It’s not that long since we saw the first official trailer come out of SDCC 2016 but just in case you were itching for more, a few days ago Marvel/Netflix released another, slightly longer trailer!

Check it out below:

I won’t go into too much detail this one as there is a lot of things we have already seen before. There are a few interesting new additions to the footage though:

Luke saving nurse Claire from a speeding car?! Was this a murder attempt? Or a freak accident?

A look at how Luke got his powers! Very similar to his comic origin, “I was put in a tank like some sort of exotic fish and came out with abilities” Coming out of the “tank” with power gauntlets and a head band, very reminiscent of his original Power Man outfit from the comics!

More bullets flying!


“Everybody wants to be the king”


“I don’t like your tone”


Luke is protecting the little people. Hero for Hire perhaps? Is he gaining fame for his actions?

little people

Another really good trailer and I love the way they are introducing comic accurate story points. Even some of the visuals are taken from the comics. It’s very clever how they filter Luke’s colour yellow through parts of his outfits.

It’s safe to say that Luke is going to be kicking all kinds of ass, although by the sounds of it he is reluctant to begin with! What forces him to step in and protect those who can’t protect themselves? We will have to wait until September to find out!

What did you think of the new Trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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