We’ve known that Jason Mamoa will be donning the scale armour of The King of Atlantis for some time now. We have seen him in action a couple of times, albeit in some weird camera footage and throwing Bruce Wayne about.


Not much more is known about the James Wan directed film to be released in July 2018 other than a few casting announcements. Amber Heard will be playing Arthur Currie’s wife Mera and Willen Dafoe will be the Atlantean Vulko.

Now, as reported by The Wrap, one of Aquaman’s greatest enemies will be appearing. Black Manta will be the big bad in the movie!

We still don’t know which version of Black Manta it will be. Could it be the latest version who is seeking revenge on Aquaman for the murder of his father? Or could he be the father himself?


Whoever it is, expect to see some epic underwater fight scenes. I just hope they keep with the comic accurate Black Manta outfit, it’s a bit ridiculous but as a fanboy it would make me more than happy!


What do you think of the movie villain? Who do you want t play Black Manta? Let us know in the comments below.

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