Barry’s life changed forever at the end of the last episode. In an attempt to show Barry how similar they are, Zoom killed is father Henry in front of him. Now both of his parents are dead, will Barry go over the edge and let go of his anger? What does he have left that Zoom can take away?

Here’s our recap and review!

We start off where we finished last time, Henry Allen falls to the floor and dies in Barry’s arms. Zoom tells Barry that family will always be a weakness and now they are the same. They have both had parents taken away from them.


Barry proves him right by slamming him up against a wall and Zoom leads him off on a chase around the city. This is probably one of the best chase scenes the show has had as the pair fight it out while traversing the city.

Things get tricky for Barry when another Zoom shows up! He manages to take down one of the Zooms but can’t bring himself to make the killing blow. Before he can find the strength, the other Zoom arrives and kills his copy!


Zoom has created another time remnant and tells Barry that he is almost ready,  but he has to be ready to kill himself in order to stop him.

We move on to Henry’s funeral next. Barry is not ready to give the eulogy so Joe takes over. We get a traditional “he was a great man who had been through a lot and stayed good” speech with the added “love can get you through the darkest of days” line.

Barry is filled with anger and a desire for revenge. He wants to take from Zoom what he took from him. He tells Iris that he doesn’t know how he can find peace now that his father has been taken from him.


Breaking up the moment, Zoom arrives and presents Barry with a challenge. A race, to see who is fastest. If Barry wins Zoom will leave his family, friends and this Earth alone.  Later speaking to the rest of the team Barry says he has to race and win or Zoom will kill many more people.

The team are thinking more clearly than Barry and figure out that Zoom has stolen a device called the Magnatar from mercury Labs. This device is capable of creating a pulsar which could destroy the planet. He wants to siphon his own and Barry’s speed to charge the device.


Joe tells Barry not to race because he is filled with too much anger. If he races now he will lose. Barry refuses to listen so the team have no choice. Wells shoots him with a sedative and they lock him in the pipeline.

When he wakes up the team tell him they decided as a group to stop Barry. Zoom wants his speed so he cannot race. They have come up with another plan to stop him.

The Team leave Barry locked up and go to confront Zoom. Caitlin draws him out by pretending to want him to show her the darkness he said was inside her. Regardless of her pleading, Zoom doesn’t believe her and goes to kill her but she is a hologram!

They use this momentary distraction to fire the boot around Zoom’s neck and Joe tries to shoot him with a sedative but his gun jams! Cisco has opened a breach to send Zoom back to Earth-2 so Joe manually stabs Zoom with the sedative. Before it takes full effect Zoom pulls Joe with him through the breach!

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs Iris tells Wally that Joe is gone and that they all agreed to close the breaches for good once Zoom was back on Earth-2. Wally can’t accept this so he breaks Barry out of his cell!

While this is going on Zoom gives Joe a little history lesson back in his lair. He explains how he got his speed and how he discovered he could travel to other worlds.


He found other speedsters and took there speed but on one world he met the real Jay Garrick. He took his speed but it didn’t hold so he has been holding him as a captive. This is the man in the iron mask!

Barry in pissed that the team decided on their plan without involving him or Wally. They tell him again that if he is after revenge he will lose. Barry tells them he will race Zoom with or without their help. Not wanting to see their friend die the team reluctantly agree to help.

Cisco vibes Barry to Zoom’s lair to tell him he accepts his challenge. He agrees to race if he lets Joe go. Zoom agrees only if Barry wins. The Team figure out that this Earth is the centre of the multiverse, if Zoom’s plan succeeds, he will destroy all alternate Earth’s except this one!

Now with the support of his team, Barry is confident he can beat Zoom. His friends are the reason he will win!

The race begins! The pair speed around the Magnatar which starts charging! Barry is struggling to catch up let alone outrun Zoom until another Flash appears!


Barry has made his own time remnant! The two Flash’s split up! One continues to run around the Magnatar while the other rescues Joe.

This Flash (which turns out to be our Flash) then starts beating on Zoom. He has finally learned to fight!


But it is too late, the Magnatar has activated and cannot be turned off. It looks like Barry had planned for this as his time remnant starts circling the device in an attempt to create a pulse that will cancel the Magnatar out!

