As far as I’m aware not many details about this film were confirmed at SDCC. We know there is going to be some version of the Asgardian Hel and it’s lady in charge Hela, we may even get an appearance of Surter, the fire giant that has been a regular enemy of Asgard in the comics and loads more characters from the Thor comics will feature!

The most interesting snippet of information is show in the photo:

hulk armour

Without having some background knowledge into the comics you would be forgiven for not being impressed by this, it just looks like some battle armour that anyone could use. Some of the Asgardians are pretty big so it wouldn’t look out of the ordinary.

However, as soon as you learn that this armour is to be worn by none other than the HULK things get interesting! We know our green giant is going to be quite a large feature of this film and now it appears the Hulk story that millions have been waiting for may get it’s first live action interpretation. Planet Hulk is by far my favourite Hulk story and starts off with the Hulk crash landing on a planet after being exiled from Earth, he ends up becoming the champion of a Roman-style combat arena and then eventually rules the planet!

planet hulk

This armour is very reminiscent of his attire in the comic. It’s slightly disappointing that we won’t get Planet Hulk as it’s own film but standalone Hulk movies have never had the success the character deserves. What could the Hulk be up against that requires he wear some armour? Will he be teaming up with Thor or fighting against him?  Could we see Hulk vs Beta Ray Bill like in the animated movie? Will the Hulk be the threat Thor has to stop? This image alone has made me interested in this film, even though I wasn’t a fan of the previous two Thor films. Hype levels rising!

Excited for a version of Planet Hulk on the big screen? Who will he be fighting? Let us know in the comments below.

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