game. Maybe he survived by applying some of his own surgical techniques to his own body, could he have built an army?


One of the ‘villain of the week’ episode from season 1 teased Bane, the super-strong, super angry, drug fuelled Batman bad guy. We saw average Joe’s becoming hugely strong and ‘Hulking out’ after taking venom, a drug that was being released onto the streets as an experiment.

It might be too soon to bring Bane into the world fully, but maybe introduce the character who would be come Bane and show his introduction to the drug enhancement and his increasing dependency. Maybe he could be another of the escaped Arkham inmates, it would be easy to explain how he could have a venom releasing device spliced into his system.

Court of Owls

If you caught the end of the Season 2 and any trailers for Season 3 you will know that the show will be having some version of the Court of Owls storyline. One of the most popular Batman stories, will the show be delving into a City or country wide conspiracy where everything is run by an exclusive group of elites.

Again it might be too early in the show to introduce them but the natural predator of the bat is an owl (apparently). Hugo Strange was seen to be working for the Court, what is their goal? Why are they interested in Bruce Wayne? Will we have a different conspiracy behind Thomas Wayne’s death each season?! Just give me the Talons and make them better than the hooded monks of St Duma and I’ll be happy.

League of Assassins

The show has been dancing around the League of Assassins for a while. Everytime some mysterious organisation or a disguised ninja-like character shows up everyone says “Well that’s going to be the League then” or “Finally, R’as is in the game!”. So far we have been disappointed. I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason the League hasn’t shown up yet is because of it’s depiction in the CW Arrow-verse.


The League is a huge part of that world and the network even used some of the Batman stories just replacing Bruce Wayne with Oliver Queen. Do we want to see it all again? No, but League needs to be acknowledged and maybe be involved in the start of Bruce’s proper training. He is only a few years away from when his mission should properly start.


If you’ve read any of these posts before then you’ll know I love crossovers, even if they aren’t done very well I love seeing characters from different comics and shows all together on screen. At the moment, Gotham is the only popular comic book show on TV that isn’t part of a larger TV/Film universe (I’m probably wrong about that!) and the difficulty is the time period. It’s not clear if the show is set in the modern day or the past, it doesn’t make sense to have a young Bruce Wayne in the same universe as an adult Superman or Green Arrow. With this in mind the most likely show to crossover with Gotham will be Legends of Tomorrow.


They have the advantage of time travel so they could pop up somewhere with no problem. Legends has already acknowledged the existence of Dark Knights so it wouldn’t be too difficult to expand on it.

Emperor Penguin

Season 3 is time for Penguin to have success. He is the character that you love to hate, vulnerable, but violently unpredictable and vindictive, Cobblepot has been striving for power since first gaining his nickname. He needs to embrace the name and seize power. I don’t want to see any more of him pitting mobster against each other or tricking others into their own demise without him actually having to do anything.


His partial redemption in Season 2 was meaningless. He should be a figure the city fears and his influence should be city wide. The trailers indicate things will be looking up for him but how will he cope with Fish Mooney’s return? I’m predicting he will finish her off by the end of the season to affirm his control over the city.

Bruce Mk 2

One of the ‘inmates’ released from Arkham in the bus crash was someone sporting an identical face to a certain Bruce Wayne. It probably going to be explained away that this person is just some random kid that Hugo Strange carried out some plastic surgery to look like Bruce. As soon as I saw this person my mind immediately went to the possibilities of the Hush story being adapted in the show.

For those that don’t know, Hush aka Thomas Elliott was a childhood friend of Bruce who had a similar family tragedy (albeit he murdered both of his parents). He became a successful surgeon and to cut a long story short, had surgery to look exactly like Bruce! I don’t think the show will do this so soon in Bruce Wayne’s story, but the inclusion of this ‘clone’ is surely a nod to Thomas. I’m always in favour of story adaptations but this one could be tricky!

Barbara Gordon Jnr?

This is something that has bugged me since Barbara started her downward spiral into madness. Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl aka Oracle is a very important part of Bruce Wayne’s future, but the way things are going she will never be born in the Gotham universe! Jim and Barbara are far from in love. There was a small amount rekindling romance towards the end of season 2 when she had apparently reformed herself in Arkham and went to make up, but she proved straight away how psychotic she still is.

Barbara may love him but the last we saw Jim he was off to find Dr Lee to make up. I can’t see how things will get back to a point where little Barbara could be conceived, the future of Batman has been forever changed! Although saying this I’m sure the show will switch things around at some point and maybe the conception will be the result of a fling between the two! Give us Batgirl!

Commissioner Gordon

The last few episodes of Season 2 had Harvey Bullock as acting Captain of the GCPD. As far as I’m aware since Commissioner Loeb was ‘taken out’, the job was vacant. We know that if the show follows Gordon’s character arc, he will at some point become Commissioner Gordon. Is it too soon for that to happen? He is still quite young and doesn’t have that much support within the GCPD and City Hall at the moment, having been accused of the murder of the previous Mayor Theo Galavan and having a reputation for cracking down on corruption in the department.

It will be a while before he will restore his reputation enough to be given the Commissioner’s job, because let’s face it, he doesn’t even have his famous moustache yet! It would be good to perhaps see Gordon appointed the new GCPD Captain, as I’m sure Bullock will give it up as soon as he has the chance!

There’s all kinds of stuff that I want included in the show but I doubt season 3 will be the last one so there will be plenty of time to include more! What do you want to see in the show? Let us know in the comments below! By the time this is published Gotham  will be back on TV screens in America and us over here in England will have to wait 4 long months until it is released here!

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