He succeeds but disintegrates in the process. Barry was willing to kill himself and stops Zoom’s plan! Zoom is enraged and brings the fight to the Flash again. Barry still gets the upper hand, ripping off part of his mask in the process. Zoom laughs as he knows Barry still won’t kill him.


But that isn’t what Barry had planned. A pair of Time Wraiths appear and take Zoom. They appear to suck the life from him as they take him away. Zoom’s face takes on a skeletal appearance and his suit changes to have red and black details….

Barry has won. They have rescued the man in the Iron mask and it is revealed to be Earth-3 Henry Allen otherwise known as Jay Garrick! The real one! Barry struggles seeing his father’s face on another man but Joe manages to give him the strength he needs.


Harry Wells and Jesse have decided to go home to Earth-2 to live their lives free of Zoom. Wells thanks Barry for making him a better man and says and funny but fond farewell to Cisco! Jay Garrick takes them through a Cisco-created breach and they will work to send him home to Earth-3.

Later at the West house, Barry and Iris talk. He still feels like he has lost so Iris suggests they give them a go. Barry has waited years to hear her say that but is not in a place where he can let that happen. Iris promises to wait for him, they exchange words of love and kiss.

As Iris goes back inside the house Barry says he is sorry for what he has to do. He speeds off and creates a portal. As soon as he goes through you know what he is about to do!

Barry travels back to his childhood home and stops the man in yellow from killing his mother!!!!! Bring on FLASHPOINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phew! That was a good episode! Here’s a few things that jumped out at me:

  • Funerals are arranged really quickly on the CW shows!
  • Cisco disses the Transformers films!
  • Cisco makes a Heroes reference by saying “destroy the Magnatar, save the world”, a different take on “save the cheerleader, save the world”
  • Barry was really mopey when locked in the cell!
  • Has Zoom been transformed into the Black Flash?!
  • Barry allowing the Wraiths to take him instead of killing him is a direct reference to the final confrontation between Batman and R’as Al Ghul in Batman Begins!. “I won’t kill you, but I don’t have to save you!”
  • Even the show acknowledges the time remnant explanation doesn’t make sense, Barry tries to explain in to Wally who quickly says it doesn’t matter!
  • There were now 3 version of the Flash present when Barry’s mother was killed!
  • The time paradox of saving his mother is interesting but confusing.

My prediction of who was in the iron mask was almost bang on! I said it was another version of Henry Allen and it was, just Earth-3 Henry. I am so happy that this Henry is the real Jay Garrick. John Wesley Shipp has now filled the role of the Flash on both shows and he looks awesome!

As mentioned in the show the helmet Hunter Zolomon used when pretending to be Jay Garrick was his own, so the real Jay deciding to use it to bring back hope to his world and completing the traditional comic Jay Garrick look was awesome!

I’m annoyed that neither Wally or Jesse developed any speed powers! I know they will probably save this for the next season, but I really wanted to see another speedster that Barry could work with.  They better make good use of these two next season! Although I predict it is now Wally who is more likely to develop powers as we will see more of him next season now that Jesse has gone home. Bring on kid Flash!

Barry’s grief has forced him into a path he has avoided before. He knows that saving his mother will change everything and he is not wrong! I’m wondering to what extent the show will go to with the Flashpoint story line. In the comics Flashpoint changes the whole DC universe and with there now being 4 DC shows on the CW network which are all connected, they should all be affected hugely.

By saving his mother Barry’s father never gets arrested, Barry never pursues a career in forensic science, he is never in the right place to get struck by the bolt of lightning caused by the particle acclerator explosion and never becomes the Flash! Without the Flash, most of Team Arrow would be dead, Vandal Savage would have killed Hawkman and Hawkgirl again and the Legends of Tomorrow would never form. Also he would never meet Supergirl!


Oh and by not becoming the Flash he would not be able to go back in time to save his mother. Barry has just messed with the entire universe!!

How far will the ripples of Barry’s choice go? I’m guessing only as far as a few reference in the other shows and the 4-way crossover that is planned later in the episode. All I know right now is that I can’t wait for the next season! Flashpoint is going to be awesome!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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