After a brief hiatus we are back! Here to bring you any stories which catch our geeky eyes, so let’s get right into it!

A new Tomb Raider movie was confirmed a while back and we are slowly getting little snippets of information about it!

The latest nugget of news is the release date!

Warner Brothers and MGM have both confirmed the date of 16th March 2018.

A little under two years away is not as long a wait as I was expecting. The franchise has a lot to make up for considering the disappointing performance of Tomb Raider:The Cradle of Life.


A reboot to the film franchise was expected after the success of the two most recent games. A re-imagining of the character as a younger, more brains than boobs raider of tombs was welcome and a film inspired by the newer games fills many with hope.


Having a relatively unknown actor in the lead role is a good choice too. This kind of character needs someone who isn’t known for other things.

The rumour mill was clogged up a while back with talk of Daisy Ridley being cast as Lara Croft, which would have been a mistake. Whilst she is an incredible actress, she is having her moment as Rey and will be playing that role for a number of years.


It has since been confirmed that Alicia Vikander will be our leading lady, previously seen in The Danish Girl opposite Eddie Redmayne, and Ex Machina. I haven’t seen her in anything myself but she looks like a young Lara and a lot like the latest game version.


What do you think about the casting and release date? Looking forward to the film? Let us know in the comments below.

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