One of the criticisms of Supergirl season 1 was the brief references to the Man of Steel with no real look at him. From a slightly blurred shot of his back, to messenger conversations between Kara and Clark, we know that he inhabits the same world as our Kryptonian lass, but have yet to have him from and centre!


That was until now! Whether it was the move to the CW network or something the show already had planned, I don’t know, but we can now say that Supergirl’s Superman has been cast!

Tyler Hoechlin better known Derek Hale from MTV’s Teen Wolf will be our new Superman!


A certain member of the Jack and the Geekstalk team is very excited about this news and will definitely be tuning into the new season!

I am looking forward to seeing a new version of Superman as personally I don’t think the current movie version, Henry Cavill, does the role justice. As Supergirl tends to have a more positive fell, maybe we will get a happy Superman, one we haven’t had since Dean Cain in Lois and Clark, The New Adventures of Superman.


What do you think of this casting? Looking forward to seeing Superman on screen?

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