Hungry for more Flash Season 3 gossip?! Well you are in luck! SPOILERS BELOW!!!!

A bunch of new set photos have found their way to the internet. Fresh from seeing the official photos from the CW network of Keiynan Lonsdale in his Kid Flash suit, we now appear to have been given a glimpse at a new villain!


Who is this guy? The internet has once again gone into speculation meltdown with all kinds of theories being thrown about.

The most popular of these is that this character is the Black Racer, the avatar of Death for speedsters. Is he coming to collect Wally? Or Barry?


I do have to admit the suit does look quite similar to the character but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be him.

Could this be Daniel West? Iris’ brother and uncle to Wally West? Who was the New 52 Reverse Flash?!


At this point anything is possible. This could be an existing character with just a twist because of the Flashpoint consequences. The timeline has been messed up so the whole West family could be different.

Grant Gustin has also been spotted on set but noticeable missing his Flash Suit. Is he no longer the Flash? Does he remember a time before he rest everything? Is he helping Wally in this fight? So many questions!


Who do you think this character is? Let us know in the comments below.

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One thought on “More Flash Season 3!

  1. According to THE FLASH COMICS, Daniel West is supposed be brother of Iris West. Wally is nephew of Daniel. However in CW:THE FLASH, Wally is the brother of Iris West. Information has come from the people working in CW:THE FLASH, that Daniel ” Danny” West which is the reverse flash for Wally West even in the comics(Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West have their seperate Reverse Flashes)

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