Is this film cursed? It certainly feels like it. It seems like forever ago that the Gambit movie was confirmed but since the announcement things haven’t felt right.

Last year at San Diego Comic Con the future looked so bright, Channing Tatum appeared on screen with the rest of the 20th Century Fox projects cast (Xmen, Fantastic Four and Deadpool), with production soon to be starting.


Then nothing but bad news. Tatum allegedly threatened to walk, the director left, production was pushed back then eventually the film was removed from the Fox slate completely!

But finally we have some good news!

Simon Kinberg himself has come out and said that the script is ready and production is due to start in Spring 2017.


Still no word on a release date and as far as I am aware no confirmation of anything else, story, cast or crew related other than Tatum himself.

I am still unsure whether Tatum will be good in the role but I am willing to give him a chance as he clearly has passion for the character and wants to see this film made.

Image by bosslogic

I love this character and was disappointed with the portrayal by Taylor Kitsch in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, although it was by no means the worst part of that film! I’m desperate for a decent big screen Gambit!


Think Tatum will do the character justice? Will this film ever get made? Will it be any good? Let us know in the comments below.

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