Ir looks like Fox are starting to listen to the X-men fans at last. No matter how bad the films have been so far, they have at least tried to give us some of the things we love from the comics.


X-men gave us a live action mutant team. X-2 gave us an awesome back story for Wolverine. X-men: The Last Stand gave us the Dark Phoenix. X-men Origins: Wolverine gave us our first look at Deadpool. The Wolverine gave us a look at Wolverine’s time in Japan. X-men First Class gave us the beginning of the team. X-men Days of Future Past gave us a variation on one of the best X-men stories. X-men Apocalypse gave us one of the franchises biggest villains!

Yes I know, the majority of the X-men films have had more misses than hits and there are some things that are unforgivable, but you can’t argue that Fox have been trying to give us the things we like! If only they could get things right. In recent years they have started to go in the right direction, with DOFP and X-men Apocalypse repairing some of the damage previously made.


So reluctant are Fox to release the rights to the Xmen franchise back to Marvel that they are pulling out all the stops and introducing characters who would have been impossible to create at the beginning of the franchise.

Listen to the commentary for X-men: Apocalypse and you will hear Bryan Singer himself confirm that the post-credits scene was meant to set up things for Wolverine 3. The suited men collecting blood samples from the Weapon X facility on behalf of a certain Essex Corps, signals the arrival of a rather posh sounding man, Nathaniel Essex.


Wolverine 3, rumoured to be a take on the Old Man Logan story will feature Mr Sinister himself!

Mr Sinister is known for his extensive, horrific and invasive experiments on mutants with the goal of gaining more powers for himself and sometimes prompting an evolution in his own system. He has event created mutants through his experiments and even had a hand in some of the most powerful mutants.

He created a clone of Jean Grey which led to the birth Nathan Summers aka Cable and even awakened Apocalypse. He is a character of untold evil and anything he is involved in will not turn out well for our heroes. We have no idea how he will fit into the story, or even what the story of Wolverine 3 will definitely be but I can’t wait to see Sinister on screen! Bryan Cranston to play perhaps?


What do you think of this villain finally hitting the big screen? Let us know in the comments below.

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