It’s finally here! Star Wars Celebration 2016 has begun and it is by all accounts already awesome! The Jack and The Geekstalk team will be in attendance on Saturday but for now we will have to settle for keeping an eye on social media and the live streams from the various panels!

With the first day effectively over we have already had some awesome news and experiences reported.


The main news came from the Rogue One panel. And when I say news, I mean a brand new poster for the movie and a behind the scenes sizzle reel!

The poster is not in the traditional Star Wars style which is in keeping with the tone of  the film. It is a Star Wars story, independent of the saga but connected all the same.


These have both been officially released to us average Joes who weren’t lucky enough to attend the panel. Click the video below to check it out!

The video has increased my hype level 10 fold! There is lots of new footage and lot more focus on some of the characters that we have only had glimpses of.

I’ll let you watch the video to get the details yourself but rest assured it’s awesome!

Now, the Star Wars fan in me is screaming right now and is itching to trawl the internet. There are reports that a brand new Rogue One Trailer that has been shown at SWC. As with all things like this, it has been leaked online.

The fan in me wants to see this but so far I have managed to restrain myself as I’m sure it will be a really bad quality video and will spoil the effect of the new footage. The trailer will be officially released soon so I only have to wait a little longer.

As I said earlier I will be attending the event this weekend so keep an eye on our Twitter feed @JackGeekstalk for lots of photos and tweets from the show. I’ll try to bring you the news as it happens but forgive me if I get caught up in the awesomeness that is STAR WARS!!

What do you think of the poster and the new footage? Let us know in the comments below.

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