Slowly but surely Supergirl season 2 details are coming out. It was only a couple of months ago that Season 2 was confirmed after the move to the CW network but now things are hotting up.

Tyler Hoechlin was cast as the Man of Steel and has already been talking about his excitement for the role.

Now we finally get to see him in the cape opposite Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl. Courtesy of CW themselves the first official photo of the super-cousins has been released. Check it out below!


No visible changes to Supergirl’s outfit other than the lines being a bit cleaner but you eyes are drawn to the right side of the photo.

At first you feel excitement for a new Superman on our screens, you immediately see the recognisable red cape, boots, House of El ‘S’ and then it starts to look a little different.

Overall I like the new look. I am slightly confused by the belt. For starters the traditional Superman red pants are long gone so why would he need a belt to hold up what is presumably a body suit of some kind. It almost feels like he was jealous of Batman’s utility belt and wanted one of his own!

The boots are a little boring but I guess they reflect a more realistic aesthetic that the ones Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh have worn.

You can see the obvious similarities with our current movie Superman mainly down to the textured material that has been used. I do really like the cape coming right over the shoulders trimmed with a bit of gold. I’m sure it was inspired at least a little by the Injustice Superman cape.


So the suit is fine, I guess, but Hoechlin doesn’t look right in it. It could be because of the really awkward pose he has taken or that he appears to have a really long neck! It doesn’t help that the effects used on this photo look like the pair have been photo-shopped together, which makes it look a bit odd.

I’m confident that Hoechlin will do a good job in the show and I’m sure the suit will look better when in motion. I’m expecting a lot of interest in his performances when he is being Clark Kent (especially from a particular member of the Jack and the Geekstalk team!). Supergirl may see a spike in audience numbers as some Teen Wolf fans tune in as well!


I still can’t shake the feeling that he looks like Mr Muscle in a blue suit….

What do you think of Superman’s new look? Let us know in the comments below.

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