Not to be out done by The Flash, Arrow released it’s own trailer at SDCC 2016.

I haven’t been silent about my disappointment with Season 4 of the show so for me there is a lot riding on Season 5. Will Arrow return to the lofty heights of Season 2? Can it re-claim it’s spot at the top of the comic book TV show pyramid?

Check out the trailer below to see what’s in store!

A pretty good trailer overall. Lots to think about so let’s go through the main parts.

A look back at the end of season 4 with the fight and death of Damien Darhk showing that the repercussions of that will continue into this new season. Oliver is still struggling with the right way to do things and we find out what Laurel’s death-bed promise was to him; he can’t this on his own anymore and needs help.


It looks like the first half (at least) of the season will be Oliver and Felicity recruiting new members to Team Arrow.


Evelyn Sharp (the girl who stole the Black Canary identity) is a new member, presumably the one to take the rumoured Artemis name.


A brand new character, Rene Ramirez will be going by the name Wild Dog, an active vigilante in Star City that Oliver feels he needs to keep on a short leash so takes him under his wing. You can even see a glimpse of his hockey mask on one of Felicity’s screens!

And Mr Terrific!! So glad he will at least try to suit up. I’m hoping for his comic outfit to be as accurate as possible, the T-spheres come into regular use and not just the odd appearance. Echo Kellum himself has said he will get a mask by the end of the season, so maybe he will have a complete outfit soon!

We see Oliver training the newbies and not going light on them at all! Only a brief appearance from John Diggle, presumably he is still away with the military although I’m sure he will come back at some point.

Thea makes an appearance to say she doesn’t trust herself on the streets anymore. will she permanently leave the team? Her arc at the end of season 4 was a bit ambiguous.


The flashbacks we see will focus on Oliver’s time with the Bratva (as I predicted-smug!). Some kind of initiation process will be seen that involve a fighting pit perhaps? “The only one you can trust is yourself”. It’s unclear how long since the last flashbacks this is but Oliver’s hair has grown quite a lot!

Fighting Pit

There are a few flashes of other things, The Green Arrow fighting Anarchy? A bearded Quentin Lance looking sad, Chad Coleman (Tyreese in The Walking Dead) hanging out of a helicopter, a slightly different suit for Arrow.

And a new dark archer? Seriously! Bad guys know they can use other weapons right?! There isn’t much to go on from the brief couple of shot of this new character. I’m assuming it’s going to be someone we know, maybe even Thea! The person uses a blade like she does as well as a bow! And she can’t trust herself! Will she go rogue?!


This trailer has raised my hopes for the new season slightly. I’m just hoping they improve of the story telling and develop other characters and not just focus on the emotional roller coaster that is Olicity.

What did you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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