Spiderman: Homecoming has begun production! It is possibly one of the most anticipated superhero films in recent years as everyone wants to see our brand new webslinger in his own movie.

I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people think Tom Holland nailed Spidey in Civil War, with many saying he was the best part of the film! I myself think he is the best Peter Parker/Spiderman we have seen on screen and can’t wait to see more!


With production kicking off we are getting little snippets of news coming from set and beyond, giving us tiny hints at what we might see! There has been a raft of casting confirmations but little in the way of specifics about who these people will be playing! Here’s some of the newest cast members:

Donald Glover

donald glover

Many people think he might be playing an older Miles Morales but I think this is unlikely based on the age of our Peter Parker. In the comics Miles is younger than Peter and I think they need to properly establish one Spiderman before introducing another.

Martin Starr


No clue as to who he might play but he will surely bring some dry humour to the movie.

Hannibal Buress


Another comedian on the cast! It looks like this film is going to have a lot of jokes!

Kenneth Choi


Reportedly playing the Principal of Midtown Science and Technology School where Peter will be attending. Just forget that Choi has already been in the MCU as one of the Howling commandos!! Shhhhh!!!

Michael Keaton


All but confirmed to be appearing as the movies main villain, Keaton would be another actor to have made the jump between comic companies having previously played Batman to critical acclaim. Rumoured to be filling the wings of the elderly Spiderman villain Vulture (probably because of his recent performance in Birdman), Keaton is more than capable of pulling of the evil, crazed bad guy role!

We have our first set photos as well! Just Jared has given us our first look at Peter Parker.


He is wearing a Midtown Science and Technology School sweatshirt so presumably this is the school he will be attending. It’s good to see Peter’s intelligence on display as the previous iterations of the character seemed to forget this aspect somewhat.

What do you think of all the latest news? Excited to see the film? Let us know in the comments below.

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