Feel like you haven’t had enough superhero movie news recently? Been living under a rock for the last few months? Well never fear, Henry Cavill is here to lend a hand!

Superman himself sent the internet into a bit of a frenzy recently with a single photo on Instagram:


To the casual viewer this doesn’t look like much, and if not for the fact that Mr Cavill has thousands of followers, this might have gone unnoticed. He is clearly hinting at the possibility of seeing Superman return in his black recovery suit! It looks to be part of the ‘S’ emblem on the chest of the Superman suit, but all black!

Following the Death of Superman story arc, when Supes eventually returns he is sporting a wonderful head of hair as well as the iconic black and silver suit.


We already know that the Man of Steel will be returning, based on the funeral scene at the end of BvS: Dawn of Justice and the fact that he is shown, in his traditional red and blue outfit, in the Justice League team photo released at SDCC 2016.

Justice League

Maybe this is what he is grinning at, a tease for the fans that might not even prove to be true! It could just be his traditional suit in black and white!

If you ask me, I think we will see him in the black suit, after all we have seen him in one before during a dream sequence in Man of Steel so they could just use that one! Even if it doesn’t happen I think it’s awesome that Cavill is aware of the fandom amassed around not only his character but the DC universe as a whole, and the possibility of something ripped straight from the comics appearing on screen is always welcome!

As more news, set photos, trailers etc come out I’m sure we will know the answer to this soon but for now, let your geek minds rejoice!!!

Think we’ll see the black suit? What about the mullet? Let us know in the comments below.

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