It’s been a while since the Flash Season 2 Finale and we are starting to get little pieces of info about Season 3.

Grant Gustin himself has already confirmed that the title of S3 Episode 1 will be “Flashpoint”. If you’ve read your Flash comics you will know that the events of the finale are the started of one of the best DC Universe wide stories and should have wide reaching consequences.


Barry has stopped the Reverse Flash from killing his mother and completely changed the future (or present?) In the comics some of the changes include Thomas Wayne becoming Batman when his son Bruce is killed, Wonder Woman and Aquaman going to War and of course Barry Allen never becoming the Flash.

It is very unlikely that the show will go that far but I think they will do the ‘No-Flash Barry’ angle. With this in mind how will show continue?

Fuel was added to the speculation fire yesterday with the pictures below from @KeiynanLonsale aka Wally West and confirmed by @CW_TheFlash.


Something that has been teased since Wally West was confirmed for Season 2, we will see a version of Kid Flash in Season 3!!!

Everyone saw where this was going as soon as Wally was hit by the shockwave of the second particle accelerator explosion alongside Jesse Quick (still waiting for confirmation on her getting powers).

What is interesting is that even though there were nods in almost every episode to Wally loving speed and wanting to help people, there was no indication that he had gained speed powers.

This is what leads me to believe that he will be the Flash in an alternate Flashpoint time line. With there being no Barry Allen Flash it makes sense to have someone else in the role although how Wally will get his powers is still a secret.

However the show brings Kid Flash in, I am very excited! This suit is almost a perfect copy of the Kid Flash suit from the comics and animated TV shows, but does look (as suggested by our friends @Lazaruspitpod ) inspired by the Reverse Flash suit. Is the RF responsible for the creation of Kid Flash? Will he even be called Kid Flash?


Bring on Season 3!

What do you think of the new Speedster? Let us know in the comments below.

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