Yes I know! I am way behind everyone else reporting on this but it has taken me this long to recover from the sheer awesomeness that was SDCC 2016. I can now assemble some sense of coherent thought so it’s time to look at the Marvel/Netflix teasers we got a look at!

Starting with the lynchpin of the Marvel/Netflix plan, Daredevil.

A very short tease but really good regardless. A Hell’s Kitchen subway sign with the numbers 1,2 & 3 on seems mundane. But drop the lights, add some fighting noises and splatter the sign with blood while leaving only the number 3 illuminated is a stroke of genius.

Less than 20 seconds but telling us the third series will keep with the same themes but perhaps be even bloodier than we have already seen. There is no release date for season 3 but it has been reported that we won’t see the red devil in his on series until after the Defenders has finished, so 2018 at the earliest!

Now it’s time for a look at the next series to be released, Luke Cage,

Upon it’s release on 30th September I predict a new wave of T-shirts with ‘Sweet Christmas’ hitting the shops! This trailer displays everything about Luke Cage that we have wanted to see since his first appearance on Jessica Jones. Kicking ass effortlessly! The super strong, bullet proof hero for hire is seen walking calming through a building laying waste to the armed men in his way.


The only question I have is why does he use a car door to smash his way into the building and as a shield only to then display that the only thing damaged by the bullets flying at him are his clothes. Is he going to be temporarily weakened at some point? Will he need extra defence?

car door

The trailer also gives us a hint at the community support for his actions. People want him to be fighting battles for them, saving the little guy, just like in the comics. Not everyone is impressed though, Mahershala Ali’s character Cornell Stokes aka Cottonmouth, laughs “You knock down a few doors in the projects and now you’re Harlem’s hero”, Luke Cage simply replies “I’m just getting started”.

It sounds like Cage will be travelling about a bit and not just staying in Hell’s Kitchen. one thing is certain, Luke Cage is going to be hard hitting, brutal and true to the character, if the last two series are anything to go on! Daredevil dealt with the taboo of disability, Jessica Jones with mental illness and Luke Cage will undoubtedly address Racism without flinching.

luke cage logo

Time for something completely new! Our first official look at Iron Fist!

Right off the bat we know we are going to be getting Danny Rand’s origin story. We see glimpses of the plane crash that strands his family in the mountains, and we see him being picked up by some monks, presumably hailing from the mystical city of K’un L’un.

Will we see his parents betrayed by his father’s business partner? His mother killed by wolves? I hope so….not because I want to see a pack of animals rip a woman apart but because it will be true to the comic origin. Honest!

We see Danny as a grown man returning to New York, most likely the first time he has been back since he was rescued. Unkempt hair, bearded and no shoes, Danny is clearly not at home in the city. Will he have his chest tattoo? What has brought him back? Will he have to try and claim his father’s company back? Whatever it is he is going to get into trouble quickly.


We see Danny strapped to a bed struggling to break free. Has he been deemed insane? Or dangerous to the public? Has he achieved full Iron Fist status yet? We see him smash a hole through a brick wall so it’s safe to assume he is already pretty powerful! He doesn’t appear happy to see the person we hear say “Hello Danny”, what grudge does he hold? Whoever it is might want to steer clear of those fists!

Expect to see Iron Fist arrive sometime in early 2017

iron fist

No Jessica Jones trailer at SDCC 2016. Interesting seeing as we know there will be a season 2, but it looks like there isn’t enough time to fit another season in the jam packed schedule. But don’t worry we will see Jessica soon, when all four heroes team up in The Defenders!

At first there is not much to see in this teaser, no characters are seen and much of what we hear is a Nirvana track. When you look closer you get to see much more!

We get confirmation of each character that will form the team. A news paper clipping with the headline “The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen”(Daredevil), a letter head stating “Alias Investigations” (Jessica Jones), bullet holes (Luke Cage), and a handwritten note “Who is Danny Rand?” next to the instantly recognisable Iron Fist dragon logo.

The way a piece of all these has been ripped off and put together to spell out the word ‘Defend’ looks great! Very dark and gritty. The word is in the middle of a giant hand reaching towards the screen, suggesting that again The Hand is going to be the big threat to the city.


The last interesting thing is the voice-over at the end, the love-to-hate character Stick tells the team “You think the four of you can save the city? You can’t even save yourselves”. Obviously not in support of their actions, Stick is always that character ready to put people down. Stick’s inclusion in the teaser further suggest the Hand’s involvement. Will the resurrected Elektra be the big threat? We have nothing else to go on right now but this tease is exciting!  Give us more footage!!!!

What did you think of the Marvel/Netflix teases? Excited for the shows? Or not that bothered? Let us know in the comments below.

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