For years fans have been calling for a proper live action version of Booster Gold. As with many fan favourite characters that have been crow-barred in to TV shows, many people were very unhappy with the interpretation of Smallville’s 25th Century hero.


The outfit was close but the character was off. It was understandable then when we got a whiff of a rumour that Booster would make an appearance on the big screen, if not in his own film, then as a supporting character in a full DC approved film, we all got very exited.

Reign in that excitement! There will be a Booster Gold film, but it will not be part of the DCEU. The film will be helmed by Greg Berlanti (because you know, he hasn’t already go enough on his plate!) and will be independent of the main universe.


This might not necessarily be a bad thing. Booster is probably one of the more difficult characters to do justice on screen, especially if you include the Time Master/Secret Mission aspect of his character. Having his own film is probably the only way to explain this side of him fully but I don’t think it would really fit with the tone of the DCEU.

Booster and his buddy Tedd Kord aka Blue Beetle are traditionally light hearted characters who are always getting into hilarious scrapes at the same time as being superheroes and some time Justice League members. They have had to deal with their fair share of dark days but I always get the impression that the pair are there to have fun with.


The film needs to be a buddy movie with these two as the main characters, but deal with Booster’s time travel origin, after all he is sport celebrity drop out from the future, having stolen some tech from the Justice League museum, including a power suit, Legion of Superheroes Flight Ring and time Machine, and drinking in the fame that being a hero in the present day! While most of the Justice League see him as a bit of a joke, his real mission is one that will save the entire universe.

Add into that the facet of his Time Master tutor, Rip Hunter being ……..(SPOILERS IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW ANY MORE!!!) Booster’s son, having actually been trained in the ways of the Time Masters by Booster himself, and you will have an incredibly interesting, engaging and entertaining movie. For this reason I thought Booster would pop up on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow show!

I am really excited to see Booster on screen, giving him the screen time the character deserves. One of my favourite lower powered DC heroes, give him his time to shine! after all, the camera loves him!


Excited to see live action Booster Gold? Who do you think should play him? Let us know in the comments below.

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