Unless you’ve had the internet turned off for the last few days you will know that Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 has happened. The Jack and the Geekstalk team were lucky enough to attend on the Saturday an we saw so much cool stuff!

From fantastic cosplay to behind the scenes props, there was something for everything Star Wars fan, the die hard and the casual, young and old.

A large portion of the event was reserved for Rogue One: A Star Wars story. On the Friday, there was a specific panel featuring the cast and crew of the new film where lots of details were confirmed, and one particularly large spoiler was leaked (I won’t say what it is here, but a quick trawl of the internet will present it to you).

Upon entering the event you are greeted with an enormous Rogue One sign and then the opportunity to get up close to the various costumes, models and armour from the news film presented itself! Check out the gallery below for some awesome sneak peeks!

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Needless to say, seeing parts of Rogue One months before the film is out was awesome, and I’m very jealous of those who were at the Rogue One panel as they got to see a brand new trailer which has still yet to be officially released.

Upon leaving the Rogue One section you enter into one of the main exhibition halls. Everywhere you looked there was something fascinating and a swarm of people trying to drink it all in!

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It was the small details that made the day so amazing. Many of the stalls had things you wouldn’t have even thought existed like Star Wars high heels, but then there were many with very familiar products such as Funko Pops (who had a few convention exclusives on sale!).

When I attend any convention I always look for something that you wouldn’t normally be able to get hold in a normal shop. There were thousands of items like this but it wasn’t just the things on sale that made this event special.

The art, models, tattoos and exhibits were incredible! Every other stall had something new and exciting, featuring the old and new films, well known characters and those who have sat in the shadows. You could literally walk around the centre for days and still see something new!

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One of the most impressive exhibits were the Scout helmets. These were being auctioned off for the Make a Wish foundation and each one had been designed by a different artist. Some were just scout helmets with a different paint job while others were almost unrecognisable! All were incredible!

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An event like this wouldn’t be so successful without the people. I’m not just talking about the people that exhibit various awesome things, but the staff who work the event to keep it all running and all the people who attend to see everything! Everyone is important and I have never been in a building with so many people who were all in such a good mood! And let’s not forget all the cosplayers! I am disappointed I didn’t get more pictures of the different outfits but here’s a few!

Before I bore you all with my over-excited ramblings I’m going to leave it there. It was one of my favourite events that I have been to and hopefully it won’t be too long before it returns to England (when I will purchase the three day pass, and try and get in some of the panels!).

Oh and the Prop shop was incredible!!!

I’m sure you will see much more informative and professional reports about the event but as a life long Star Wars fan my excitement has gotten the better of me! I had a fantastic time and will be enjoying my swag that I picked up at the event!

Here’s hoping that the new Rogue One Trailer will be released soon and we will get some more details about the Han Solo film other than confirmation of casting.

The Star Wars Rebels Panel released a trailer for Season 3 with so much awesome content check it out below at let us know what reveal was your favourite!!

Check out the Star Wars YouTube page to catch up on all the interviews, panels and experiences from across the three days.

May the Force be with you!!

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